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  1. I'm sorry to say that I must go. Between trying to lose weight and get muscular and fit, and just plain healthy, I failed somehow. I juiced, I ate vegetables and fruits, I cleansed, fasted, made sure I had enough protien by supplimenting with spirulina and gaba rice when I did cook. I tried not to overeat, but I was so darned hungry. Now I know why. I had a recent bout with the flu, my first in years. I've never felt so healthy in my life as when I went Vegan. But this flu was different. I coudln't get rid of it from my lungs and visited a doctor. I had a few nebulizer treatments as I have athsma and I felt good. But the doctor suggested as I had gained a lot of weight since I had last seen her, that I should take some blood tests. How can a Vegan....mainly raw 60-70% on top of it, gain 100 lbs? I don't understand it. Maybe I had too many nuts and seeds? Maybe I overate? But I wanted the bloodtest as much as the doctor did. So I went. And it was determined that I have diabetes. I was told...that all the vegetables and fruits I ate, gave me diabetes. Also, it was determined that my liver enzymes were through the roof. I went to see a GI dr. He said that I probally already had diabetes and that the food I was eating wasn't helping. Too much starch, too many carbs and all the weight I gained, caused me a fatty liver-NASH. They have put me on a restrictive diet. Basicly, I can choose soy or meats/poultry/fish. Very few vegetables. And lots of whole grains. I tried the grains, my blood sugar is through the roof. I tried the soy and I've eaten so much soy I'm ed. I'm pretty allergic to eggs. I did what I had to. I went to the organic store and bought some grass fed bison. Basically one steak. And ate that for the entire week. Disgusting, yes, filling, yes. But I don't know how else to live. They say no seeds and nuts. The fat is bad for the liver. They say no vegetables except for onions and broccoli. And the only fruit I'm allowed is tomatoes and bell peppers. I grill and steam everything...nothing raw. I'm sooooooo unhappy. And guess what? I lost 18 lbs in two weeks. I must leave this group. While I believe in the principles you all follow, the regimines you all endure, and the ideas and science you uphold, my body does not comply. I wish you all luck in your endevors and hope that when I combat my diabetes and the liver problem, I shall be back.
  2. While most that bodybuild want to stay away from alcoholic beverages, some may find that it may be healthy to consume a glass a day. It is said, "Wine is a mild natural tranquilizer, serving to reduce anxiety and tension. As part of a normal diet, wine provides the body with energy, with substances that aid digestion, and with small amounts of minerals and vitamins. It can also stimulate the appetite. In addition, wine serves to restore nutritional balance, relieve tension, sedate and act as a mild euphoric agent to the convalescent and especially the aged." "Moderate consumption of red wine on a regular basis may be a preventative against coronary disease and some forms of cancer. The chemical components thought to be responsible are catechins, also known as flavanoids. Catechins are believed to function as anti-oxidants, preventing molecules known as "free-radicals" from doing cellular damage. There are also compounds in grapes and wine (especially red wine, grape juice, dark beers and tea, but absent in white wine, light beers and spirits) called resveratrol and quercetin. Clinical and statistical evidence and laboratory studies have shown these to boost the immune system, block cancer formation, and possibly protect against heart disease and even prolong life." http://www.winepros.org/wine101/wine-health.htm However, I learned something today while shopping at an organic market today. While I normally just go for the organic products and accept that since I am making the food myself, it is Vegan. I have recently decided to follow a glass a day regimine. This was not something I could make for myself. In shopping for it I noticed a new label on the wine section. "Vegan". Imediately, I had to find out what the difference was. I mean, so it's wine right? Just grapes that have been pressed and aged. But no, that is not the case. Animal products are used to filter out impurities. "The most common animal ingredients used in wine making are isinglass (a very pure form of gelatine from sturgeon fish bladders), gelatine (extract from boiled cow's or pig's hooves and sinews), egg whites (or albumin) and caseins (a protein from milk). Very occasionally blood has been used as an additive - "sangre de toro" means "bulls blood" - but rarely literally any more. This ingredient was declared illegal for use in European wines in the aftermath of the outbreak of BSE (mad cow disease)." I don't know about you, but I'd call those ingredients the 'impurities" It's not just wine, but beer too! And don't expect any of it to be labeled. So figuring I happened to be interested in this. I figured I'd share the list I had found. While it's not directly related to bodybuilding, it does have something to do with health, and that concerns us all. http://vegans.frommars.org/wine/faq.php http://vegans.frommars.org/wine/ http://homepage.ntlworld.com/geraint.bevan/Vegetarian_beers.html
  3. So I was at the hospital waiting for my mother in the recovery room, when a gal came in and said they were having a blood drive that day and asked if I wanted to give blood. I decided I had enough time to do so, so I complied. They went thru all the testing and such and I was a bit worried about the iron test, being I'm Vegan, BUT...I tested at a 39 and the cut off is at 38. So I passed and was able to give blood. They were worried because I was at the cut off, that I may be a bit woosey...BUT....I found I had more energy than ever! I honestly wanted to go run a marathon after donating blood! I don't take any supplements with iron, with the exception of spirulina which is far below the standard amount a person is supposed to consume daily. But I don't eat tofu (which can reduce iron absorption). But I do love my salads! I'm wondering if anyone else has had this experience or if I'm just a rarity? Does anyone else just feel energetic after donating blood and being vegan?
