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  1. yo ppl. Anyone here know the importance of drinking alkaline water? Sorry for hating you guys against raw veganism. I'm just another human... eating nothing but non-hybrid fruits, veggies, seeds/nuts, and some tubers. Just started drinking alkaline water and how do I notice a difference..
  2. thanks for input, im starting to get 2500 calories a day on off days and 3000 calories on training days as time goes ill be able to digest more fruit, its adaptation, cant start eatin 4000 calories a day in one shot plus im naturally lean i dont find it easy to bulk up..\ \ thanks cold fission. i think i look alot better than before. i lost alot of body fat and water weight ever since goin fruits and veggies. the appearance of my eight pack tells it all It's not "hating" it's the truth. He won't listen to it though since he's so obsessed with the dogma of raw foodism. who said i wont listen to it his input. do u have sumthin against eatring fruits and vegetables? i aint no avg super food 70% fat from calories raw foodist like some jo blo tryin to sell u supplements. i eat fruits and veggies like a dam ape does. open up kid thanks lol What exactly in my post was hateful or implied that I was hating? i dunno sorta sounds negative and u think being fat and full of water is good lol its all about consistency. as long as i eat sufficient amounts of fruits and veggies ill maintain a healthy body weight while slowly and healthily adding lean body mass, not lookin to add 20 pounds in 2 months, fat it bad for the health.. thanks fallen horse for ur input yo octupussoir, ya im eatin lots of cals thru fruits, nuthin else is food - makes me feel sick ill get sum more photos with my digital cam in about 2 weeks after i do good in the gym im workin for a organic fruit and veggie wholesaler and supplier, doin online marketing and word of mouth, so he gets me lots of good fruits and veggies for my cals and quality amino acids as long as i get lots of cals thru fruits especially bananas and dates i make rly good progress nah i didnt edit any photos, i only cropped the middle one ya man lemme see those photos, and see if u can get me some photos of u now why did u quit the fruits and veggies? u should check out the ripped ppl on 30bad.com.. dam chicks are hot as fack on there, dam they are sxy dam that guy looks ripped and built thanks bro, consistency is the key exactly thanks for ur input.. some ppl like to see big and bulky some ppl like to see toned, ripped and athletic with endurance. not to say bulky ppl arent athletic or not ripped im just doing more endurance trainin lately because i feel the need to strengthen my heart, lungs, and cardio ability i dont think theres anythin wrong with that no after spendin some time on my cardio im gonna up my calories and do strength trainin until i wanna up my cardio i dont rly listen to others opinion too closely - if they give me good feedback then their nice ppl, if their honest and supportive thats amazing, i just care i want to achieve in my personal goals, and i feel weight training and getting bulky isnt eveything. alot of its about being healthy on the inside so u live long and thrive every day, without relying on bad foods cuz they make u look bulky faster, they make u look bulky cuz all it adds is water weight and useless tissue. hope no1 takes me on offence, im just stating my opinion. ill keep adding lean body mass, the healthy way through fruits and veggies, consistently and effectively while keeping a healthy body weight. being to heavy for my hearts capacity is not a good thing so thats why i dont pay too close attention to the importance of 'bulking up'
  3. i have been only consuming fruits and vegetables for the past 2 and a half months, nothing else really I dont eat any cooked food whatsoever, nothing else but produce Here are some pics guys, tell me what you all think cheers, http://img192.imageshack.us/img192/1781/snapshot201002214.jpg http://img52.imageshack.us/img52/1894/snapshot201002215.jpg http://img13.imageshack.us/img13/475/snapshot201002216.jpg
  4. Well not all 'raw foodist' are optimum in health.. Some advocate eating raw animal foods, such as raw eggs, dairy, and meat. We all now the health causes of animal products. Some consuming 60-70% of their daily caloric intake in fats through avocadoes, nuts, and seeds, which is a sure way to bad health. Some raw foodist believe in the power of super food supplements and high fat and high grass diets, and this is never the way to optimum health, always ending in decaying health. And then you get the raw foodies who follow the 80/10/10 diet by Doug Graham, consuming a diet abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables, with little to no fatty foods. These are the people who notice great improvements in their overall health. Including me.
