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  1. June 25


    7:10am - 2/3cup oats, 1tbsp ground flax seed, dozen raisins

    9:00am - tea

    9:30am - banana

    10:30am 3 oat and nut bars slices

    11:30am - big salad (lettuce, kale, cucumber)

    1:00pm - quinoa (3/4 cup), cauliflower

    2:00pm - quinoa (3/4 cup), cauliflower

    3:00pm - apple

    5:00pm - mango smoothie with scoop protein powder

    5:45pm - Weights:


    Ex-bar curl - 13-11-11-10-10

    Hammer curl - 8-7-5


    7:00pm - 3 Grilled Veggie Kabobs, broccoli salad, spinach salad, pickled beets

    10:00pm - 2/3cup oats, dozen raisins, tbps hemp seed hearts



    Was too tired/legs were very sore to ride bike to work today. Had dinner tonight (Friday) at someone else house and had 2 glasses of wine not the smartest move, felt really dehydrated when I woke up the following day.

  2. I'm going to dinner at my girlfriends aunty's house and what makes me happy is previous times I've been invited she's gone out of her way researched and veganized recipes just so I can eat them, which makes me super happy I don't have to bring my own meal.


    Last time I was at my girlfriends aunty;s place she made a homemade meat lasagna and in a separate dish a vegan lasagna. Well the meat lasagna didn't turn, the family was being nice but they didn't like it. After I took a few bites I was asked how my lasagna turned out, I told them best lasagna I've ever had. Everyone had seconds and thirds till they finished the vegan lasagna, no idea what happened to that other lasagna.


    Can't wait for tonight

  3. Any plans or know what your next cell phone will be? Anyone going with Apple's new iPhone 4? or Blackberry? or Android?


    Currently I own an el-cheapo Nokia, cost me around $2 a month (play as you go) to text everyone. I've never been one to follow the trend so the iPhone is out for me, price wise Blackberry's seem pretty reasonable but the Android seems to be coming along nicely that it has a strong future ahead.


    My pick is the Android will be my next phone.

  4. June 24


    7:20am - 2/3cup oats, 1tbsp ground flax seed, dozen raisins

    7:40am - 20mins bike ride to work

    8:45am - tea

    9:00am - 2 oat and nut bars slices

    11:00am - hot & sour cabbage soup

    12:00 - hot & sour cabbage soup

    1:00pm - hot & sour cabbage soup

    2:00pm - banana

    3:00pm - small salad (lettuce, kale, cucumber, 1/2 avocado)

    3:30pm - protein drink (scoop protein, 3 cups water)

    4:00pm - bike ride home

    4:45pm - cup of water

    5:45pm - Weights:


    Military Press - 8-7-7-5-5

    Dumbbell side lateral raise - 7-6-6

    Bent over Rear laterals - 7-7-6


    6:45pm - 3/4 cup quinoa, corn on the cob, two large cauliflower pieces

    8:15pm - cup chocolate soy milk

    10:15pm -2/3 cups oats w/ tbsp hemp seed hearts



    Was very tired last night and legs were feeling pretty sore...

  5. more post then I expected since I've last been in this thread, I'll just post this:

    A Seattle, Washington, police officer who was caught on video punching an alleged jaywalker did nothing wrong, the Seattle Police Officers Guild said.


    Walsh, who joined the force in November 2007, has not been disciplined in the Monday incident, which remains under investigation, Jamieson said. The event has been referred to the department's Office of Professional Accountability for review, he said.


    "The officer did nothing wrong. We always will review incidents like this, that's how police officers learn," Sgt. Rich O'Neill, president of the Seattle Police Officer's Guild, told CNN. "I am confident that the review will show that the officer was totally justified. He was defending himself."


    According to a police statement, Walsh was on patrol and in uniform Monday afternoon when he stopped a young man for jaywalking.


    While interacting with the man, Walsh observed four women jaywalking at the same location and ordered them to step over to his cruiser, police said. The department described the women as being "verbally antagonistic toward the officer."


    One of the women began to walk away and appeared to raise her hand in a dismissive gesture after being ordered to step over to the car, police said.


    Walsh escorted the woman back to the cruiser, but she then started to yell at him and pull away, "breaking free of the officer's grip several times," police said.


    When the officer tried to handcuff the woman, another woman placed her hands on the officer's arm, police said. "The officer pushed the second subject back, but she again came at the officer, at which time he punched her," police said.


    O'Neill forcefully defended Walsh's actions.


    "The focus needs to be on the two individuals," O'Neill said. "If you watch the entire video, he is trying to de-escalate the situation, first by voice commands, then by taking her by the wrists, and then she reacts by pulling away and swinging.


    "My critique is that he could have used more force and taken the girl to the ground," O'Neill said. "He could have grabbed her, it's called a leg sweep, handcuffed her and it would have been over a lot faster, but when you take someone to the ground you risk more injury."


