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  1. i was just gonna write what LTV wrote. but i would also like to add that focusing on compound movements isn't a bad idea at all.
  2. so the xtend is enough for optimal recovery and muscle growth? or should i add carbs?
  3. is it okay to mix with EAA's and creatine? or will that affect the effects of xtend?
  4. http://mmsports.se/butiken/default.asp it's on half price or something. do you know if it's good stuff?
  5. i just found a swedish webstore who sells xtend pretty cheap and i was thinking about trying it. is it a good supplement?
  6. potter: i totally see your point and it's true. but people still question if vegans/vegetarians can be good athletes and goveg needs to show the general public that what they believe is crap.
  7. cool idea but kinda stupid that they only want people who became athletes first, veg second.
  8. i read that article a while ago too. if i understood things correctly he was vegan simply because he felt it was the right diet for him to stay fit but always said that other bodies maybe needed meat. but as seen in this interview he isn't even vegan anymore, fucking tuna eater. i agree. CHUMP
  9. haha, yeah and 80's rock, journey, toto, air supply. come on. GET INTO IT
  10. not true. i know plenty of vegans who don't eat their veggies.
  11. i like your diet dude! but you should try to add more protein i think. at least if you wanna build muscle.
  12. down to nothing - down on you atlas losing grip - track 5 (it's unreleased and not named) guns up! - outlive all songs get me siked at lifting
  13. if vega is the prize i will win this competition like nobodys business
  14. i've emailed clif bar on behalf of the vegetarian supermarket i work for and they said that they are looking for retailers and distributors in europe. so hopefully we will have their stuff soon.
  15. i know it's only january, but that might be the underexageration of the year
  16. i still wanna see some research about this...and i still wonder if it's the same with eaa's?
  17. tvp is textured vegetable protein. it's soy, but not tofu. it comes in many different forms. mince, fillet, strips and so on. when i make burgers or meatballs i use the mince of course. i also have tofu. if you want i can try translate the recipe
  18. cocoa powder is always a winner in my book
  19. i think the best is combining the two =) tvp and gluten makes awesome meatballs and hamburgers. gluten and soy together has one of the best amino acid profiles you can get.
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