  5. I have been following Doug Graham's "The 811 Diet" for about 2 months and I haven't felt better in my life. The diet consists of fruits and vegetables, and very small amounts of seeds and nuts. You consume fruits for your fuel and greens and veggies for added minerals and antioxidants. Please check out www.30bananasaday.com to meet athletes, bodybuilders, trainers, people of all types on how consuming only raw, fresh, organic, ripe fruits and vegetables has enhanced their overall vitality and performance in life.
  6. I don't do any powders anymore. Getting all my required amino acids from an abundance of fruits and vegetables, I no longer have to depend on powders, or any supplements in that manner.
  7. As I always say nowadays. Fresh, raw, ripe, organic fruits and vegetables. You are not eating enough fruits to fuel your body to properly recover, and not enough greens for your minerals. Cooked and processed foods are harsh for you digestive system and your health. Please learn more about the book "the 811 diet" by Dr. Doug Graham - it's not really a diet, it's actually a healthy natural way of eating - enhancing overall health, strength, and overall athletic performance. This diet is all about eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. More and more people are discovering this way of eating and are reaping amazing results: including myself - amazing strength gains. You should check out www.30bananasaday.com. It is an amazing community-based website with very experienced 811ers of people of all types, bodybuilders, high-performance athletes, health conscience, nutritionists, natural holistic healers, people of all walks of life enjoying this way lifestyle and way of eating. I wish you the best VeganPT
  8. Also, when going into a green smoothie cleanse, do not get pulled into buying supplements of any type. The only thing you need for a cleanse is fresh, raw, ripe, and organic fruits and vegetables. You don't even have to make a smoothie out of them; in fact, consuming them naturally without blending is more natural, and ensures optimal and proper nutritional intake and assimilation. Wouldnt the nutrition of fruits oxidize quickly when liquified? Liquid has exponentially more air exposure to air than peeled fruits.
  9. I have been a 100% low fat raw vegan (811 follower) for about 2 months. In the beginning transition I have made a few smoothies. Then moving towards eating my greens naturally, without blending, I have noticed less digestive problems. I feel that eating your greens naturally will allow your body to tell when it is satisfied with greens. Green smoothies are an amazing transition tool, but I find eating your fruits and vegetables is the most optimal way. Another fact is that the chewing process signals the digestive system to prepare - chewing whole foods that is, not liquid.
  10. Gorilla I am now 100% low fat raw vegan. Following the natural way of eating. I have read Doug Graham's book called "The 80/10/10 Diet". No more supplements (powders), refined foods (salt oil sugar), spices, cooked foods, legumes, grains.. and very little to no seeds and nuts. And.. obviously no animal 'foods'. Now I have the ability to have an intake of 2500-3000 calories from fresh fruits only. Well of course about 5-6% from greens and vegetables. Look forward to talking with you in your journey of the all-raw diet. I hope more people on these forums discover this diet, to incorporate it, to reap the benefits, and then to let others know - which I am trying to do. Cheers.
