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  1. Yo, welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about the hernia, I know they are no fun at all. How tall are you?
  2. Hey, no welcome messages?! I'll be the first then - welcome to the site
  3. Hi there! Yeah that is the vibe here too, at least from my perspective. To me, veganism is mainly about compassion and just wanting to live in a way that causes as little harm as possible. But, sites like this and yours are a way to promote the vegan lifestyle, and show that it is healthy and not dangerous, which unfortunately is the stigma that comes with it these days.
  4. Richard


    Hi there, sorry you don't know any vegans. It can be a real bummer! One thing that can help motivation is to keep a training journal, and potentially a food journal. It can help to write out something like that after your workout, so you keep track of progress, and you can sometimes feel motivated to do the workout so that you can write it up afterwards, to show what you've achieved. A lot of people find that really useful. If you avoid doing much cardio at the gym, and concentrate on the weights, you shouldn't lose weight drastically so long as you eat enough. What's your typical diet per day?
  5. Hi there, welcome to the forum. Yeah there are a large number of things you can do without much equipment. Especially if your goal is to be lean and toned, you won't need much weight to do it. One thing that I'd advise investing in is a chin-up bar, since I think it is one of the best ways to work your back muscles. Other than that, most other exercises you can do in the home don't require equipment - squats, push ups, running, ab crunches, lunges, and so on.
  6. Kick arse, welcome to the forum
  7. Hi there, glad you joined up!
  8. Richard


    Hi, good to have you here
  9. Welcome! Yeah, a lot of people don't have any vegans to talk to in real life, so a place like this is handy to chat about things that others don't understand, or haven't had experience with. Good luck with your goals, any questions, just ask
  10. Hey there, welcome to the forum. I've seen some of the workouts that Zuzana does, and they seem really intense!
  11. Hey, nice introduction. Is your real name Guile, or are we talking Guile from SF? Sorry you've been through kidney stones, I've not experienced something like that but I understand it's pretty hardcore. If there's anything you need to know, just ask and someone will help you out. How are your friends and family reacting to your change?
  12. Yeah, I haven't found many vegan shirts I like. I made this one a while back, not sure if anybody likes the design or what: http://images6.cpcache.com/product/42559116v5_480x480_Front_Color-Black.jpg http://www.cafepress.co.uk/chrysander.42559116 But I have the original file somewhere and will post it if people want to make their own shirts some how, I just made that shirt for myself, not to sell and make profit from
  13. Cardio is one of the best ways to shred if you want to just lose weight. If you can consistently do something that really gets you to sweat for 30 minutes each day, I can't see why you wouldn't lose weight following the diet you are on
  14. I think it depends exactly how big you are, and how big you want to get. I've not heard of a successful bodybuilder on a low protein diet. I think you can make gains on limited protein, it's just that I think that to even maintain a larger physique you'll need to be eating more.
  15. Are you asking what percentage of carbs everyone would consider to be a low carb diet?
  16. What kind of training are you doing?
  17. You're welcome to post here, whether you are vegan or not, so don't worry. You may find that you won't fit in 100% anywhere if you eat fish, since that means your diet is not vegetarian, so on any vegetarian / vegan board, you may meet a few people who will tell you to not to eat it I guess. Obviously nobody here is going to recommend eating fish, and would suggest alternatives, but there's no reason why you can't post here.
  18. While it's a community, you'll find that everybody has a different approach to their diet, and what they focus on - there is no rule book. Regarding carbs, I once worked with a low carb diet and did fine for a while. But, looking back, I was missing out on a lot of other nutrients at the time. I guess it depends on how few carbs you're talking about. I've never tried it long term
  19. Hi, sorry you've been having this problem. Can you post your typical diet? It may not even be connected to what you're eating, might be something else. I had skin problems for a long time when I wasn't vegan, it isn't limited to just vegans.
  20. Good job sir! Did you find that filming yourself aided your dedication? Good luck with becoming a hollywood superstar
  21. I do a minute or so on the cross trainer, and a few light stretches for each body part. I don't worry about it too much to be honest
  22. yeah, been having kiwi! Also pineapple Done something to my arm/shoulder. Never mind, I have continued to workout with martial arts and cardio, as well as just some light weights to avoid further injury. More important, I am now putting protein powder into the green smoothies. And then I drink them - a crucial step which is often overlooked! This should make sure I get enough protein as well as the all the nutrients from spinach and fruit that I normally don't get so much of... I feel like this is such a great way for me to eat healthily - so long as I don't binge on other food in the meantime, which I haven't been doing. Mainly I have been having about 2 litres of smoothie at work, along with a very small amount of oats with sunflower seeds and soy milk, and then when I get home I have a regular cooked meal.
  23. I had a response to this all planned out. But I don't think that what I've got to say is particularly interesting or important so I'll cut it down to the tedious essentials. I think VegNews did something wrong, and handled the response badly. But I also think that on "The Scale of Badness" this ranks quite low. I think people need to put it in perspective before responding. It often appears to me that most people have 3 speeds: 1) Don't care 2) Meh, slightly irritated 10) PREPARE FOR END OF WORLD, STOCKPILE FOOD, GET TO DE BUNKA There are numbers missing there right? This issue is surely around 2.5, no higher. The magnitude of the response should be in line with that, at least in my puny world that's the case
  24. That must have been ancient since the site has run on php not html for years now. There are several food programs in the food section, I'll have a look on my computer to see if there is a file named "nutrition".
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