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  1. Last night I had corn on the cob and plain salad (lettuce, carrot shavings, cucumber) with no salad dressing since it wasn't vegan at my girlfriends parents place. Good thing I had my protein shake and some mix nuts to last me till I got home, then I had some leftover pasta/lentils, organic tomato sacue with cauliflower.

  2. I have too many things on my mind I just can't get in the mood to workout today.... My body just feels weak.... Hope to be back to my peppy self tomorrow, here my log from Tuesday that I forgot to post:


    August 3:


    Skipping rope - 5 mins

    Pushups - 60

    Incline dumbbells bench press - (Warmup) 11-10 (Increase 2.5lbs) 8-4-4

    Barbell military press - 3-2-2-2

    Bicep curls - 5-5-4-3

  3. July 28


    8:30am - 2/3cup oats, 1tbsp ground flax seed, handful blueberries

    9:00am - 20 mins ride bike to work

    9:40am - tea

    10:30am - banana

    11:30am - burrito

    12:15pm - burrito

    1:00pm - apple

    1:30pm - protein shake (4 cups water, 1 scoop protein)

    3:00pm - bike back to home

    4:50pm - 2 shredded wheat biscuits with 1 cup milk

    5:30pm - Exercises :


    Skipping rope - 5 mins

    Pullups - 8-6-6-5

    Deadlifts - 10-10 (Raise 20lbs)-10-10

    Barbell Rows - 13 (Raise 5lbs)-11-11


    6:45pm - smoothies (lettuce, spinach, orange, scoop protein powder)

    8:00pm - steamed broccoli, tofu 175g, couscous

    9:45pm - 2/3cup oats, 1tbsp ground flax seed, handful blueberries



    Was more careful and made sure I was doing my deadlifts properly tonight. No pain...

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