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    if i told you i loved you would it mean anything would you think me crazy that i think of you every day all i want is to hold you and tell you what i really want to say if i was drowning would you help me if i showed weakness would you think less of me i'm sorry if i hurt you truth is there's no one but you all my life i have dreamed of you obsessed maybe but i'll make it up to you i will never hurt you if i ever get the chance i will live my life to make you happy and never grow tired of it i couldn't stop loving you if i tried you are the only one for me look past the foolish words that i used too quickly i know you know me better than that even if my world crumbles its bearable if i know you're there please stay forgive me Rachel, I love you
  2. thanks so much for making my day. i was thinking i should have kept it to myself, after a certain point its just another day. anyways, i hear you and you're right, it ain't so bad, just seems like it sometimes. i've just not been myself lately. i needed a wake up call and i got it today, like a slap in the face. i'm getting too old for this, i don't have time to mess around, i want to get serious. no more games, for real now. its on, i'm a fighter and i don't back down. I know it sounds gay, but I love you.
  3. today i'm 31. i still can't believe it. i always imagined i would feel old by the time i was 30 but i don't feel old at all. as a matter of fact i feel like my life is finally just starting. this is going to be a good year for me, i know it... and it means a lot to me. oh yeah, i almost forgot...merry christmas!
  4. kylie


    Do you know of this treasure I hold This secret kept is within For all to know And if you never see Still it will always be A gift; wrapped and waiting An offering born of love, The gentleness of a dove When you decide my love is true Give your heart to me And it will be known to you That our secret secure Will forever endure In precious immortality
  5. why is it that some like to criticize so readily...its those same people that kick a person when they're down.
  6. i downloaded all of them but i only got to listen to the first 4...my computer keeps jamming me up. i had to restart it several times, i guess your music is too much for it...
  7. high fat cals. i would watch it if i were you. it can get quite old after a while, counting cals. sometimes i just want to say forget it, i don't need this, it's tired already. at 160 i would focus on getting more protein and complex carbs, if your goal is to build mass. 20 more lbs and you'll have all the ladies
  8. hey, there's no stupid questions buddeeee...if you're jus startin out, you may want to start easy so as not to overdo it and get all frustrated and quit. if you wanna lift on the same day you certainly can, just depends on where you're at. you might want to set yourself some easy goals and make those first, like say, for instance, run 1 mile every day. then if you still have some ambition after that, have a shake and do some lifting. when you get a little more confident with it all, you may wanna do your lifting first, but for right now i would say do the cardio, trim down to where you want to be and then start clean bulking. oh, you may want to start out with some body weight exercises first: push-ups, crunches, chin-ups, dips etc. good luck B.
  9. you are one multi talented man richard...you got me groovin and head bangin.. righteous riffs bro
  10. i gotta admit that was funny, but personally i highly respect president Bush.
  11. "Try green smoothies This will give you LOTS of minerals and feed your cells; it's a good way to "get your daily greens" without suffering!" this is a great suggestion Raven " title="Applause" /> ...nice recipes you got. i'm gonna try me the pear kale mint smoothie... i love to do this with red cabbage and grapefruit - with this one tho you will need more liquid like o.j. or grapefruit juice. also what i do is save up my broccoli stems - you know, the organic ones for some reason they leave the stem on them, also kale stems and make green smoothies out of em. so next time you fix up some veg, don't throw the scraps away, you gotta save that stuff. if you don't like smoothies at least you can make a good veg stock out of them. at the last job i worked at we saved all the veg scraps and herb stems and stuff and cooked up a big batch of vegetable stock in the steam kettle, we used everything but peelings cuz those leave a bitter flavor. you may have to chop up the broccoli stems first depending on your blender or food processor - they can be pretty tough. this is a fast and convenient way to get your greens. i just make up a pitcher and keep it in the fridge. very useful info Raven, thank you. these drinks have very few calories and are nutrient dense also being raw you've got the enzymes intact and you have no nutrient loss due to the cooking process. this advice will go a long way in helping you get where you want to be brandon.
  12. my way of being happy for now is to try and lighten up, to just do and not think, to be me for me alone and if you like it great, if not you won't find me pondering it. i don't mean that in a selfish way, i don't consider myself selfish at all, well in most ways anyhow. i don't think happiness is necessary but it is a choice. it also helps out quite a bit to be secure in your future.
  13. yes, that is the cunning plan behind my lifting - so very cunning that it was unknown even to myself! do you think that the lots of warming up helps with strength? this is yesterdays deadlifting: 8x60 5x90 4x120 3x145 2x5x167.5kg (370lbs for you lot over the pond!) the 5's were close to max effort - could have gotten 6 maybe. jonathan apparently so...not to shabby
  14. But wouldn't need for warm-up be based on how much you are pushing your own muscle capacity rather than on the absolute amount of weight you are lifting? That is, even though the weight I am (for example) squatting is less than the amount Jonathan is squatting, if we are both pushing our own limits, wouldn't our injury risk be the same? You know what I mean? Yeah, I have encountered many people in real life who think I am much younger than I am. It's both good and bad (the bad having been mentioned by Richard). you are right..it is very much a relative thing. now that you have specified that you are doing squats and not, for example db lateral raises or chin ups it is clear that you should be very careful and maybe do some lighter warm-up sets. oh btw, you are the first person i have heard complain about looking too young after they hit the big 30.
