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  1. Yo, There are lots of food plans in the food section on the site, bottom left. From the size of you, to maintain that you probably need to be consuming quite a lot. Right now I am trying to lose fat, so my own diet would not be of much help. What I can do to help is make suggestions based on what you're eating already. So if you'd like to post your typical diet, I can give a list of things to use as a replacements.
  2. Yeah! I just made another this morning, even better than yesterday! I can glug on this and it's so convenient half a bag of spinach 1 lemon 1 apple 1 pear 1 banana handful of dates 2 teaspoons of ground flax
  3. Hello Been getting back to the gym, doing well. Martial arts are really coming along, left leg is doing what it's told. Weights going back up, not up to what I was last year, but getting there. Bought a blender, and had my first GREEN SMOOTHIE today. I thought it would be intense and make me want to puke all over my penis, but it was actually pretty good! It seems like a really convenient way to get lots of green vegetables into me. I made it with spinach, with some fruit and water. Hopefully this will be the start of an even healthier lifestyle.
  4. Do it! yeah I wondered where you'd gone, good to see you
  5. Sure I am open to blenders, just anything that can make smoothies and soup basically. Vitamax is very much out of my price range though. I guess I could stretch to about £100 if I saw the point, but not much more than that.
  6. Hello there, yes it is me I was looking through the internet for a smoothie maker, but I don't know what to get as I don't have any experience. I want to buy something in the UK preferably. This pops up everywhere, but I don't know if its actually any good: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0014IOB3E/ref=olp_product_details?ie=UTF8&me=&seller= Thanks in advance Big Rich
  7. Not sure if your cache needs to be refreshed or something. The new site is completely different to the old one. The old site had Rob interviewing James Cameron on the front. Now that's not there at all
  8. Glad you like it I think it is easier to navigate now. I still have some changes in mind to tidy things up even more, and as the site grows, things will have to be categorized better to be able to find what you're looking for. But I think it's a big step up from how it was before where you couldn't really find anything... Updates will come soon!
  9. Haha, I like the concept of someone trying to argue that protein is a myth. goob, sorry you feel that way and I understand. I get frustrated too - and I've taken time away because of this kind of thing, and others. But I'm around now and trying to keep an eye on everything. I personally do not want this forum to be seen as a place where people can just spout lies with no back up. I'm all for people being allowed to put forward what they want, but I don't like to see people using a forum as a place to get across their own personal agenda, across multiple threads. If somebody has some theory that they want to share, it should go in a thread on its own. But to go through other threads and keep bringing it up, when it causes conflict everywhere, I don't think it's fair and I can see how it puts people off. So I want to try and stop that happening, and will do so if I see it, and if it's brought to my attention.
  10. Welcome! Is that you in the avatar doing the jump kick? Got more pictures?
  11. I basically use what my girlfriend has bought it would most likely be just coop if it were left up to me. Yeah Lush is a bit expensive, we don't have it often, sometimes we get it as gifts
  12. WARNING: Contains actual footage of slaughter and abuse Sepultura's music video for Convicted in Life. I don't really like the song, but the music video is hardcore. Good that such a big-name band has done something like this, hopefully it has scared some people straight. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_hUM2YH41jE
  13. Dude, this has to stop! It really is not a big deal at all - go to google and look for some serious disfigurements, you will see all kinds of really nasty stuff, and it might put your body in perspective. You've got a very good-looking body, it's very healthy, toned and in shape, it is much better than average - much, much better. Some people have totally deformed bodies that they have to live with, really you should be very happy with what you have there, many people I'm sure would be envious
  14. I use coop shampoo, sometimes stuff from Lush, sometimes Faith in Nature, sometimes Real Source? I think that's what it's called http://www.godfist.com/photos/rockout2.jpg
  15. Which character(s) from MVC do you want to look like? I want to get in shape like Dante
  16. I really don't know, they management don't talk to us about the financial situation very much, and when they do it's pretty vague.
  17. I still wouldn't advise it, I don't think it would be right to create a person, with a duty in mind for them - there are no guarantees how they'd turn out, and they'd really be fulfilling your purpose rather than finding their own. I'd recommend adopting, and indoctrinating them, that way at least you haven't added to the population even if you fail in parenthood
  18. I think that being careful in sex, or choosing not to have children, are logical and considered choices. Therefore, they will tend to be made by logical and considerate people, and those people will be less likely to pass on their genes. Have you guys seen idiocracy? Hah
  19. Thanks dude. Yeah, it's not clear exactly how bad this is going to get. Many people worried for their jobs, but the primary concern is what happens to the animals should the place go under. Running out of money for feeds is worrying, we only have so much hay left, and I don't know when we're meant to get more, or what we'll do when it's out. It's a bit crazy
  20. I think there is a bit of confusion about what you're trying to get across 2097. It seems that in many of your posts you're suggesting that we can get B12 without a supplement, since you are saying there are other ways to get it. If you think people should be taking a B12 supplement anyway, then everyone's in agreement anyway.
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