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  1. NOW came out with basically the same thing, but half the price. i don't think its as high of quality, and doesn't taste as good as vega's stuff, but its only 30-35 bucks opposed to the 70 dollar vega tubs. but both are great products. and i use both of them everyday!
  2. bony? what! dude your ripped! good job!.... i did P90x for 80ish days and didnt turn out that good.........i just started it again though, and hopefully i won't slack as much this go round
  3. Not that into anime, but samurai champloo is cool! but that all time best one and only one that i absolutley love is the short ran japanesse one called: Berserk simply amazing medevil and cool story line.
  4. yea i do feel the added energy.........i bought NOW brand and it says to take 3-4 times a day before and after work outs( which is teaspoon i think each serving? maybe im mistaken. yea i knew all that, and i try to eat as much as possible, but with a fast metabolism and a busy schedule it can be rough at times. ive heard so many of you guys recommend it with good results i wanted to get some buffness help. haha
  5. ive been working out off and on for along time, and decided to try this stuff out wanting some help gaining size........it helps me sure, but i've been feeling kind of strange....kind of like a weird headache (very hard to explain) or feeling like i haven't slept much when i have when i take it. i use how much im supposed to with juice like you're supposed to a few times a day and drink TONS of water. so the creatine is really all i can think of that is causing this to happen to me. anyone else have this problem or heard of this before?
  6. Thanks for that bit Vegan Essentials, i've used your site a few times the main reason i posted that is like you said most supplements have byproducts in them or are animal derived, at least the ones i've seen. what are the purest/best ones out there?
  7. yea. Death metal like some of the ones above are very good. it really depends, sometimes ill have classical going. almost every time i workout i'm jamming something heavy though. Meshuggah is a favorite.............
  8. a good fast/cleanse is always good. you should not eat anything at least 3-4 hours before going to sleep. maybe upping the cardio, might help.......it sounds like you're a beast and don't need much help. just from the little you've explained sounds like you're doing everything perfect.
  9. give me some examples of vegan ones. i'm sure there is a site that sells them specifically
  10. for a long time i didn't eat honey, but the fact is: it is the healthiest natural sweetener out there. agave nectar ofter has corn syrup added(although not always listed) and corn is just a massive gmo'd to the max product. i only buy/eat raw local and organic honey. i like to know where everything comes from that i consume.
  11. Right on! What part of texas?
  12. Awesome! Seems like we texans are dominating a little bit
  13. cool i know the woodlands very well. went to high school around lake conroe, and montgomery college before moving here
  14. i only take brown rice protein w/ nothing else, and Vega, which neither have artificial sweeteners. So know the shakes aren't soy based, but the bars i've been eating vary: cliff builders, odwalla protein, and vega bars, just depends on the day really, but i have a supply of all of them. both the cliff builders and odwalla protein bars have soy products in them. And i've never tried digestive aids, in my opinion if you need something like that just to intake something into your body, you probably shouldn't be eating that thing in the first place. It's already too late. haha. i basically changed my diet overnight to this high protein greens and fruits. i'm trying to throw in more fresh organic veggies, and it seems to be working. What do you mean albumine? i don't take any unnatural supplements or vitamins, and refuse too. all the vitamins i need are in the foods i eat.
  15. It might be a little bit embarrassing to some, but i'm curious. I've been eating a lot of tempeh, protein shakes, and protein barsas i am working out quite a lot, and i heard it might be the soy. i've ate soy before, although i try to stay away from tofu, soymilk, ect. and haven't had any problems. tempeh is highest in protein and most nutritious in my opinion, seitan would be a good choice, but the gluten is a factor. i thought about cutting each thing out of my diet individually for a few days to see exactly what isn't settling right with my digestive system. if anyone has suggestions please throw them my way! thanks!
  16. Yea, i'm on Vegans rock austin. i never go to the potlucks though, i'm pretty busy for the most part so probably won't make that. And i'm not raw at all, but i do live on a lot of fresh fruits and veggies! I live around the east side i guess(house down riverside), but work around the central area.
  17. pretty funny. i've been buying it @ whole foods, or other health food stores for a while, but recently started searching online and found food fight, it is much cheaper through them. my only problem was my order took a little over three weeks to get here.
  18. throwing this out there, as i've been using vega for a while and really love it, but was going to check this stuff out as well. if anyone has tried it and can suggest hopefully the best flavor of their opinion, it would help me out a great deal! also wouldn't mind the awesome tshirt that comes in the deal! haha thanks, -Kyle
  19. Whats up everyone! My name is Kyle, i'm a musician & i've been Vegan for a little over five years and counting i have been raw as well for a few months out of that total time, but i find it best to mix some cooked food in my diet ,but I'm a 100% Organic Vegan. I used to body build when i was 17-19, but after high school called it quits. I was then eating like most americans do when they work out a lot; lots of chemical filled supplements and of coarse meat. although i can't really recall how i felt as it was so long ago, like if i didn't recover well, or was tired all the time. i just started a program after not doing much exercise for a few years other than body weight stuff and cycling. The program i am doing, is now very popular: P90X, i've already seen results. i put my own twist on it though, which i plan on posting in the another forum along with my diet plans. I am currently starting my 7th week of the program, out of the entire 14 or so weeks. i'm not sure what ill do when i'm done, but will definitely continue some kind of program. I'm here to share information, make some friends and hopefully get some quality advice! Hope to chat with everyone soon Peace! -Kyle
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