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  1. I just dehydrated sprouted buckwheat and it is very dry - bone dry. I was wondering if it is possible to dehydrate food for too long? Also, is it really hard on the degestive system to eat foods such as my super dry sprouted buckwheat? Thanks
  2. One thing to add as well, I am doing this to get rid of toxins in my body. I am hoping this will be an effective way of doing so. What do you guys think? Would this be a good way to get rid of some toxins in my system?
  3. I am thinking of doing a Cleanse with Vega whole food health optimizer starting on new years as part of my new years resolution, and i was wondering if it would be safe for me to do so. I was planning to do it for 3-5 days. this is what my diet would look like... Morning: Lemon juice hour or 2 later -meal 1: 1/2 scoop of Vega, blended with bananas, or apples, or berries, 2 cups of water ===== blend all together 3hours later -meal 2: 1/2 scoop of Vega, blended with bananas, or apples, or berries, 2 cups of water ===== blend all together 3hours later -meal 3: lots of spinach with dates, banana, apples, or berries, 2 cups of water ===== blend all together and if I feel like it is necessary... 3hours later -meal 4: 1/2 scoop of Vega, blended with bananas, or apples, or berries, 2 cups of water===== blend all together Exercise will consist of stretching, maybe some yoga, and for sure- lots of walking What do you guys think? is it safe? is it not safe? I have been looking for a cheap and safe and easy way to do a cleanse for a long time now. I want to give my digestion system a break after eating every 2 hours for the past 2 months so that I could reach the weight of 150lb from 120lb through weight lifting (which I have successfully completed) thanks for your time ~Danny
  4. 1. 1 cup of orange juice, 1 apple, 1 tbsp molases, 2 medjule dates (Train) 2. Protein shake (24grams of protein ((Sprouted Brown Rice Protein)), 1 banana, 2 medjule dates, 1tsp maca) 3. 3/4 cup of dry steel cut oats (When I cook them, They expand to more than 3/4 cups. so maybe like 2 1/2 cup of cooked steel cut oats?), 2tbsp flax seed, 1 apple. 4. Green smothie (Kale, Collard Chard, and Carrots, 1tsp spirlina, 2 dates, 1 banana, 24grams of protein (Sprouted brown Rice Protein), 5. 1 cup of Lentil Dahl, 1/2cup of wheat berries 6. Cold Slaw, 4tbsp Hemp Seed 7. 1 cup adzukie beans 8. 1tbsp flax before bed.
  5. I see. One thing I also have been knoticeing, aside from the farting, is that I have a soar throat constantly and sometimes I get a little headache. I think the stress of eating decently size portions every 2-3 hours is really stressing my body. Has anyone else had soar throats and headaches from eating a lot of food like me? Here is an example of what I ate one day... 1. 1 cup orange juice, with 1 tbsp molasses, 2 dates and a apple (Train for a hour) 2. 24g of protein from sprouted rise protein, 1 banana, 2 dates, 1tsp of maca 3. 1 1/2 cup of buckwheat, 1 banana, 2tbsp of hemp protein 4. Green smoothie (Kale, Charde, carrot), 1tsp spirlina, 16grams of protein from sprouted brown rice protein, 1 banana, 2 dates 5. 1cup of Dahl Lentils, 1/2 cup of wheat berries 6. 2 cups of col slaw (shredded cabage, carrots, with tahni dressing), 4 tbsp of hemp seeds 7. 1 cup of adzukie beans 8. 1tbsp of flax, sunflower, and walnuts. (before half an hour of bed) in order to do this i ate every 2 hours... And...it really hurt the back of my throat i think. maybe it is because i kept swallowing food every 2-3 hours? any ways... thats that anyone else gassy? and have have soar throat and headache?
  6. Ah, I see. Did you have the same problems too when you started eating a lot?
  7. So, I change my diet in such a way so I can have more protein in my diet. In stead of eating 5-6 meals a day I am eating 6-8m meals a day and have been using my Sprouted Brown rice potein at least 2-3 times a day. but now I am farting like crazy and it is rather embarasing. Does the high protein diet cause me to fart so much? will it go away? If not, what can I do to fix the problem? Help me...please and thank you ~Danny
  8. Hey, I am trying to start a Martial Arts group in Halifax, Nova Scotia. If anyone is from Halifax, and is interested, reply to this post and I will send you more information. I will be sharing my knowledge on Jeet-Kune-Do, Muay-Thai, and Kendo and I will be welcoming otherrs to share their knowledge on Martial Arts as well. Or, you can show up and learn and participate in some Martial arts fun! Anyone is welcome to join. I really want to get into the martial arts industry, but I can't aford it and in Halifax, Martial Arts are not availble 24-7 like in some cities like Toronto for example. The schedual for Martial Arts in Halifax, conflic with my work schedual. My goals is to become a MMA cage fighter (UFC Fighter for example). Though, I am not to sure how to get there. So I am starting a Martial Arts group for free and just gonna have some fun with that. *I am just a poor collage student trying to get by...and trying to make his goals become reality...
  9. I've been doing research lately on Iron. I am slighty anemic and want to find ways to imrpoove my iron levles. Also. I do not think my calcuim levels are exactly the best as well... SO I have some questions after the tid bit of info I posted Iron works best with Vitamine C. Iron inhibitors: Avoid con sumng phtate-rich food and Calcium-rich food Avoid consuming calcium and iron rich foods in the same meal Avoid consuming Zink with iron rich foods phytate rich foods are nuts/seeds and grains... Calcium rich food are in nuts/seeds, beans, grains, veggies, fruits ect. Zinc rich foods are found in protein rich foods So...my questions are... 1.how can iron be absorbed when phtate rich foods, and calcium rich foods are present when they have a good source of iron as well? 2. How can I balance out my iron Intakes and my Calcium intakes at the same time when iron and calcium are usually found in the same types of food. (example: mollases has 20% iron and 10% calcium) ? They can't be taken together. 3. One thing about being a vegan is that I am usually worried about my Calicum and Iron intake. Is there any one out there who can sort of work out a iron and calcium nutrition plan with whole foods? Thanks
  10. Ok...thanks. One more question though, what is wrong with just running normally for cardio with out the intervals?
  11. I have been starting to cook beans for longer now...But am still unsure when they are done or not. I follow these guidelines from this one website that was posted on this forum (thanks to whoever did that by the way) They say if you can squish it between the roof of your mouth and your tong, then it is good. OR if you can squish it with a fork. But....I still can never tell. Sometimes when I eat my beans, they are mushy, and sometimes they are not mushy, but are still edible... Bah...this shall always be a mystery to me....
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