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  1. But im taking baby steps and doing a 3 day one. wish me luck Im firing up that vita mix

    Good luck, it's the baby steps that make all the difference.


    If anyone has any good juice/smoothie like recipes..post them here

    ::Green smoothie::

    1 to 1 1/2 frozen banana's

    water (amount depends)

    handful or more of spinach

    handful or more of kale

    (if I have any old lettuce I'll add it)

    -blend banana and water first, then I add my green's till I reach I think it's the 3 cups line. (also sometimes add Manitoba Harvest hemp seed oil)

    -pore in cup and top with Manitoba Harvest shelled hemp seed


    More recipes at: http://vegweb.com/index.php?board=366.0

    ^^Blueberry Greens Smoothie was great

  2. I've just started lifting weights (using only dumbbells) and in almost every exercise my left arm is a lot weaker. I've injured my left wrist some time ago and would avoided doing daily activities with my left arm. Would using my straight bar/ez-bar to help my left arm catch up? Currently with my dumbbells I would do as many reps till my left arm maxs out.

  3. When I'm training heavy this happens ALL the time.


    So, to avoid it, I eat a huge bowl of oatmeal before bed.

    I just started lifting few weights; next 48 hours-ish after lifting I wake mid-sleep starving even though I eat two meals in the evening (one before bed). Guess I'm just not used to the changes yet.

  4. I'm a 29 year old male (newly vegan); born and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


    Little about me:: Back when I was in high school; I was learning about building muscle and lifting some weights, nothing serious, few months before I graduate I was in a car accident which injured my head, back, neck & shoulder. Was in a lot of pain for years I had loss interest in weight lifting and feed my body junk food.


    About 3 years ago I reached my climax for weight gained also had problems with my asthma; started researched a lot of nutrition and choose vegetarianism no eggs, no milk and started doing some cardio work. To date I've lose 42lbs; my current goals are to loss 10lbs and gain 15-20lbs of muscle. Just got my weights out of storage last week, so my next step I guess is learning what foods I need to reach my goals.


    O by the way December 24 2009, I declared myself vegan.

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