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  1. buhahaha funny stuff, this Vince guy is full of it.....
  2. In two weeks gonna be travelling to Minneapolis MN with friends and wondering if anyone has recommendations on places to eat?
  3. Welcome, fellow Canadian.
  4. Thank for the post forklift, gonna have to finish reading this thread later
  5. After years of wearing contacts my eyes can't take wearing them any more and switched back to glasses.
  6. //Joined, have a injured shoulder but will post my daily cardo exercises if that's okay? (Hope I can get back into lifting weights soon )
  7. Welcome aboard, congrads on your success so far
  8. Nothing against Mr. Clinton but if he eats "a little" fish and wears products made from animals he ain't vegan. He's never called himself a vegan, the media did, sure it's good publicity but at what cost?
  9. Boon Burger Cafe (Vegan) - 79 Sherbrook Street - http://www.boonburger.ca/ EAT!bistro (limited vegan options but enjoyed it) - 274 Garry Street - http://eatbistro.ca Mondragon (Vegan) - 91 Albert St - http://mondragon.ca/ Affinity Vegetarian Garden (Mostly vegan except non-vegan stuff are marked on the menu) - 208 Edmonton St - http://www.affinitygarden.com/home1024X768.htm hmmmm trying to think what else is downtown....
  10. Was just reading the ingredients on a Clif protein bar and noticed "May Contain Traces of Dairy", would that be considered to be not vegan safe? Do you purchase/eat products that state may contain traces of dairy/eggs?
  11. Anyone have problems with seasonal allergies? Any tips to lessen the symptoms? Last year (at about the same time) was the first time I've ever any problems with seasonal allergies and it's hit me again this year.
  12. Homemade hummus yes but never have time lately to make some
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