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  1. A Matter of Life and Death is a great album. I can't stop listening to it
  2. I heard he was coming back to test Wii and PS3 to see which is better
  3. For a while I was doing pullups 7 days a week, and my max reps went up fast during that time. Its hard to maintain training like that without burning out though.
  4. I use a range of anywhere from 5 to 20 reps to failure. Keep changing the number around from workout to workout to shock the muscles
  5. Do you any of you Mac-heads have experience running multiple versions of Safari on one machine?
  6. Who said I was going to write a tougher quiz? ... I'll leave that job up to you guys, aka the Pointer Sisters
  7. Maybe I made the quiz too easy
  8. Should read GNU/Linux vs. Linux. (At least, that's the lecture I got from one of my geek friends.) I think #5 is allright because all versions of Linux that I know of are GNU. Linux was created specifically to serve as a GNU version of UNIX There was an error in #11 though. It read "HTML stands for" but should have said "HTTP stands for." Anyway, I corrected #11 and here is the link to the new quiz: http://www.gotoquiz.com/are_you_a_computer_geek_1
  9. It told me I was 98% computer geek. I also found an error in question #5. (Do I get a bonus for that? How about a speed bonus?) What is the error in #5?
  10. Here's another one http://*** Edit: The original link had an error. Here is the updated link http://www.gotoquiz.com/are_you_a_computer_geek_1
  11. http://www.gotoquiz.com/what_american_accent_do_you_have My results: Pretty accurate because I was born in Dallas and have lived in Florida most of my life
  12. My style shows a heavy influence of both classical and blues scales. When I played in bands I had a Gibson Les Paul and a Marshall head and cab, and it sounded great once the tubes got warmed up. It had a really warm and heavy tone. Right now I just have a Les Paul copy and a small practice amp and have been playing along with old Iron Maiden recordings. Do you have any shredding recorded?
  13. Fingertip one arm pushups, that's hardcore! ... Great video
  14. Uh-oh. Don't want to be too short I wrote a poem to lengthen my posting about okra a bit: Okra I could eat it all day and then eat some more the next day I like to eat other foods too Like pizza with all the veggies and no cheese and I like tofu and Indian food and burritos with black beans and rice made with really spicy salsa but of all these things what I like to eat most is okra
  15. I eat it fried. ... Basically its fried in cornmeal and vegetable oil. And I like lots of pepper, so I add lots of that
  16. I disagree with anything that promotes human extinction because I value human life and I like humanity
  17. I love eating okra. It's the best food
  18. That was Rocky IV. I liked it, especially the training sequence out in the snow
  19. Awesome. If I visited there, I wouldn't want to leave
  20. That's fine with me if they don't want to pass on their genes. I think people who think human extinction is a good thing are nuts anway
  21. I stayed the same weight for a few years. Then gained about 40 pounds after I started strength training
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