  11. Hello jvegegirl, It is good to see that you are aiming towards a high raw vegan diet. I have been following a 100% low fat raw vegan diet for 2 months and noticing GREAT improvements in my strength, energy, and overall vitality. My typical daily nutrient ratio of carbohydrates/protein/fat is about 85%/7.5%/7.5% on average. My carbohydrates mostly come from fresh organic fruits, and the protein and fat percentage comes from fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Many athletes alike have experienced profound improvements in their endurance from adhering to this natural diet. This diet is the only natural way of eating for humans due to the fact that it revolved around fruits and vegetables. No other food are our natural foods, the next closest thing is nuts/seeds but even they aren't as good as fruits and vegetables. When adhering to this natural way of eatings, you must make sure to consume adequate number of calories from your main source energy: fruit sugar/carbohydrates, which is the fuel for muscle recovery and growth. I typically consume 2500-3000 calories a day depending on how active I am. Approximately 95% of these calories come from fruits and 5% come from tender greens and easy to digestible vegetables such as celery and sweet peppers. Here is a typical day's food consumption of someone adhering to the low fat raw vegan. Meal 1: 1 whole pinapple 500 calories The amount of pineapple depends on your caloric needs. The time you consume the pineapple depends on your metabolic rate upon waking up. Sometimes you are able to eat immediately upon waking up, and at other times you may feel you need to drink a lot of water before having the needed feeling hunger for proper digestion. Meal 2: 10 bananas 1000 calories As again, the amount of bananas you consume depends on your caloric requirements. It is well known that as your activity increases, your ability to eat more (fruits) also improves. This is due to the fact that when you are more active, you metabolic rate and digestive ability also increases. I personally notice, for myself, on days of extreme activity, my ability to eat more fruits greatly increases. Meal 3 (after-workout): 10 apples 800 calories It is important to consume plenty of calories from fruits at least 30 minutes after a workout, espeically a long cardio workout. The fruit sugar is converted into glycogen from the fruit serves as fuel for muscle recovery. Meal 4: Course 1: 10 oranges 800 calories Course 2: 1 head of romaine lettuce, 3 medium tomatoes, 1 whole cucumber 100-150 calories Citrus fruits, such as organic, enhance the digestibility and assimilation of greens such as romaine. This fourth meal may be the last meal of the day, depending on caloric requirements. I usually try to have my fourth meal no later than 8-9 pm, but sometimes I feel too hungry and a need for more calories later during the evening. Consuming enough greens each day ensures adequate mineral intake. It is that simple. 3100 calories consumes in a day without much difficulty. This way of eating requires no cooking and little cleaning, and little food preparation. In my early days of using this forum I ate alot of cooked grains, legumes, overt fats and oils, supplements and protein powders. Many people probably remember me too. I have been following this diet, I'd say the healthiest and best diet for performance, for 1 and a half months. No other way of eating has brought this level of performance and energy; both in my lifestyle and training sessions. Now I consume only fresh raw organic fruits and vegetables, man's natural food... If you would like to know more about this please let me know.
  12. I've been following a low-fat raw vegan diet with no supplements for about 3 weeks - 1 month now, and I have been noticing great improvements in my overall physical energy. I find that I need much less sleep also. Not only has my physical energy increased but I also noticed improvements in my mental clarity. My diet is based on fresh organic fruits, tender greens, and sweetless fruits such as cucumber and tomato. No longer consuming grains, nuts, seeds, or legumes, and I have noticed even greater improvements. I just eat lots of delicious fruits and vegetables. I haven't lost any strength whatsoever, I have alot more energy, and I haven't felt as healthy like this in my life. Check out 30bananasaday.com. It is a great website for people looking to transition to a low-fat raw vegan diet.
  13. I agree with you. As long as your body uses the food that is put into it, no stress will be put onto the digestive tract. And what type of foods matter also. From all of the research I have conducted, the most easily digestible foods that exist for human kind are fresh organic fruits and vegetables - nothing competes. Many people on this site advocate soybeans, other beans, rice, and other foods - but these foods aren't easily digestible for us because they have to be cooked, cooking anything makes it harmful to the body. Also, fresh fruits and vegetables have alot more nutrition and enzymes that assist in digestibility. This is why athletes who undertake the low-fat raw vegan diet notice remarkable increases in overall energy and vitality. A great website to learn more about low fat raw veganism you can checkout www.30bananasaday.com. Personally, I have previously consumed large amounts of beans, grains, protein powders derived from pea, rice, and wheat, and they all caused diarrhea, energy-drain, and headaches. Now I only consume fresh fruits and vegetables and I am feeling ALOT better. People overemphasize the need for protein, so vegans turn towards unnatural foods like protein powders and beans which are very harmful to health. Beans and grains are not humans natural foods. Only foods that are eaten in their raw state are natural to that species who are able to consume that food in the raw state. The only foods that humans can consume in their raw state are fruits and vegetables! So to conclude, I would say that to extend life, and to prevent aging. The best way to eat is to eat local, organic fruits and vegetables. And to consume only to the extent in which your body will use. If you are more active, eat more fruits and vegetables. If you are less active, eat less. That simple! Blessings
