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  1. hi everyone hope trainings going great! Was wondering if anyone could tell me how to reach my goal I Am about to buy a heavy punchbag around 30kg i want to no if i can get bigger muscles if i hit the bag and do bodyweight moves i want to get rid of my (BELLY) but want to be the muscular?athletic look, i am struggling with my training and think am going wrong somewhere im training 4 times a week jus weights for an hour dieting consistantly jus thought if i got a punchbag it would add extra intensity to my workout any ideas would appreciate thanks......
  2. hey all was wondering iv any 1 knew the cheapest way to order a tub of sunwarrior protein to the u.k ive tried david wolf website but it seems to be to dear via the shipping to u.k would appreciate any help fanx lift big be big!!!!!
  3. fanx bro, am trying to get the lean defined look but not too thin if you no what i mean been trying to get protein mainly from nuts, grains and quinoa, but jus wanted to get that little extra. Ive been working out 3 times a week mainly squats bench presses n on my arms , maybe al ad some cardio later on if evrythings workin well, i would like to know as much as possible really so if u got any tips would like to hear? Av jus read the thrive diet by brendan brazier quite good book
  4. hey im new to the forum n im following a vegan diet i have only been lifting for bout 3 weeks would like to ask u all for advice i am looking into buying the sunwarrior protein powder, should i wait longer before buying or get it straight away it sounds really good plus would be alot easier to get more protein to my diet i would appreciate your comments thanx!!
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