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  1. hill sprints and pull ups both rule. i'm trying to improve both right now aswell, still stuck with a supporting resistance band on pull ups though!
  2. any update on a new release date RC?
  3. incredible!!! i know meat eating, AAS taking guys who've trained for years who still don't look as good as you. incredible condition on those abs!
  4. aluck, just been listening to Jordan Breen's radio show and he said you've been busted (2nd time) for falsifying blood work? any truth in that?
  5. to OP - i'd recommend you consider moving to somewhere that isn't the end of the earth. given those weather conditions you're gonna lacking vit d also.
  6. YES!! I met Gary last night at his book signing in London. Over 120+ business suit types, plus scruffy little me. He fucking KILLED it and stressed the need for excellent customer service in the coming year and how "small town rules" will come into effect. I'm pumped to start my new website very soon which everyone on here should be into!
  7. bumping this just to remind people to CRUSH IT! today whatever you're doing!!
  8. (If you want to) I deleted mine a fair while ago now as I was sick to death of old school "friends" adding me and just clogging up my news feed with primary school level status updates. I want to get back on it now though and connect with more likeminded people... I'll post up my link when I've completed it.
  9. I'm desperate to read the book, but I'm holding out til Dec 8th when Gary V rolls through to London on his book tour. Just booked my ticket - £15 which includes a copy CRUSH IT! Can't wait!!
  10. another garyvee superfan right here!!!
  11. JOE DEMARCO IS NOT VEGAN http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/drjoehxh/ http://blog.bodybuilding.com/drjoehxh get this scumbag off the site.
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