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  1. Being the mosquito capital of Canada I have no problem giving them a slap if they bite me.
  2. I workout in my apartment (currently ceiling height is 100") and I'm currently looking for some type of rack, came across this sumo rack from New York Barbells http://newyorkbarbells.com/92565.html What do you think of the sumo rack? or should I just go with a power rack (http://newyorkbarbells.com/92563.html)
  3. 16lbs cost me $30.95 for shipping and that covers brokerage/duty fees, ordering in bulk (16lbs) can help you save 5% off and another 5% when you use a discount code (check their forums for that) cant find the mixture. Could you link that to me? Go to Products>Formulas>Custom Solutions and make your mixture.
  4. Not holding my breath but sure would be great news if he does, wait and see......
  5. 16lbs cost me $30.95 for shipping and that covers brokerage/duty fees, ordering in bulk (16lbs) can help you save 5% off and another 5% when you use a discount code (check their forums for that)
  6. Well that unfortunate, I basically paid a premium for pesticide spinach I'd return it if it wasn't too late but I've already opened it. Lesson learned.
  7. buhahahaha..... interesting but little on the weird side...
  8. Was out shopping for the long weekend and picked up some kosher spinach which was beside the organic one, is kosher the same as organic? (no pesticides)
  9. To put it simple yesterday I had zero energy all day, didn't have a good sleep (went to bed late). When I woke felt a pulled muscle in my left lower back so didn't lift weights that evening but will today. Went to the doctor this morning to get my blood results, he said everything (cholesterol, B12, etc) came out perfect and that I should continue doing whatever I'm doing.
  10. Brokerage and duty fees are covered, shipping is pricey so it's good to order in bulk, takes around 10-11 days to get to Winnipeg. First order 16lbs cost $30.95 for shipping Second order 6lbs cost $19.50 for shipping Third order 4lbs cost $17.30 for shipping Next order will probably be at least double what I first ordered was. For what to order keep it simple 70%Gemma Pea/30%Rice No Carbohydrates and No Supplements, as for flavors I've no opinion maybe it'd be a good idea to order multiple flavors for a few pounds and check what you like then bulk order after....
  11. Aug 31:: Took it easy on the deadlifts, added 10lbs for rows Pullups 12-9-8 Deadlifts 10-10-10 Barbell Rows 10-10
  12. Such beautiful/intelligent animals *Sad* I don't have have cable but I'll see if I can watch it in other ways.
  13. For now, bang for buck TP wins even though we have to import it...
  14. Got a message on facebook about that, sounds interesting unfortunately I'll be out of the city that day Do you know around when they plan on having the event?
  15. Admission time: what can I say August was a crazy/stressful month, no excuses, was only able to work out about 5 times this month but I plan to start get back into my routine. This week it's gonna be Tuesday, Thursday and maybe Friday if I can squeeze it in. (Most likely going to the lake for the long weekend so can't guaranty Friday)
  16. Congrads on the switch and welcome... Power racks are great yet I'm still shopping for my own Keep us updated on how 5x5 program is going.
  17. Sorry to hear about that Lyric. Closes I've gotten was last month (July 9th) a foreigner (male) in a red dodge minivan with his kids inside was at a stop sign on the side road, I was on the main strip (I had the right of way) and had this weird feeling when I was about to pass this van. Van accelerates, I sticked out my foot and kick off the vans grill/hood while he's slamming on his brakes, I was 2-3 blocks away from arriving to work in the morning. Local motorist are so impatient/always in a hurry they never consider the consequences of there actions *sad*
  18. What does your typical day food intake look like?
  19. hahaha vodka casein, seriously? O_o weird, last thing on my mind when I go out for a drink is "can I get a shot of protein with my alcohol"
  20. I'm trying to limit my soy intake, check out this excel sheet (created by Troy) to help with your decision. http://i298.photobucket.com/albums/mm262/thatsfrosty/TrueProteinCompare.jpg Don't have an answer for flavors, check TP forums. I've Skipped the carbs & sweeteners but I was looking into Amylocel (Waxy Maize Starch) or dextrose, maybe next order I will look more into it.
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