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  1. Well, you know how we do it. Got in the gym after work, just did 30 minutes on the bike, but I'm happy with that, gym closed anyway. Result Food: Protein shake 2 carrots, apple Mixed nuts and sultanas 2 sausages, burger, large bowl of kale, green pepper and onion Small serving of oats with coconut and pumpkin seedsm strawberry jam Protein shake
  2. You know Robert is a quality gentleman. Nothing was in this for him personally, it's all about bringing people together, helping and rewarding people for reaching their goals, and promoting veganism. Full respect to Robert for organizing this and following through - and thanks to all the companies that donated so much!
  3. Got a new avatar for you conan if you're interested http://collider.com/wp-content/uploads/Troll-Hunters-image-3.jpg
  4. Okay you lovely people, I've done what I said I'd do - got in the gym every day for 9 days, and even exercised twice on two days, so that's 11 times in 9 days! Back to work tomorrow, I'll see if I can make it 10 but I dunno Training: Warm up: rowing machine 2 minutes Cable cross over bench: 17.5 x 10, 8, 7 No-weight squats: 20, 20, 20 Hammer curls: 14kg x12, 12, 16kg x10 Shoulder press: 16kgx 12, 20kg x8 x8 Crunches: 20, 10, 10, 10 Upright cable rows: 40kg x 10, x7, x7 Shrugs: 30kg x12, 12, 12 Bike 20 minutes FOOD: Protein shake 2 sausages, big bowl of green and purple kale with chilli sauce, pepper and vinegar Protein shake Carrot
  5. Wasn't feeling too good Thursday, I think I ate those chilli peanuts too late and they didn't go down right, and had a spicy bumhole in the morning. Anyway, Thursday is when we go to Loving Hut, so I guess diet kind of goes on hold for that, but actually I don't eat very much else on that day, since it is all you can eat at the place, so although it isn't optimum, in terms of calories I don't think I destroyed it Loving Hut - rice, spicy tofu strips, stirfry with mixed vegetables and fake meat, sweetcorn, small serving of potato wedges Protein shake Burger Carrot Training: 30 minutes bike
  6. "it's not breakfast without milk" - not sure what I've been eating for 11 years then. A pre-brunch early-morning snack? Idiots
  7. Okay, bicep is okay, thanks for asking. But today I am going to lay off the weights, and hit cardio. Bike = 40 minutes Food: 4 burgers Fruit smoothie = 2 kiwi, 1 apple, green kale Protein shake 1 burger + 2 sausages 2 bags of dried pineapple 3 spoons of peanuts butter Chilli Peanuts
  8. What pose were you doing for your back? Mine looks really different depending on what I do with it
  9. Determinism and fate mean that there is no choice in what we do, therefore "we" are not responsible. If there is only ever 1 thing that can happen, then there was nothing else that could happen, there would be no responsibility. My belief doesn't begin with "there is no responsibility" - my belief begins with "what is happening, why do things happen the way they do?" and all the way down the, physics is responsible. It's after realising / accepting that that I realised that there can't be responsibility if that's true. Determinism isn't about humans being able to predict what they or anyone else is going to do. It just means that there is only one thing that could happen in any given scenario, that our brains function on a (very complicated) input and output. So when I say "predictable", I certainly don't mean that I could predict to any degree what will happen because the amount of information necessary to make a prediction is way beyond what a human can even fit in their head let alone process For instance, if you take a dumptruck and fill it with ping pong balls and empty it over a cliff - you could not predict the path of all of those ping pong balls because it's too much data (sheer number of balss, wind, density of the ground, imperfections in every ball, anything else which might intervene...). But, you also know that there could only be one outcome, because everything is being determined by the laws of physics. If you were able to reproduce that experiment exactly, with every little detail the same, you would expect the same results. Also important to note, even if you don't understand every little detail, you do know the rules, and you can watch the event and say "Yes, that's what I expected, they all went down and bounced around". That's pretty much all a human can appreciate, but we would be surprised if the balls suddenly took off or caught fire for no apparent reason. Determinism says that we are just as theoretically predictable, even if it's beyond our comprehension, our "choices" are made in the same way that those ping pong balls fall - initially you would say "well, those balls could go anywhere, I don't know" - but thinking about it, you know that there's only one thing that could happen with each ball, even if you personally don't know what that is. Without appearing to be "name dropping", there is an article by Stephen Hawking in which he says he doesn't see how there could be free will: http://amiquote.tumblr.com/post/2318471636/stephen-hawking-on-free-will-do-people-have-free Most articles on the subject seem to be needlessly complex, and bring in all kinds of philosophy and are a chore to read... This is quite a concise and easy to understand video (even if the guy seems to be a serial killer of some kind) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEZKIV8TzuM He sums up pretty much everything there, but to be frank I've already said everything he says in this thread. When I was first introduced to determinism (though didn't know it was called that at the time) I rejected it and was actually offended. Determinism means that along with everything else, there's no such thing as creativity or originality. Personality is just how you are, there's nothing to be praised for, no such thing as achievement... and so on. It seemed quite hurtful because I was always very proud of what I did, and so to think that I didn't "deserve" praise for it seemed outrageous. Beyond this, it almost makes one feel like they don't "exist" - if you don't have free will, then you can't choose anything, you are just reacting. I would get in arguments with my bro (who told me about it) saying things to him like "My brain controls my actions, but I'm in control of my brain!". I now realise that's a nonsense statement, for what am "I", if not just a body and a brain? Not being spiritual at all, I can't see room for anything else, so if the brain is a physical object, it is defined by physics like everything else. Once I stopped looking at it on a personal level, and realised that I am made of the same things as everything else in the universe, it humbled me and put everything in perspective. Those building blocks cannot be said to have free will, and I'd say that anything made up of them has no free will by definition. So what makes "me" special? I am just another bunch of atoms in a ridiculously huge universe. Why would we be able to have an effect over the laws of physics which govern every single other thing in the universe (as far as we know). It became apparent to me that it was more than a little self-centred to reject the theory on the grounds that I was. I was able to look at things without that personal bias, and accept the scientific and logical evidence, despite the feeling of free will that I experience. TL:DR - If physics control everything in a predictable way, and your brain is not predictable, then it must be doing something which breaks the laws of physics, which there is no evidence of.
