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  1. Cool, currently have zero tattoos but planning on some in the future.... What you getting?
  2. Problem with "Organic has no health benefits" these studies don't take into consideration about pesticides and the impact on the environment, which bugs me. I don't see why either organic or conventional produce having a micro-fraction great amount of nutritional value is important, isn't most peoples concerns to switch to organic is the pesticides? so why isn't that be taken into consideration when doing these studies. FSA = Anti-organic
  3. Would you suggest these two for a great taste at cheap price, or the soy isolate? All are around the same price, protein content. Also, what suggested sweeteners could be needed, or is that unnecessary? I'm going to use vanilla and chocolate flavors, most likely with fruits and soy milk/water. These blends are incredibly cheap compared to factory packaged supplements, thanks for showing me. I take my protein powders (60%Pea/30%Rice/10%Hemp) unflavored and I don't mind the taste/texture but other people say different. Skip soy isolate, just go for the 70%Pea/30%Rice protein and choose premium flavor(search TP forums on what people say about the premium flavors). (My next order will be 70%Pea/30%Rice and I'm on the fence if I'll go unflavored again or go with a premium flavor)
  4. http://www.daytondailynews.com/news/crime/police-had-arrested-released-man-before-horrific-i-675-crash-877351.html Video: http://link.brightcove.com/services/player/bcpid1418565565?bctid=593380573001 WOW that kid's lucky to be alive.
  5. Looking nice and strong, keep up the good work.
  6. Not a fan of comics-to-movies cause they don't staying true to the comic books story. Vegan powers eh? interesting (I don't watch tv, so I don't see the ads for new/upcoming movies)
  7. I have sensitive skin and also have the same question. Currently I shave my chest once a week, get mixed results.
  8. Not sure where your from notguilty but order in bulk at trueprotein.com maybe an option you might wanna check. Can save 5% using a discount code in the forums and additional 5% off when you buy 16lbs or more. Gemma Protein Pea Isolate non-GMO $5.09 per lb Rice Protein Concentrate non-GMO $5.49 per lb If custom mix ain't your thing Veganessentials.com is having a sale on Vega this week.
  9. How does Clear Conscience avoid "legally have to test on animals" while other company's continue to test on animals?
  10. Hello fellow Winnipegger, welcome aboard. Small world eh? Look around and feel free ask any questions you might have...
  11. Happy Birthday Julia, wish you all the best. PS - Nice form in your vids, keep up the good work.
  12. Thanks for the Canadian links, I'll have to check them out.
  13. If BCAA just contains leucine, isoleucine and valine amino acids but they're already present in my protein powder (Pea/Rice/Hemp) and EAA is present too; aren't they both just a waste of money?
  14. I've been so busy totally forgot about my contacts, two weeks left and I'll be out and picture day is beginning/middle of next month. O and the place I order from online believe is located in BC. I've emailed the only two company's which I don't know where they stand, here's CooperVision quick response. Guess I'm not surprised but glad I got response. True but present $$$ an issue but in the future it's definitely something I may consider.
  15. Isaiah Mustafa on Jay Leno: (Warning extremely crappy sound quality) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GAci1YblqHA I'm with Coco
  16. Same here.... thou last night I did make some vegan homemade quinoa pasta, can't believe how easy/fast it is to make. (Still gonna tweak it) Prep time was under 15 mins if you don't count drying the pasta.... 1 cup quinoa flour 1 cup all purpose flour 1 tbsp olive oil 1/2 cup + 1 tbsp water -Put flours in food processor to mix; then add oil and water. -add little flour to each side of the dough and put it threw your pasta machine -then dry the pasta for 20-30mins -bring water to boil and cook pasta for a minute or so -top with Marcina raw pasta sauce
  17. vege: interesting thanks for the post, I've make a few loafs in the pass didn't like the way it turned out; now my oven isn't working correctly so haven't tried since.
  18. Welcome Caroline; are you lifting any weights or just cardo? What's your daily food log look like? Supplements: for vegans recommend take B12 supplement or a good multi-vitamin/mineral supplement. "What will help you get energy besides food?" -Make sure your getting a good sleep -drinking enough water -iron deficiency, take iron supplement or increase foods containing iron -insufficient protein -eat wholegrain breads, lentils, legumes and other starchy vegetables
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