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  1. In your country it's easy to be vgan?


    In France it's difficult. There ara 1% of the population végétarian and very very verylittle vegetalien and vegan.


    It's difficult because my boyfriend eat met and my father is a butcher!


    I'm lucky because I work for "Biocoop" a group of organic shops. I'm vegetable saler's


    For became than you, in first loose weight or do musculation?

    I measure 1,63 m for 70 kg.... I am a work!

  2. Hi, I am végétarian since 2 years and I would like to became végétalien.

    I wand to recover at sport (ander I do lot off cardio training and smal musculation)

    I buy a musculation bench since 2 months...


    I would like to speak with you for speak your language and for take your advice to do musculation...



    good nigth!

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