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  1. Mike Zigomanis is up on the site, and finally Tonya Kay, who really should have been up there years ago! But, great to have her up now.
  2. I've been taking creatine for a few weeks, still have two arms and two legs, making gains. Can't say that it's having a huge impact, due to all the other factors that contribute, but certainly haven't had pain or anything negative at all
  3. Are you aiming to be as big as Avi? Awesome! Get us some pics to show your progress
  4. I had a look the other day at some oreos, and they were not vegan - that's in the UK, maybe elsewhere in the world they are, I don't know
  5. Have you felt any improvement since dropping soy - do you feel there is evidence that soy is the problem? Have you tried non-soy milks such as rice or oat? Regarding veganism being pointless, consider the rise in demand for animal products if all vegans dropped their lifestyle. Those companies would suddenly have more demand, thus they would expand and more animals would suffer. There is a direct impact on those industries because of boycotting.
  6. Mac Danzig is up on the site So many profiles coming up, it's ridiculous. Really great achievements from people, I am just trying to find the time to put it all up, but it's coming. I put up 6 more today, and have about another 7 or something lined up. Awesome, some really sexy people out there, damn
  7. If anyone gives you any bullshit about the vegan diet, just show them some of the profiles from this site to shut them up
  8. hey, sorry to read this, it can be a really awkward situation. First of all, people go through moody periods, especially during puberty / adolescence, and isn't necessarily related to food in the first place. I can't see the argument for eating dairy / eggs for health, but her point of view is further damaged because she's talking about apple pie - not a health food at all. But, to try to mend the situation, I don't know what else to say beyond what others have said. Be positive about the situation, help her with cooking and washing up and everything else, so that there is no ammunition for her to use. To try to convince her of the healthiness of veganism, perhaps show her some of the profiles from this website, of people who you think she would be impressed by.
  9. Hey, having a goal to work towards is a good form of motivation. Some might say that you need an "achievable" goal (read: "easy" goal), but if you ask me, for some people, a very difficult goal will push you harder. Firstly because you will be aware at the start how much hard work it will take to get from where you are now to your goal, but also because it's a longterm thing, not just a small goal that you reach in a few weeks, rather it is changing your whole approach to life and saying that this is your priority and that you are going to put everything into this. Post up what you are currently eating and we'll give you some advice on how to alter it. Also I'd be interested to hear what your personal trainer has suggested so far
  10. More and more people are being added, it's pretty cool!
  11. Thanks guys, feeling pretty good about progress, I may share some more in a while
  12. I'm good thanks. I recently switched to another sanctuary, owned by the same company, but is only a few minutes' drive away, so it is better for me. Right now, I am still doing a full-body workout each time I go to the gym. I do: seated cable rows lat pulldown - wide grip, palms out lat pulldown - narrow grip, palms in upright cable rows For each of these exercises, I start with a weight that I can do 8-12 reps of, then once I fail, I immediately put it down a few kgs, and do more to failure, then reduce again, and go again to failure
  13. Alright, looking a bit more manly these days. Look at my back progress. I don't tend to look at my back, but the G friend told me it was looking bigger so I took a pic to see for myself. I can actually see from the front that there are bits sticking out from my lats now. I'll be walking around with my arms out at 45 degree angles like a WWE wrestler soon bitches http://www.godfist.com/body/back_progress.jpg
  14. Okay, had a workout, and didn't feel any different so far. My face felt pretty hot though, that's the only thing I noticed during the workout. However, this is the first time I've worked out after working at my new job which is an 11 hour day. So I guess I should expect to be fatigued, but I did alright. Thing I notice most now is that I don't feel tired from the work out. I'll keep taking it and see what happens. Definitely no diarrhea or cramps so far. Before I drank it, I made sure it had completely dissolved in the water.
  15. I just took it for the first time, and will hit the gym in 20 minutes. I'll let you guys know how it goes!
  16. Are you saying that everybody who buys regular creatine has the shits? Haha. I watched a vid on youtube, a dude showed that regular creatine does dissolve a lot slower, but he said that if you wait for it to dissolve properly, then it will work the same as micronized. But the micronized dissolved pretty much right away in comparison. Once it is dissolved though, why would the regular creatine be less effective or cause problems?
  17. Can you tell me the difference? I read up on it, and couldn't find a conclusive reason to get micronized (apart from a video from the company who sell it)
  18. Yeah it is German as far as I know, I ordered from MyProtein.com. http://www.myprotein.com/uk/products/creatine_monohydrate I looked at micronized, but it said that the purity was 99.99%, but regular creatine monohydrate is 99.9% pure... so the difference didn't seem so much and it's the same company
  19. OK! I ordered some creatine, I'll let you know if my head falls out of my asshole
  20. I've been considering taking this, but worry about side effects and stuff. It's so hard to find out the truth on these things, and the long term effects. I don't know anybody who has taken it, who is even over 40, so I don't know how it could affect you in later life. I read that "studies" say it is safe to take 5g per day, but I dunno who conducts these studies or what they really are.
  21. Yeah if it is going up by 15 a time, it'll be pounds most likely
  22. Hello. Been busy recently, man these take so long to put the text on... but we've got a few lined up again. Highly offensive language as usual, so watch out if you don't like that kind of thing. http://www.rocktank.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNKSlzfSfMU
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