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  1. Hell yeah, you must be really proud of what you've achieved!
  2. I don't think you have to go through some kind of mantra or watch X amounts of animal cruelty videos, like a punishment. Rather, just think about what your ultimate goal is, what kind of person you want to be. You are the one responsible for your decisions. So are you going to do what you think is right, or ignore that and do what you think is wrong? That's the bottom line for me. You can make yourself sick with those animal cruelty videos, but food products are so far removed from their origin, I don't know what it would do.
  3. I don't think happiness is a constant state, it's something that comes and goes and is largely out of our control. I don't think there is such a thing as a "right" to be happy, that seems like a man-made concept. You're either happy at a given point, or you're not. Some people will find their lives and experiences more positive than others, some will be very low or unhappy a lot of the time for whatever reason.
  4. Yeah, I love it! I listen to it on my MP3 player at work a lot of the time
  5. Yeah buddy, my favourite bands are sabbath, rage, pantera, biohazard, slipknot, lordi, isis and maiden. Check my signature for my own music if you want
  6. I understand that the website is mainly bogus, but what you originally said was that the winners would be forced to promote certain supplements, and that's just not the case. If they have a shred of integrity they'd refuse to do that even if asked, I'm sure. The best thing about winning is just to make the statement that a vegan can make that achievement, and get noticed. Even if all related articles on their site get buried, it would still be a fact to relate to.
  7. Where have you read that they would have to promote supplements? I couldn't find that anywhere. Also, as far as I know, the winners would be interviewed, so their own nutrition program would most likely be described, and they can say what supplements they take - if any.
  8. Thanks guys! Yeah I am really feeling great about it. My mindset has completely changed. I never used to have a plan, just a general kind of "idea" of what I was doing. But now I am set on a specific course, and I am seeing results. I've always been aware that bodybuilding and fitness are longterm things that don't happen over night, but right now it feels different because I know I'm doing it right. So even though the progress is slow, I know I'm in the right direction, rather than screwing around like I was before.
  9. Day 2 and I've voted again - remember to keep it up guys, we can win this if we pull together
  10. Holy shit, if you want to update your profile on the site any time, let me know man
  11. There are guys on the site like Edward Goins who do great without supplements.
  12. Not sure if some of those were really "resolved", I'd say they were just ended. Not on the same scale as perhaps the holocaust, but there are things like women's liberation, end of slavery and so on. I don't know the dates on those things, but women getting the vote and getting similar rights to men is ongoing. Same with homophobia and laws relating to same-sex couples.
  13. Is the audience going to be vegetarian / vegan, or are you dealing with the general public?
  14. Hey hope you recover soon, injuries are a real bummer. You can do squats with no weight, they are still really good - I do them a lot. If you struggle with a no-weight squat, you can do them next to something to hold on to for support. I do this for single-leg squats. So it can be a table, chair, banister etc. Just stand in front of it and steady yourself (you could do this with your good arm). Running up and down steps is really good for your legs also. Cycling also.
  15. I am not an expert by any means at all, and everything I know is really anecdotal. But, looking through the profiles on this website, you can see what people have achieved. None of them say "when I switched to veganism, things got much harder". So I find it unlikely that there is a disadvantage, of any significance. The ratio of vegans to non-vegans is very, very low. Add to that, most vegans are actually not interested in fitness or bodybuilding (I think, primarily because the people who become vegan do it for ethical reasons, and are generally less concerned with what they look like, and more concerned with animal rights issues etc). So, there are going to be hardly any examples of vegan bodybuilders (in comparison to non-vegan bodybuilders). With such a difference in numbers, of course there will also be larger numbers of non-vegan bodybuilders who achieve larger size. I don't think that that indicates that it's harder for vegans, it's more likely to me that there are just less vegans who are aiming for that. There may also be mistakes that people make when becoming vegan, but I don't think that means that veganism is "hard" to deal with. The changes needed (primarily, eating more of the right foods) are not complex. Finally I want to add that it's not as clear cut as saying "non-veganism leads to better results than veganism". First of all, non-veganism and veganism are not black and white. It's not as though everyone who eats a non-vegan diet eats precisely the same meals as each other, and likewise, the same is not true of vegans. So it's impossible to compare. But even more importantly, just comparing the lifestyles on what they may do for your bodybuilding short-term (over a span of a few years), is ultimately irrelevant when you consider what high levels of animals products will do to you long term. I realise the following is a little extreme, but you could find a drug which pumps you up and makes your muscles huge for 10 years, then after that it kills you. You might say "people who don't take that drug are at a disadvantage in terms of bodybuilding" - but would you recommend people take it?
  16. Thanks! Yeah I guess I haven't said what I'm doing in this thread... I wanted to create a nutrition plan / diet I could stick to, which would give me everything I needed to keep me healthy long term, and also something to help reduce weight until I reach a size I'm happy with. After talking with Robert and some others, I'm trying to focus on whole foods, and cut out all sugar and nearly all processed foods. So right now I am having smoothies with primarily bananas and spinach, but also flax, and berries (also take a B12 supplement in the morning). During the day I have a very small serving of oats, with a small serving of walnuts, almonds and sultanas, with flax and soy milk. For snacks I have more fruit - bananas, apples, pears, grapes, kiwi... Later in the day I have a large meal of vegetables - generally broccoli or kale with sweet potato, but also sometimes red kidney beans, sweet corn, or something else like a vegetable curry. I may also have another smoothie or a couple more pieces of fruit. I was aiming for around 1800 calories per day, and as little fat as possible, whilst keeping protein up. I also wanted a very rigid diet that I could calculate every bit of, and not stray from it. But after talking more with Robert, I think it's best to vary what I'm eating per day. The reason for this is just that calories get used up so quickly when adding different foods, and it's actually easier for me to say "this meal will be kidney beans and sweetcorn", and then another day "broccoli and sweet potato"... it's more of a pain to prepare lots of little things, rather than just have a whole head of broccoli, or a whole can of beans etc. So I do switch it up now, so the numbers are not completely square per day. Still, I am getting around 100g of protein a day (usually more), and about 30g of fat, and usually around 1800 calories, sometimes a bit more or less, so it seems ok. Only exception to this is that I go out for a meal once a week with my partner, to our favourite place. What we eat there is not so healthy, and I guess ultimately I should cut that out as well, but it's not like I am obese, so I don't see the need to take that out, as I am definitely making progress as it is.
  17. Thanks so much guys Yeah feeling really good right now. I had a cold last weekend, and ended up eating a little more than I should have. But, that was just a couple of days and went back to smoothies and vegetables straight after, I haven't let it stop me. I thought I wouldn't have made progress this week, but I think I look slimmer again this week actually.
  18. Hoping to keep up with progress pics of fat-loss. http://www.godfist.com/body/abs/2d.jpg
  19. He says on his website that he is not vegetarian "As an aside, I do eat meat once or twice a week"
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