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  1. First of all I don't consider vegetarians to be very healthy and I do not care much for how they score in health tests when it comes to planning my own diet. However I can recommend you to read Sanders TA. DHA status of vegetarians. Prostaglandins Leukot Essent Fatty Acids. 2009 Aug-Sep;81(2-3):137-41 Now please, if you can, show me one study that suggests vegans or vegetarians somehow suffer from the lower levels of DHA/EPA. Do vegetarians have worse cognitive function? No. Do they have more heart disease? No, they have less. Etc etc.
  2. Then you should probably decrease LA and increase ALA.
  3. Bros are everywhere. And of course it's all about the pump brah
  4. Damn, 4 weeks. That's a long long long time. Also, were the subjects adviced to decrease consumption of linoleic acid? Besides why are you cherry picking the study that proves you right? If you look at the other studies you will see different results.
  5. Fromhttp://jcdfitness.com/2010/04/monday-national-bench-press-day/ I think these quotes describe so many people on this and other forums so I want people to read it. Just something to think about.
  6. You do what you want with your money but personally I would never want to support a nutjob like Mercola even if he had a good product, specially since there are tons of other great B12 supplements. Check www.veganessentials.com next time, great service, great people and always guaranteed to be vegan. They carry B12-sprays.
  7. Yeah Mercola is best to stay away from http://www.skepdic.com/mercola.html
  8. Dude! I might actually go to groezrock again this year with the same friend. Please say you're going, it would be awesome to see you! =)) LIFT HARD
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by "my definition" because I really don't make up my own. What I wrote was So no, not by "my" definition.
  10. If anything is "dicey" I think it's this.
  11. I don't know what to write because every word would just be an understatement. I seriously thought I clicked the wrong link and opened the "Ideal physique"-thread.
  12. Yeah that's the same as my experience basically. Fasting untill afternoon doesn't work in the long run for me and that's why I shifted to the "normal" 16/8 12-8 scheduele. I do 90% of my workouts after lunch which is perfect for me because I can eat a decent amount of energy for lunch to fuel my workouts. If I do fasted workouts I need coffee right before =)
  13. Training fasted before lunch works really well for me except if I'm gonna squat and do deadlifts (too much ups and downs I guess) but when I fasted through the whole afternoon and worked out fasted late at day it was basically just motivation that kept me going. The 12 pm - 8 pm feeding window is def the best way for me to go. And I never liked eating a meal close to working out. Now it's always at least 2 hours inbetween and then I take some EAA.
  14. No not table sugar either for example. And free form amino acids are pretty rare, cheese and tomato has a bit more than usual. Raw foodist often make the mistake of thinking enzymes = free form amino acids but enzymes are also just proteins and those proteins doesn't dissapear once you cook something. If you want to focus on getting amino acids you focus on getting protein, it's really the only way unless you supplement with free form amino acids.
  15. 15-16 hours suits me the best so that's usually what I aim for. I can def go longer though and sometimes I'm up to 20-21 hours.
  16. Hmm maybe but he should really have written things differently. Instead of "I think it's better to focus on amino-acids than on protein itself." he could have written "I think it's better to focus on the amino acid composition OF proteins".
  17. This might be true I honestly don't know much about construction but I know it has little to do with human physiology. From how you describe the house building process it seems to be the opposite because if you want to build muscle you first eat protein, break it down to amino acids and then build protein. Of course you can eat only EAA powders as a protein source but I would not recommend it. So when you say that we should focus on amino acids and not protein, what exactly do you mean? It sounds like you've been hanging around rawguru websites a bit too much.
  18. You'd have to eat a ton, you only get about a gram of protein per cup. Well, the massive amounts that most people think you need are not accurate. I come closer to the 80/10/10 style of eating raw vegan. Still have plenty of quality muscle. I find that real food works the best versus isolated proteins and versus soy. The massive amount people "think" you "need" for what? No one is saying you can't have or build muscle on the 811 diet but it certainly isn't optimal when it comes to adding muscle mass for several reasons. Dark leafy greens can provide some protein but to rely on it as a major source of protein seems foolish to me if your goal is to gain lean body mass.
  19. There are a few main issues that I really disagree with McDougall on and Vitamin D is def one of them. He should know that the sun isn't enough all year around in some countries and that the only way to maintain acceptable vitamin D levels during the winter is to supplement. Of course if scandinavians started supplementing with vitamin D the whole "high milk consumption high osteoperosis" idea and the never ending charts that go along with it would be useless...
  20. If you have no idea I would use the Harris Benedict-equation, add the calories you spend on excersise each day and then subtract with around 500 kcal. This means that you will eat more on the days you excersise which according to me is a good thing. Go back to it I do not like the term cheating at all. Your diet shouldn't control your life, if anything it should be the other way around. Fasting isn't something magical it's just a way to restrict calories while still being able to eat large meals and you might get some additional health benefits. The only problem that might occur is that your hunger hormones adjust to when you are eating and it takes some time to get used to not eating breakfast but after a while it feels totally normal because you simply won't be very hungry in the morning. But if you always once a week eat breakfast I'm not sure how well your body will make the adjustment and I think it's highly individual. Try it out and see what happens. Otherwise just drinking coffee is a damn good breakfast
  21. First of all I take back everything bad I've said about biggest loser, I now love the show And I think Bob is still vegan because he talks about vegan sushi, soy lattes, pea protein, 21 day vegan challenge that PCRM has and stuff all the time. Please post a source if you have one pazios
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