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  1. I found a good site with tons of info and answered many of my questions Enjoy! http://www.rawbc.org/articles/whatsraw.html
  2. It had nothing to do with me, it was a subject I had read about somewhere else and I found it to be interesting. I'm learning lots here, thanks
  3. I ask because someone on another site wrote about it and said that VEGAN can be defined in different ways, and that he would eat eggs himself if he raised hens, knowing they would be well treated. And that if VEGANS would be TRUE vegans, then they wouldn't be able to wear certain clothing, shoes, use plastics etc.... basically that it's tough to not have some sort of animal product in today's stuff.... ....just a curious question thanks for the replies
  4. you raised grain fed, free range chickens yourself?
  5. I'm not that far form you, But Vegas is a little far to go train... Hello from Sunny Phoenix, AZ!!
  6. I see this more like an adventure I'll have to go through on my own. Which is why I'm here and reading a lot on it. (I guess I wanted to hear that second opinion with the second trainer...) I don't think society is ready to hear the sad truth about what's in our food today. I heard mixed reviews on Soy too, and I really never drink much of it anyway, regardless of what it does. And my sister tells me that many people that have been in the gym business for so long have only one frame of mind, which is too bad, so much has changed in the last decades. I'm not going to let them get me down, on the contrary, i'm somewhat thankful, because it gives me even more drive *Maybe I can become a Vegan Personal Trainer.. I don't use a trainer myself, but the gym I go to (goodlife fitness) has posters promoting their training programs (which include nutrition and workout routines). The posters mention that they also cater to vegetarians. Its not the trainers that have the misconceptions here it seems, its the heavy lifter patrons that seem to have these notions. And bodybuilder websites seem to spew the beef->muscle mantras. I've read a few articles that claimed that a soy based diet will reduce testosterone levels and decrease muscle growth potential and semen production in males. I'm not sure how 'scientific' these articles were, even if the authors had PHDs attached to their names. The point is that even if its total rubbish, being constantly told that does affect the morale. When a lie gets repeated enough times, even a rational person starts having occasional doubts.
  7. Hi! I'm new here too, from Montreal, now in Phoenix. I was told this morning (For the second time by a trainer) that I couldn't possibly get enough protein or build muscle by being Vegan. He was definately interested in making money with me, but when I mentionned my eating preferences I got the brush off. he said to go see someone else.... I'm FUMING!!
  8. I'm very happy about all your responses. Thanks. I know I'll do fine here, there's lots of neat sites I'd like to check out I'm very overwhelmed with the ignorance, so I pretty much try to keep my eating preferences personal. I feel Safe here...lol ~I'm sorry, I'm not sure how to respond to a specific person in this forum, so my answer to one that asked about my sister's name, Louise St-Pierre. She has her own site too, I think it's louisest-pierre.com... something like that. And She works in a gym in downtown Toronto, I know one of you ladies lives there, maybe you can go say hello to her I gotta go shopping for food today, I'm trying to figure out what it is I need to get, because I'm going to the gym this morning, and officially getting my butt in gear. I want that bikini body by summer *I also have to figure out how to post a picture here. Thanks for all your positive feedback !!
  9. Hey, No, it isn't your friend. This man was in his 60's and pretty much set in his ways. I figured years of experience would make him an amazing trainer...maybe he is, but he gave me an eerie feeling. Maybe you can tell me a little more about your friend in Phoenix? Does he work in a gym? I would hire a trainer who respects my choice of being Vegan. I guess the Vegan lifestyle is kinda new to trainers...don't know. I moved here in 2001. I must say, I do miss the snow sometimes. Canada is a gorgeous country. My sister is the Canadian Bodybuilding Champion of 2004. She placed first and got her pro IFBB card. She looks great and trains really hard. She has helped me so much and I learned a lot from her when I was back home. She inspired me to get my butt in the gym, but she's far now, and it's tough. I lost motivation...She's the one who pushed me into finding a good trainer who will work with me, regardless of my eating preferences. I'm glad to have found you guys. I really need a kick in the butt. Thanks for the warm welcome
  10. I read: I hope to get back into shape and keep the Vegas lifestyle. I need some sleep. Welcome! LOL LOL LOL I think NOT !! LOL
  11. I will need the POSITIVE feedback Thank You so much for the welcome Making life changes are not automatic. I've become a lot happier with myself because of the elimination of the toxicity in foods I used to consume. I can't bellieve i didn't do this sooner. But I haven't been careful about my choice of meals. I nibble all day. I am trying to determine what works for me I guess. I think going on my own will be my best bet. It's hard to talk about this to others. They think I come from another planet, or I just eat salad all day....
  12. Implanted from Canada, I am a recent Vegan, and so glad to have found this site I was beginning to think that I was alone. I hope to get back into shape and keep the Vegan lifestyle. I have been told recently that it is imposible to be healthy by being both active and living vegetarian/Vegan lifestyle. And also that Soy milk is poison. It's getting tiring.... This morning, a well known personal trainer told me "I don't do Vegetarians or Vegans in my business" I just about wanted to cry... I was just looking for a personal trainer to help me I want to get help in keeping my focus and wanted to know if there are any who wish to share meal plans. I am confused. I have been carb-loading and have gained 30 lbs since becoming a Vegetarian, and now Vegan Thanks for any help
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