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  1. If you guys wanna have REAL sauna-effect, come up to Finland and I can take you to basic-sauna or smoke-sauna.
  2. I think VERY good excersising is walking with empty stomach. At morning when u wake up, go out and walk. Maybe u can take some coffeine before that. Walk that fast u can talk at same time without gasping. I think good time for that is 45-60 minutes. After that, wait about 30 minutes before u have a breakfast. This works with me. Remember drink water a lot during day.
  3. Oh boys! I want that kind of veins!
  4. Holle


    You are right. It's very difficult to say which one's gonna win this year.
  5. Holle


    You are right, Finland is very beautiful and nice country.
  6. Holle


    Yep, Aikido coming from Japan and Hapkido coming from Korean(?) But I think every martial arts is very interesting to learn.
  7. Holle


    And I think they do it again.
  8. Holle


    Escrima is Filipino stick and knife fighting martial art. And Krav Maga is military-based hand to hand fighting system. Coming from Israel.
  9. Holle


    I am new here and I come from Finland. I am 30 years old hippie-bouncer. I am mostly vegan, I only use milk products a little. I have been bodybuilding (or "bodybuilding") for several years and I used to trained martial arts for about 10 years. For example aikido, escrima, krav maga, no holds barred and brazilian ju-jutsu. But right now my "number one" is bodybuilding. I love animals and I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. I think I will be post many animal-pics here.
  10. Ok, this is my very first post to this forum, but here we go: http://i26.photobucket.com/albums/c145/shinobi_1976/t_29506816.jpg
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