    The 19-year-old woman who allegedly grabbed Walsh's arm was booked for investigation of assault on an officer, police said. The other woman, who police said was 17, was booked for obstructing an officer. Both suspects were also cited for jaywalking.

  6. June 23


    7:20am - 2/3cup oats, 1tbsp ground flax seed, dozen raisins

    7:40am - 20mins bike ride to work

    9:00am - tea

    10:30am - apple

    10:45am - small salad (lettuce, kate, cucumber)

    12:00 - hot & sour cabbage soup

    1:00 - hot & sour cabbage soup

    2:00 - hot & sour cabbage soup

    3:00 - hot & sour cabbage soup

    4:00pm - bike ride home

    4:30pm - mango smoothie (mango, banana, spinach, lettuce)

    7:15pm - Weights:


    Deadlift - 16-16-16

    Lunges - 10-10-10


    8:30pm - hot & sour cabbage soup

    10:15pm - cup of chocolate soy milk, 2/3 cups oats w/ tbsp hemp seed hearts



    Girlfriend came over, didn't really plan out my leg exercises. Wanted to try deadlifts, shoulders are a little tired this morning (today was planning on working out shoulders) but enjoyed doing them.

  7. June 22


    7:20am - 2/3cup oats, 1tbsp ground flax seed, dozen raisins

    7:40am - 20mins bike ride to work

    9:40am - tea

    9:50am - apple

    10:30am - big salad (lettuce, kate, cucumber, 1/2 avocado)

    11:30am - Asparagus Pasta Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce and tempeh (2 cups)

    1:00pm - Asparagus Pasta Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce and tempeh (1 cups)

    2:45pm - banana

    3:00pm - protein drink (3 cups water, 1 scoop protein)

    4:00pm - bike ride home

    4:45pm - Weights: (2 cups water)


    Lat Pull ups: 3-2-2-2

    Dumbbell Rows: 16-16-16-15

    Bent-Over Rows: 16-15-14-14


    5:45pm - 2 oat and nut bars slices

    6:30pm - Asparagus Pasta Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce and tempeh (2 cups)

    8:30pm - Asparagus Pasta Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce and tempeh (1 cups)

    9:30pm - glass chocolate soy milk

    10:15pm - 2/3cup oats, dozen raisins, tbsp hemp seed hearts



    Went to bed at 10:45pm, just doesn't seem like my body's getting enough sleep......

  8. Who here works out at home or goes to the gym? or both?


    About 7 years ago I tried the gym thing for around 1 1/2 years; it was over crowed half the time, the movement didn't feel natural/correct on some machines, didn't enjoy my experience there. I didn't pay for the gym membership so it was no loss except after I started gaining weight.

    With my dislike for the gym I invested in some rollerblades two years ago, loss 43lbs and just recently became interested in lifting weights. I've just slowly started lifting weights but I'm enjoying it way more then when I was at the gym.


    What's been your experience of gym/home workout?

  9. If a copper hit me I would hit him back. If he took hold of me, I would take hold of him.
    An eye for an eye? I wasn't brought up like that and out where I live that's just asking for trouble with severe consequences. It's not right to hit a woman but those teens where out of control and will probably never learned a thing from this experience except it's perfectly fine to push/grab a police officer and resist arrest.
  10. June 21 - Weight 124.5lbs


    7:20am - 2/3cup oats, 1tbsp ground flax seed, dozen raisins

    7:40am - 20mins bike ride to work

    9:00am - tea

    10:00am - apple

    10:30am - 1 burrito (kidney beans, couscous, lettuce)

    12:00 - big salad (homemade caesar dressing, lettuce, kate, carrot, 1/2 avocado)

    1:00pm - tofu with sesame & tahini sauce, rice, cauliflower (total 1 cup)

    2:00pm - tofu with sesame & tahini sauce, rice, cauliflower (total 1 cup)

    3:00pm - tofu with sesame & tahini sauce, rice, cauliflower (total 1 cup) feeling soooooooooooooooooooooooooo full right now

    4:00pm - bike ride home

    6:00pm - glass chocolate soy milk

    6:45pm - water (1 cup)

    7:00pm - Weights:


    Dumbbell Press - 16-16-16-16

    Dumbbell press from the hip - 16-15-16-16

    Dumbell Fly - 16-15-16-12


    7:30pm - protein shake (2 cups water + 1 scoop of protein)

    9:30pm - Asparagus Pasta Stir-Fry with Peanut Sauce and tempeh (1 1/2 cups)

    10:30pm - soy milk (2 cups) w/ 3/4 scoop of protein.

  11. Even if your in the right, does not give you the right to assault an officer & interfering in a arrest. We don't see what takes place to spark it all but the women where clearly out of control, if they were more lady like they would of been on there way instead of sitting in the back of a police car.

  12. About 2 years ago I used to watch between 2-3 hours a day but when my cable company turned me down for a discount when I asked, I discontinued all services with them. First month was hard but after that I felt I was freed from the boob tube. Right now in my life I have zero time to sit down to watch what's on tv.


    So how much do you watch?

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