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  1. Not available to be watched in my country! Poopy pants
  2. Cool, I used to have an ab and cardio day when I was at uni. How did you feel afterwards?
  3. Alright dickheads, I just got back from the gym sweated my delicious anus off in there. DID 5 minutes bike 20 squats dumbbell bench press 30kg x 11, 28kgx 10, 26kgx 10 incline dumbbell bench press 20kg x 10 dumbbell shoulder press 18kg x 10 Shrugs 30kg x 12, 12 bicep hammer curls 14kg x 12, 12, 10 crunches 20, 20, 20, 20 upright cable row 32.5kg x 12, 7, 7 15 minutes on bike
  4. I feel like I've been eating too many carbs, and it's just so easy for me to over-eat on them. It's harder to "binge" now on this kind of diet, and not such a big deal if I eat a lot. Before, if I sat and ate 3 bowls of cereal or pasta, then that's really bad news. But if I have 2 smoothies and some nuts, it's not so bad. OKAY OFF TO THE GYM BIATCHES
  5. Okay shit just got real Been off and on with training over christmas for various reasons including flu, and have been getting back to it again, but not done enough to worry about keeping track. But now I am ready to pump your ass full of sex Also I am changing how I eat to hopefully become leaner. I have dropped bulky carb foods like bread, pasta and cereals. I am focussing on vegetables, nuts/seeds, with some tofu / soy things, and supplementing with green smoothies and protein shakes. I have also been doing a lot of cardio at the gym.
  6. I think that putting your hands on something to raise your upper-body like VeganEssentials said is one of the easiest ways to do it, because you'll be doing practically the same movement, just with less of your weight directly over your arms, and you can gradually decrease how much higher you are until you are flat.
  7. Synny, there is a bug in the chat room that whoever is in there last doesn't get their named logged out until someone else appears. So if nobody is actually using the chat, there will still be one name in there, until you log in, and then their will disappear. Then once you've left, your name will still be there and the next person will see your name leave. I don't know why it does it, but don't take it personally! People are not leaving just as you enter!
  8. I refrain from murdering everyone I meet Also refrain from stabbing or uppercutting people Trying to refrain from being sarcastic, probably at about 80% non-sarcastic right now Don't buy games new if they have online pass or day one DLC Recycle everything I can Reusable bags, avoid being given new plastic bags
  9. What are you eating that fish for forklift? C'mon, fish are friends too dude. If it's for omega, you can get it from flax
  10. Thinking about it, I wonder if you look at most people's diets, what % would be vegan food... Even someone who eats meat would have a high amount of vegan food. So 80% vegan is meaningless really, if you think about a stir fry or a pasta dish, how much non-vegan food would go into it... a roast dinner, again, lots of stuffing and vegetables... most people are a high % vegan even without trying.
  11. I guess they mean 80% of the ingredients are vegan, 20% are not. But of course, the entire thing is not vegan as a result
  12. Hey, looking good! I don't remember seeing many photos of you around the forum before, thanks for sharing
  13. Yeah, as far as I know, the rules are just that the journal itself is to be updated 5 days a week, the extent of the training per day isn't as important as consistency in recording it
  14. Hey welcome to the forum, good introduction "told not to eat: tofu, soy, nuts, oranges, cantaloupe, bananas and other high sugar fruits" Why would they tell you that? What do they want you to eat instead?
  15. Yo, What are your reasons for wanting to be vegan? This can really make a difference to how I'd recommend approaching the transition and choosing foods. Regarding protein, what is your ultimate goal? If you're aiming to bulk up, you can eat more anyway, and if you're trying to cut and maintain your muscle, you don't need so much protein.
  16. Nice, dude I wish I had a place like that near me, fuck all this going to work and eating and sleeping stuff
  17. I don't understand, on mine, it has Steve Austin on the one for 1/10/12. I can't have the wrong date, because the only other thing it could be is 1st of october 2012, which hasn't happened yet, so it must be the right vid... what's going on! http://i44.tinypic.com/2lk8lcz.jpg
  18. I think training at home can really work for some people, just have to remain motivated and get into the mental zone of training, without being distracted. If I am really dedicated, I can do it, plan ahead and do a home workout. But if I just say to myself "ah, I'll do something at home later" - I can easily slip, so I think it's good to have a routine to stick to, even at home. Regarding a chin up bar, do you have a door way you can put one in? They're really cheap, I advise getting one. I have seen videos of people doing pull ups on a door, but it looks a bit painful on the elbows (since they are pressing against the door). Without a chin-up bar, I don't know what you can use as a substitute, since whatever it is will have to take your whole weight. Is there anything in your garage you can grab hold of, a rafter or anything? At university in my corridor there were wooden rafters that went across the ceiling and I could do pull ups on those. Regarding depression, my experience with medication was ridiculous... I was prescribed medication, then I said "I'd rather not take any medication like that", and the doctor straight away said "yes, I don't recommend them". Why did he prescribe them then...? Also had a psychologist prescribe drugs, and when I asked him what the side effects were, he told me to look it up on the internet... that's service! I'm still affected by depressive thoughts and concerns, but they don't control my behaviour anymore, and I'm glad I didn't take medication. But I think it really depends on the person, and the severity of the behavioural problems.
  19. Awesome work man, you are really pushing yourself - that's the way to make progress. Make sure you get enough rest and that you are not training a muscle if it is still sore though!
  20. Are you sure about those times / dates? I don't see anything in those first 4 minutes of 1/10/12
  21. Awesome photo. His arms are like elephant penises, with hands
  22. Cool, a lot of people would be happy with the condition you are in now. What are you aiming for next, anybody in particular that inspires you?
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