  4. Yeah, they say it's because of having extremely high arches. They all want to break my feet!
  5. Yeah, I used to use the second skin bandaids...but the problem with those are that I still rub..and eventually they do come off if only half way. Moleskin...does no good, the bandaids did better. Socks....well, I have a few pair of really nice socks I bought in the orthopedic store for running. They are some of the best, although they only keep my feet dry til about 30 min into it. The others barely last 10 min! I swear people look at me in the gym like I'm gonna die. I turn all red and sweat like I'm in 120 degree weather, I get HOT! But I am well hydrated!!! I haven't considered using athletic insoles as it would put my foot even higher to being out of the shoe. What I have decided to to...and I'll let you know when I go back to the gym...is to wear double layer of socks and get some lubercant (not petroleum jelly). There's this powder that creates a barrier much like petroleum jelly but without the moisture. http://www.blistershield.com/products.html oh and I found a new way of tying shoes that hopefully will help...for narrow heels...so maybe the combination of all this will work... http://newbalance.com/techcenter/getting_fit.html Sigh, this better work...Not gonna try it out til after this weekend. I have my mother's surgery and also my bday comming up! But I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks for all the ideas. You've been great!
  6. That was one of the solutions...lubercant. Sounds like a plan to try. thanks!!!!
  7. Hehehe...the pictures scared me a bit as I was at work and kept scrolling down and I kept seeing flesh! Finally I said, oh what the hell, and scrolled down further and saw...the end of the picture. Whew! Had me sweating over here worrying about getting fired for looking at unclothed men!!!! But ya know...the pics were worth the risk..
  8. Well, there's even the machine that allows you to do pull ups with portions of your body weight. That's what I use and while I can't do one alone, I can do a great deal of my body weight. Gotta love the graviton!!! If you don't have that...there is a pretty good article that shows how to do assisted pullups...til you are strong enough to do a full pull up normally. http://www.stumptuous.com/cms/displayarticle.php?aid=51
  9. Another thing to try for candida is supplements that create oxygen in the body. I've tried Oxypowder, (it comes in veggie capsules) and it got rid of the white coating on my tongue (which is supposed to sometimes be a sign of overgrowth of yeast): http://www.oxypowder.com/ Thanks for the info, but I don't think that's quite for me. I've done the cleanses, in fact finished one less than a month ago. Normally, from top to bottom I am emptied out in about 6 hours. Candida just loves me regardless. But that's a new option when time comes for another cleanse in a few months.
  10. What an adorable avatar! Yeah, it is a living foods diet. Wow, if only I was versed in raw food preperation...that would be a great school as well! Very time consuming though! As far as Vegas goes...yep...can't refute CSI. hehe. Everything from the clouds on the ceilings to silicone implants...Vegas is just about the most artificial place! I do love my 24 hour town however...it's a love/hate relationship.
  11. I wasn't aware of the miso or tempeh. That's good info to know. I'm really worried about the vegan sources of acidophilous though. I'm wondering if they would provide enough to tame candida problems as regular acidophilous does. Right now I'm eating a ton of fruit and that's not helping the problem. Guess I'll have to try it and see how it works. Next shopping trip!
  12. Thank you...any help is appreciated. I called the gym to find out if I can just weighttrain at least without the gym shoes (popped the blisters but with shoes it still hurts) and use athletic sandles instead...but they said no! Gotta be closed toe! I swear, I can't win here! I sat home doing crunches and other abwork. Sigh.
  13. That's the reason I got the MBT's. I was in their shop for about 4 hours trying to get the perfect fit. They fit great til about 30 min into it and then...the blisters start. I get too moist and hot.
