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  1. this is the funniest thread ever love it!
  2. Im thinking I'll get some shorts! Thank you for the vega samples! Robert you look great! Keep up the good work!
  3. I'm here in CT and following avegan diet. I have kept my muscle and am slowly gaining some. You have to work just as hard at the gym, but even harder in the kitchen to keep what you LIKE thats healthy + vegan in stock and ready to eat for when those sugar cravings kick in. nuts and dried fruit are great for that!
  4. I'm the same, i want some protein at subway. . . the patty is not vegan and I can telll because i can taste the egg , yuck!!!!!!
  5. very interesting thread. i'm currently using hemp but i'd like to get pea in there too. when i was a new vegan i was all about spirutein. i got such a jolt of energy from that stuff there was no need for coffee. haha
  6. are there any raw veggies you like, with a dip maybe? to replace apples + PB once in a while? carrots + hummus or broccoli + veggie dip (with imitation sour cream) are some faves here.
  7. Hi. I am a new mom of a 6 month old boy who is my world. I am married to his loving father and we are back in the wing of the gym routine, finally. I was raised in a poor family as a "vegetarian", I consider it a fake term used too loosely, because I was raised to never eat red meat, but I ate chicken, turkey, fish, dairy, eggs, etc. At 8, I decided vegetarianism wouldn't be so hard, I'd just skip the meat portion of school lunches. My mom threatened that I would have to cook for myself, and I did it, still eating fish for a few months before eradicating it from my diet. A year after that I decided that animal products such as chicken flavoring, leather and gelatin all had no part in my life either. And here I am at 21 years old, training my body and raising a child who deserves better than dairy. He deserves his mom to provide healthy *alternatives*, not just a diet lacking. I am 3 days egg and dairy free. I feel great.
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