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  1. I'm just gonna paste this here http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=article_beginningbodybuilding (scroll half way down)
  2. Yes the amount of protein you consume matters.. Building Muscle on a plant-based Diet <-- a great read, includes list of high-protein foods for vegans.
  3. Good luck, it's the baby steps that make all the difference. ::Green smoothie:: 1 to 1 1/2 frozen banana's water (amount depends) handful or more of spinach handful or more of kale (if I have any old lettuce I'll add it) -blend banana and water first, then I add my green's till I reach I think it's the 3 cups line. (also sometimes add Manitoba Harvest hemp seed oil) -pore in cup and top with Manitoba Harvest shelled hemp seed More recipes at: http://vegweb.com/index.php?board=366.0 ^^Blueberry Greens Smoothie was great
  4. Maybe this will be something that fast food industry would be interested in, if this product could be produced cheap. If people already eat the crap they serve, don't see why they wouldn't mind healthier lab-meat. For me, no thanks, too gross
  5. @Fallen_Horse picture: hahaha....... ewwww i just barfed in my mouth just now
  6. thanks for the reply, day 2 of lifting weights gonna start in the next few mins.
  7. I've just started lifting weights (using only dumbbells) and in almost every exercise my left arm is a lot weaker. I've injured my left wrist some time ago and would avoided doing daily activities with my left arm. Would using my straight bar/ez-bar to help my left arm catch up? Currently with my dumbbells I would do as many reps till my left arm maxs out.
  8. Isn't it linked to cause breast cancer? or that's what I've been told... myth/fact?
  9. I just started lifting few weights; next 48 hours-ish after lifting I wake mid-sleep starving even though I eat two meals in the evening (one before bed). Guess I'm just not used to the changes yet.
  10. cut-friendly like very low-fat recipes? (sorry I'm half asleep) That'd be interesting, is there any criteria that must be met to be considered at cut-friendly?
  11. Interesting I've had quinoa before, but never heard of quinoa pasta. I'm gonna have to go search the city this weekend see if I can find it Thanks, look forward to reading more of your training/food journals.
  12. Used to be a big Blackhawks fan as a kid so hoping for a 4-2 series win for them.
  13. Ever wake up in the middle of the night hungry and can't go back to sleep till you eat something? What midnight snack do you like to snack on?
  14. Thanks for the welcome Lexforce & Ted Trendy
  15. Thanks for posting this Lexforce, I was wondering the same thing. I'm in the same boat as Dietrich, I ride my bike to and from work (25mins each way) 5 days a week, well hopefully this doesn't hinder my weightlifting much. *EDIT* Should I be increasing my intake of calories if I continue to ride my bike and lift weights?
  16. hahaha your more then welcome to come back to the 'Peg @Robert Thanks for the welcome
  17. Yup that about sums it up. Thanks for the links I'll check them out.
  18. Thanks for the warm welcome Northstar & lobsteriffic. @lobsteriffic, Saskatoon vs Winnipeg which you like better? tehehehe
  19. Do you order across the border or do you know a vegan outlet in Canadian that sells online? Heard about Payless from others, went to check them out once but left empty handed. Cool, an ex-Winnipegger eh
  20. Where do my fellow Canadians buy there vegan shoes? online? locally?
  21. I'm a 29 year old male (newly vegan); born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Little about me:: Back when I was in high school; I was learning about building muscle and lifting some weights, nothing serious, few months before I graduate I was in a car accident which injured my head, back, neck & shoulder. Was in a lot of pain for years I had loss interest in weight lifting and feed my body junk food. About 3 years ago I reached my climax for weight gained also had problems with my asthma; started researched a lot of nutrition and choose vegetarianism no eggs, no milk and started doing some cardio work. To date I've lose 42lbs; my current goals are to loss 10lbs and gain 15-20lbs of muscle. Just got my weights out of storage last week, so my next step I guess is learning what foods I need to reach my goals. O by the way December 24 2009, I declared myself vegan.
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