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  1. Is it really possible to build a nice bod being vegan? You cannot tell me carnivores and vegans get the same results...or nutrients. A protein is not a protein. You need all essential amino acids...some can only be found in meats...what does a vegan do to get these aminos.....?
  2. Vegan here...currently in the gym training to gain some mass. I eat a great diet,etc., and was hoping to get some feedback concerning creatine. I took it a few years back with great results. I heard it is good to take as a vegan because there isnt a source for it in vegan foods. Any advice? Thanks
  3. true...but i still dont get why vegans must work harder...why, if we get the same if not better/purer nutrition? Im well aware of the "where do you get your protein" crowd...and i believe being vegan and weight training should produce BETTER results...what do y'all think?
  4. Thank you to everyone for the welcome. I am glad for all the feedback I have received so far concerning body building while vegan. I am concerned though that I cannot properly feed my body in which to gain lean mass. I'm not looking to be as big as a house..just a little thickness...I just began a weight lifting routine in the gym. I believe I get enough protein, etc. Interested in learning more about vegan protein meal replacement shakes.....also, other nutritional info most helpful...I just want to stay Vegan while being in great shape muscularly...thanks again
  5. would you be willing to share some tips ?? I am interested in body building...not too crazy, just to gain some mass. I was wondering about meal plans / protein sources and such. Could you maybe share some info? Thanks
  6. Been a vegan about a year now and i'm not happy with my "skinny-ness"...I once had a nice "thickish" build, but in those days i was still a carnivore....I was eating alot of calories..high protein - animal protein... gave it up ...So, what do I do? As a vegan .. that wants a muscular bod?????
  7. Hello to all ..been vegan almost a year now....reason i joined?.....looking to get back into building muscle and thought I might find some answers here. Thanks!
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