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  1. Isn't it sort of better to PM Medman instead of creating various topics with questions directed towards him only? I think that's what the PM function is for.
  2. xjohanx

    hello :)

    Julia, I like you! =) Best addition to this forum in a long long time.
  3. xjohanx

    hello :)

    Julia that is so cool! Not many non-scandinavians speak our language. Have you been to Sweden or how/why did you learn the language?
  4. You look fit and healthy I must say. Keep going =)
  5. xjohanx

    hello :)

    Are you using google translate or are you for real? =) Either way it is AWESOME!!
  6. xjohanx

    hello :)

    Welcome to the forums. I can't speak your fancy language but it's cool with more European people.
  7. There is no such thing as too many carbs. Blasphemy!
  8. Why would people ever quit drinking coffee? It tastes good, has pretty good health effects and freaking rules. I'm high on coffee right now!
  9. Watch Rambo. Works a lot better than both legal supplements and naked women.
  10. Maybe they knew but I still think you got their intentions wrong http://big.assets.huffingtonpost.com/religion.png
  11. I take offense to such a blanket statement. Catholicism sucks adolescent boner, I will have you know. DUDUDUDUDUDUDUDDDWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I'M LAUGHING SO FUCKING HARD RIGHT NOWWWWWWWWW hahahaha
  12. I don't really have any favourites but anything with porn will top my list.
  13. Dude your totalt cholesterol is really really low! I mean seriously, all the dudes and dudettes on the various low-fat vegan diets strive to go below 150. I'm not sure if having that low cholesterol is the best regarding hormone levels but I wouldn't worry much about low HDL when your LDL is as low as it is. Your ratio is superb. Triglyceride levels are damn good too.
  14. Lena, dump your dude already and come to Stockholm! Your legs are awesome and the dress looks nice!
  15. I don't see how you can claim something to be "the safe side" when you have no proof to back that up. You just said science isn't settled so really there is nothing more safe with taking DHA than not, according to science. Specially when you have a proper ratio of ala:la. There is def evidence that suggests too much dha can be bad so really you're fooling yourself when you say that your side is the safe side. And I'm not saying it's stupid to take DHA supplements, not at all. I'm saying it's foolish to think you're "safe" because of it.
  16. Oh yes, thank God (bro) for brotection. Who knows what bronfections I would have caught without it... I think you're missing the point bro.
  17. I don't think vegan subjects are a very good model for health either and I apply the same principle for them. I think you missed my point. Science rarely is conclusive. Effects of LCPUFA supplements is no exception. As I implied, I doubt you're insured of anything because of a DHA supplement.
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