  15. anytime bruh, i got 10 years on you but you still kick my ass in volume - way to go! 120 kg. x 2.2 would be what? 264 lbs...you're doing that for 6 reps after your warm-up/pre-exhaust sets, i would say it is that much.
  16. "kylie, I ain't mad atcha or anything. Just clearing some things up." whew, got outta that one!...i better watch myself and be sure to not stick the old foot in the mouth!
  17. I won't be moving the same amount of weight as Jonathan, that's for sure, but I push my own ability. I do heavier weights with lower reps and I plan to keep on doing that and getting stronger and stronger. Jay posted a picture of woman--a natural one as well--who can bench around 300 lbs and squat and deadlift well over 400. I don't know that I'll ever get to that point, but that helps me to see that I shouldn't limit my goals. For now, I am aiming at Crystal's (from VF) level. She's over 100 lbs on bench and over 200 lbs on squat and dead. (also, I am 33 years old, so not a girl any more.) wow, you look great for your age...i meant no offense by that, just that your needs for warm-up aren't the same as big johns.
  18. heres a link http://shop.1asecure.com/prod.cfm?ProdID=172248&StID=3117 although you will find it here for a LOT less: http://www.pvnutrition.com/pureadvantage.html you may be interested in this: http://store.nutribiotic.com/pgi-customlistproducts?RICE%20PROTEIN,2,16,=,rice%20prot as for your workout...hmmm, that may be spread too thin. 5 days of lifting is quite a bit for a body to recover from, if you do an hour session and go heavy like you said. you may see better results if you train 2 or 3 days a week doing more intense full body work outs and taking the proper time to recover. if you want to do more and feel up to it, maybe do some cardio on your off days. then again, what do I know? also keep in mind that you do need rest to grow, otherwise your hard work will be for nothing and you may even lose muscle if you work it too hard and don't get proper nutrition/protein etc. due to elevated cortisol.
  19. not new just not well known. its not at all like creatine. check this http://www.tradezone.com/ITbb/viewtopic.php?p=3393&sid=0078ed18a6df673b8b62fee525d7a5cc Japanese scientific researchers have discovered that sesamin has effects of preventing hypertension and cardiovascular hypertrophy, protecting liver, resisting oxidation, reducing cholesterol, and anti-cancer . Peroxisomal activity became more than 10 times higher in rats fed a 0.5% sesamin diet, compared to those fed a sesamin-free diet. Dietary sesamin also markedly increased the hepatic activity and mRNA levels of various fatty acid oxidation enzymes. In contrast, dietary sesamin decreased the hepatic activity and mRNA abundance of lipogenic enzymes. of course this info is coming from a company that is selling it and studies funded by people with a vested interest can be skewed. also, i would never ever use liquid creatine, it is unstable in liquid form and converts readily to creatinine, a toxic byproduct. i am a firm believer in CEE - creatine ethyl ester, it comes in pill or powder form.
  20. has anyone here tried this? it's quite economical. i wonder what the quality is tho. http://store.honeyvillegrain.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=622
  21. here's a link...tho the opinions of this organization are not necessarily my opinions. apparently some hemp is grown in hawaii, montana, north dakota and minnesota. they may just be test plots for ongoing studies tho. http://www.norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=3395 "The Montana Legislature approved Senate Bill 261 recognizing industrial hemp having no more than 0.3 percent THC as an "agricultural crop." This legislation also establishes licensing procedures to allow local farmers to grow hemp commercially. An amendment to the bill requests the federal government to issue a "waiver that will allow this act to be effective without federal preemption." ...of course this tells us nothing about whether the federal government approved it and it is already an established law.
  22. he what? told you to chill on the activity level? sounds like he's smoking some crack. I've done the egg thing off and on, currently strictly vegan tho, so i won't give you advice on that one way or the other - that's up to you, you'll still be my friend! as others have said, hemp is good but i would try rice protein if i were you. it is well tolerated by people with allergies or food sensitivites. you can find it concentrated to 80% protein - that's the good stuff. and don't be afraid to get more good fats in your diet either.
  23. dude...are you talking sets or kilograms? 10 sets of 20 reps is a lot - that would be like 200 reps - you must be talking kilos. this is a lot of benchwork, personally i like more diversification but if you can do 2 sets of 3 reps at 120 kilos after all that? well you're one strong boy. also, she's a girl, so she ain't going to be lifting heavy most likely and the risk for injury is not as high.
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