  10. Well yeah, but they're working so hard on a convoluted solution to a problem which already has a much simpler solution. It's not like vegan food is repulsive
  11. Urgh just go vegan, why do people want to make it so complicated. "We're running out of space, raising animals for food is ineffective, we need an alternative." "How about we eat something else?" "What? Don't be ridiculous." But I guess this notion is better than nothing, even if it's still remarkably unhealthy
  12. Hey man, good to see you on the forum, you're a beast
  13. New progress pictures: viewtopic.php?f=48&t=22029&start=30 Okay, so day 6 of continually going to the gym... here we go again! Training: 2 minutes warm up on the rowing machine Upright cable row: 40kg x 11 NEW PB!! x8, x7 Tricep pulldown: 15kg x15, 10kg x10, x10 Seated cable row: 50kg x 12, x10, x8 Lat pull down wide grip: 60kg x10, x8, x7 Shrugs: 30kg (each hand) x12, x12, x12 Crunches (hands behind head): x20, x20, x20 Chin ups x10, x8 10 minutes on rowing machine Enjoyed that! My right bicep feels a bit funny, hope I didn't kill it... Beat my PB on upright cable row. I think I will beat it again real soon too! Food 4 burgers kiwi 2 homemade burgers with carrot, onion, kale, broc in protein shake half a mango cup full of nuts and dried fruit 2 carrots grapes protein shake with flax TVP with lots of purple and green kale, and green pepper, with chilli sauce! YEA
  14. Ah. The links you posted don't work for people who can't log into that site, so they're not showing up for me, just says image
  15. Damn good luck with the knee. I'm forever smashing my fucking knees getting into the tractor at work it's a bitch... Show us some pictures! EDIT: of your progress, not the injury
  16. Hey welcome to the site, I'm sure people can help you out. Let us know what you're eating right now and we can suggest what to swap out or remove Also what is your current training like, what do you do in your workouts?
  17. Haha thanks! I think I'm progressing, definitely lifting heavier that's for sure, but still a way to go before I reach my goal
  18. Hey Puhakka, how high protein do you want? How many grams in the meal?
  19. The outcome of fate and determinism is the same, in that there would be no free will. But the difference is how or why things happen. Determinism is a scientific theory based on... well pretty much everything! At a basic level looking at atoms, to studying behaviour, and how physics governs everything. Fate on the other hand is not a theory, rather it's a spiritual or superstitious notion that something else (some kind of god, or something people just refer to as "fate") controls everything and that there is actually a plan that everything is part of. They're not compatible ideas. They're kind of mirrored actually. Determinism states "that happened because of what just happened" and fate says "this will happen in order for that to happen". Regarding that quote, it assumes that we are responsible for everything we do. I don't assume that in the first instance, and I don't see evidence of it. Assuming that we are responsible already assumes determinism to be false. But if I don't assume anything and look at the facts from the ground up, I don't find room for free will, and therefore "responsibility".
  20. I don't think my definition of determinism is unusual, that's what it means. At least "hard determinism", which leaves no room for free will. But I have also found that a logical scientific explanation is not enough to convince most people. To me it does seem irrefutable - until there is evidence of something new. But with our current understanding of physics and matter, I can't see how it could be refuted scientifically. But science doesn't appeal to everyone, as Mina says, some people go through an experience which changes their mind on an emotional level, some would say spiritual. So I think that my definition is very far from convincing anyone who would read it! Others believe that even if everything we are made of is predictable, it doesn't mean that we are, or that "we" are not in control of ourselves. I can't see how that could be, but that's what I generally hear from otherwise rational people So I'd say just because I have a particular answer to the poll doesn't mean I'm not interested in hearing other's opinions! And I'd like to see the results of the poll, even if I don't learn anything new in terms of theories
  21. Thanks! Yeah, I am cutting way back on what I'm eating, but I haven't gone so far as to count calories yet. I'll stick to this for a little while and track progress, and if I don't get what I want I'll step it up. The burger mix we get is this: http://www.alternativestores.com/ethical-shop/Food-and-Grocery/Burger-amp-Sausage/Vegan-Burger-Mix-1kg/prod_1963.html You can make it straight with just water, or you can add things to an extent and still keep the consistency good enough to shape
  22. What is happening in that picture? I'm sure we can think of an invisible something... Invisible Post Driver!
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