  14. Ok, so back when I was fit...I was working out several hours a day weighttraining and walking/HIIT for about 70 mins. I would get blisters like crazy on my heels. I must have spent a good $500 on the blisters bandaids. I'm back to fitness again. Yesterday, I decided to walk to the gym. BAD idea. I got about half way when my heels started tingling like I have a blister. I stopped and checked and sure enough...on both my heels I have blisters larger than a half dollar! I know my shoes fit. I've tried 5 different brands of shoes including MBT's and NewBalance. My feet are just awkward. They rub. And I sweat regardless of the type of sock. My question is....which is better to try. 1. double socks. 2. lubercant. 3. powders. 4. blister bandaids. 5. Or just give up and get tennis shoes with no backs (although I think that's more for looks rather than sport.) 6. benzoin??? and can you even use it when you have bilsters? The problem is I have a massive amount of energy to walk, if only my feet could take it! If there's anyone on this board with similar problems...please let me know how you stop this problem.
  15. Thanks for the insight I wonder how I'm gonna get around this...hmmm.
  16. Well you are welcome to steal my thread! I'm just so happy to find a board that is of like minds for the most part. So did you go raw as well? I certinaly am gonna be needing help in all areas, so expect a few questions comming you way.
  17. LOL! Well, I'll try not to...he's a bit far away any how...well I suppose not for someone who can fly, huh? But well, spandex doesn't quite do it for me..hehe. Thank you for your welcome...everyone's been soooo great....I'd get all mushy and say this has been one of the better message boards I've been on...but then I'd lose my tough girl fasade!!! You all rock!
  18. Very intense, but for those with athsma like me...the only way to jog at all! It takes a while to build up, but WOW what a rush! And if you use a treadmill, it can make it really easy with the new machines out there. You can usually program your entire HIIT routine into the memory.
  19. Probally a very stupid question, but would acidolpholous be considered vegan?
  20. My cat has never hunted birds or mice, not showing any interest at all, but she LOVES bugs. Moths especially! And gobbles them up as quickly as she finds them. I've tried to pry them out of her mouth, but I've given up. She's too quick! I'm not talking the average city dog/cat that eats out of garbage cans, but those that have access to the woods and other natural habitats. They are in the elements and have much sturdier constitutions. Oh and just cause I thought this interesting...I recently dropped a piece of mango that I was slicing. My dog, who never shows any interest in people food aside from sniffing it, actually ate it. She then sat there and for the first time, begged me for food. Never shown any interest in any thing else that I've dropped, but MANGO???? I figured it a fluke and gave her another piece...and it's hilarious watching her eat the tiny piece of mango I gave her. It's almost as though she is savoring the taste. Who figured?
  21. The whole northwest is home of the microbrews. Oh man, we have the BEST beers here. There's no excuse to ever crack open a regular ole domestic. (Unless you're a broke college student, which, well.....I am ) I can't wait till the Brewer's fest again....every last weekend of July, at Waterfront Park.....sooo fun. But I digress.....yes, our microbrew culture does lend itself to brewing one's own beer, which in my experience, is in fact also very popular around here. As far as Corvallis being voted a great town to live in, or whatever.....I have NO idea how that's possible. But that's just me! Robert is far more partial to it because it's his home town, but I can't stand it! I never spend more than 5 days in a row here, and I can't even imagine moving here if not enrolled in the university. I'm not too much the drinker as I was when I was younger, but the best beer I've ever had by far has got to be Flying Horse. It's an import...sorry, not a microbrew. Indian champagne beer. Soooo bubbly and light. They stopped selling it at Ghandi. I wish I could find it somewhere!
  22. When the French refused to buy American beef (because of the hormones and antibiotics, etc.) the WTO forced them to pay a fine to the US to make up for lost profits. WTF? I thought WTO = "WORLD trade organization," not "let's do whatever the US wants organization"! That's what happens when a country has as big of an ego as we do. From not complying with the UN to forcing others to do what we want. The sad part is that so few people speak up about these sorts of things. I mean, why would they? Being the superpower that we are, why be ethical when we can get what we want. It's ing...but people choose to be like sheep as long as we can buy IPods and fast cars. I'm terrified that some country isn't going to stand for our bullying soon and take action.
  23. Vegas really sucks for the most part. I've lived here for 20 years and I've seen it change. It used to be a great place to live and travel. Now with all the large corporations owning the casinos, it's become less of a town that you can get satisfaction in unless you have the dough! And Phoenix! Damn, I must say I only spent one day there for MEPS and I hated it! I got there on a day that they had record heat (130degrees + humidity at about 80%!) I don't think I'd ever go back! One of my great friends moved to Corvalis after high school. Since then he's moved but not before learning the art of microbreweries. I guess it's a big thing to brew your own there?
  24. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!! I LOVE that website! The recipies are fabulous...damn, I knew I should buy a food processer. Ok, now I gotta start experimenting on my non-vegan friends.
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