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  1. big portion of complex carbs and protein like 2-3 hours before. then a pre-workout shake the second i start lifting. to me it's important that i don't eat stuff with high glycemic index cause i get all tired from high amounts of insulin or whatever. however after i've trained i like to load myself with fast carbs like potatoes, white bread and stuff like that.
  2. pre-workout drinks rules! i take creatine, EAA's and som dextrose.
  3. if it's cheap buy it and try it. i had great results while using it.
  4. pure essential amino acids. it's cheap, vegan and proven to be better than both whey and soy when it comes to recovery and building muscle/preventing muscle loss.
  5. journey (if they count as an 80's band) outifeld toto
  6. it would be awesome to see some research on this cause everything i've seen says the opposite. is it the same with EAAs (essential amino acids)? cause i take them in free form which basically means no digesting needed
  7. i took 50% but really it's more 60-70%. i work in a vegetarian/organic supermarket so it should be higher. but im kinda poor right now
  8. i've read somewhere that low carb diets are good when you want to lose skin. however i have no idea if it's true.
  9. is he natural? powerlifters who are ripped usually isn't. and how old is he?
  10. i don't like olives but i know that it's damn tasty to have some dark chocolate in chili con carne. might sound weird, but i love it.
  11. thanks guys. i do mean the soy flake cereal type, not tvp or so. and potter: my flakes are really soft, are they supposed to be that way?
  12. i bought some cause of the good nutritional value, i want to up my protein intake and thought this but does anybody have an idea what to do with them? can you roast them and add them in musli or something? thanks
  13. not that it's weightlifting but bodyweight dips for 33 reps
  14. products in supermarkets in Sweden labeled only "vegetarian" should be vegan according to some law. Soy hotdogs with eggs and shit is labeled as "lacto-ovo vegetarian"...if that's any comfort personally i kind of hate most vegans i meet. they give me shit for working out and caring about my looks and the fact that i support PETA while they're walking around in their leather shoes and eating sourcream crisps when they are hangover. But i'm still proud to call myself vegan.
  15. couldn't agree more. the pump is seriously one of the greatest feeling you can get
  16. i saw an peta interview with this guy but had no idea he had a show. i checked out the vids, he's really cool. thanks for sharing.
  17. great stuff! but the guy who does the interview seems to be kind of unprepaired or nervous.
  18. Okay, I love vinegar, red wine, white wine, balsamic...you name it! I think it makes most stuff taste great and I love to just throw it on different salads and stuff. I know that vinegar is good cause it lowers the glycemic index of a meal, but it does so by destroying enzymes in the body. So, is there a limit that i shouldn't exceed? thanks
  19. i would say bent over barbell rows with a supinated grip. or just regular barbell curls.
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