  14. As long as you consume enough natural foods that aren't processed you are getting the required amino acids.
  15. Eat lots and lots of fresh and delicious fruits. I find that I can never eat enough fruits. They just make me feel better, stronger, and more energetic. I no longer believe in "you need x amount of protein, x amount of fat, and x amount of carbs. If you consume enough calories from fruits and you consume enough fresh greens and vegetables, you ARE getting enough of everything. I find that on training days, say I workout in the morning, I tend to crave ALOT more food fruits and delicious vegetables.
  16. I dont really think a meal plan is all that necessary. Eating raw and vegan is very simple. You can definately gain on a raw vegan diet. As they say, as long as you get enough calories from fresh fruits and vegetables, you are getting all the necessary amino acids, vitamins, minerals, anything you can ask for. Yes, BANANAS are a great fruit that are extremely convenient and high in nutrient-rich calories (especially if they are organic bananas). Dates are also a very good food and have alot of good calories. I wouldnt consume a multivitamin because fresh fruits and veggies give you all the nutrition you need. For nuts and seeds, they may be very high in calories, but watch on how many you consume, try to get your calories from mostly fruits (and veggies). Too many fats can stress your digestion and drain vital energy. Eat lots of fruit salads and green leafy salads! Good luck!!!
  17. I dont know about all those diets out there. The only diet that I believe is right for us is the raw diet, possibly raw vegan (because meat, dairy, and eggs aren't natural to us). Like, didn't humans evolve around the equator where fruit and vegetable vegetation was enourmous? And it is very agreeable these days that fruit and vegetables are healthy. I'd prefer to say that a diet rich in fresh organic fruits and vegetables is good enough..
  18. Consume more fruits. Fruits have the perfect balance of nutrition for human health. Fruits are one of human's natural foods because it does not have to be cooked. Cooked foods are not natural. Humans are the only species who cook. People laugh at the 'protein' in fruits. As long as you get enough calories from mostly fresh raw fruits and vegetables you will be getting enough amino acids. I eliminated all cooked 'legumes' and 'grains' and I feel so much better. I have not lost any strength from consuming only raw fruits and vegetables for about 5 days. Eat more fruits instead of all that cooked beans. Beans aren't health for humans especially when they are cooked. Lots of toxins and bad stuff. Some raw athletes consume 30 bananas a day! I am an advocate of consuming lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, and small amounts of nuts and seeds because I am now a raw vegan!
  19. Digestion takes energy. When you give your body a break from digestion, your bodies uses the energy to other matters such as healing, instead of digesting. Thats why fasting has many health benefits and healing effects, your body uses the energy for healing instead of digesting. Too much digesting results in not enough healing.
  20. Well, I'm sending all of the supplements back for instore credit. I don't know what raw products I should get from the site.. bodybuilding.com Btw, aren't proteins turned into glycogen anyways? I thrive on eating mostly fruits, vegetables, sprouts, and raw seeds/nuts. I quit consuming soy products, cooked legumes, wheat germ, grains for protein... because the protein from all that is harmful! I prefer to get my nutrients from eatings lots of raw foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. And yes, they do supply me with enough nutrients... I just feel better. No more joint pains, no more stomach aches, no more high-protein side-effects... Fresh fruits and veggies 100%!
  21. Yes I will do some re-vamping. I think I have became too excited about this. Sorry..
  22. I would like to try out those kettlebells. I train about 4 times a week, I feel I could train more but I like to spend lots of time relaxing and learning new things like web devloping on Adobe Dreamweaver, so I can make an awesome raw vegan website.
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