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  1. wuerde auch gerne kommen, habe aber uni bis 4:30 und wohne in heidelberg ist also ein bischen weit. schade vielleicht das naechste mal am wochende? hoffe ihr schriebt wie es war!!!
  2. I had it done about a year ago. It hurts but isn't to bad. I think it's a lot cheaper in Germany payed 75 per session for getting my armpits done.
  3. 05.13. Apple Almonds Pineapple A small bean burrito Chicken burger 1 Mr. Tom 1 small salad The last two days I was sick and didn't work out or wright down what I ate. 05.16. 511 steps 65 crunches Oatmeal with strawberries, raisons, nuts and brown sugar 1 banana 1 portion of pasta with olive oil, garlic and onions Nuts and raisons Cherries 1 slice of whole grain bread with chicken, lettuce and mustard
  4. 05.09. 511 steps 30 min running 65 crunches 05.10. 511 steps 30 min running 65 crunches 05.11. 511 steps 30 min running 65 crunches 1 pineapple 2 handfuls of nuts and raisons 1 salad 1 portion of chili with rice 1 green pepper
  5. 05.07. Monday 190 crunches eating was okay besides the huge amount of nuts I ate . 05.08. Tuesday 511 steps 30 minutes running up and down hill 65 crunches oatmeal 2 tomatos with basil onions and a little oil one small bowl of cereal without milk 2 chicken burger a few pretzels 2 handfull of nuts
  6. 05.05. saturday 511 steps 25 min running 190 crunches 05.06. sunday 511 steps 30 min running 190 crunches 1 banana 1 pear grapes small popcorn 1 pakora wrap
  7. thanks. I was actually pretty good. Saturday Hiking for 5 hours . We went to a retirment party but I wasn't to bad. Eat lots of strawberries . Sunday I wasn't feeling that well I guess Saturday was just too much. But eating was okay just didn't work out. Monday Running for 20 min walking for 2 hours. Eating okay but eat to many nuts. Tuesday Running for 37 minutes. Walink for 2 1/2 hours Did a good job with eating healthy. Went to see spiderman 3 and didn't eat any popcorn had some bananachips yummy .
  8. no I'm not pregnant but that would explain why I'm not loosing any weight . I forgot that I also went for an 2 hour hike yesterday. I don't know how the weather is where ever you guys are, but in Germany (heidelberg) the weather is great so we wanted to take advantage of the nice weather
  9. 04.18.2007 20 min running Shake with frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, banana, raisins, nuts, banana and oats. 1 green pepper Db bench press 3kg 3x15 Db bent over row 3kg 3x15 Db thrusters 3kg 3x15 DB hammer curl 3kg 3x15 Db fly 3kg 3x15 Db side bend 3kg 3x15 1 portion of whole wheat pasta with peas and tomato sauce 1 pear with peanut butter 1 small salad 3 slices of pizza
  10. I guess I really should get used to stretching, but it's just such a hassle.
  11. i don't know who else is coming anybody who is interested. we have a couch so space for two people .
  12. cool. we just moved to heidelberg from hamburg. let me know when you are coming
  13. 04.12.2007 511 stairs 1 pear 1 banana 1 small piece of coconut Watermelon 6 handfuls of mixed nuts and raisons Baby carrots and hummus A few strawberries 2 slices of bread with tomato past and spices
  14. does anybody know what the maximum is I should workout a week?
  15. i would think so. i have dry but clear skin, but i read that it's supposed to be good no matter what type of skin you have. jojobaoil is not really oil and "my" skin absorbs it fast and does not make me look all greasy
  16. yes a gathering in germany would be great
  17. is your bf also a vegan? i'm just wondering because my husband is a reservist and will have to reclass in az and is worried about being able to eat vegan during his training.
  18. hi, i'm in heidelberg which is not to to far from vilseck. my husband is currently in vilseck he said it's pretty nice near the tscheck boarder. many army dudes are stationed near and in vilseck. let me know when you are germany would like to meet as well.
  19. 04.11.2007 1 banana Baby carrots 1 pear 1 slice watermelon 1 slice of bread with almond spread 1 portion of vegetables and rice (from yesterday) 1 cucumber with oil and vinegar Db press 3kg 3x15 Db bent over row 3kg 3x15 Db thrusters 3kg 2x15 1x10 DB hammer curl 3kg 2x15 1x10 Db fly 3kg 3x15 Db side bend 3kg 3x15 1 slice of bread with tomato past and spices am i eating to much?
  20. well if I would work for an airline i could possibly help, but I'm just a poor student
  21. I don't know if anybody is interested but I've been using jojoba oil for my face for skincare and it's great. it can be used for dry, normal or oily skin. i buy it at a pharmacist and it's really cheap and I just love it.
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