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  1. Right now I live in a small apartment in the downtown area of the most densely populated county in the state of Florida (which is one of the most populated states in the U.S.). It's dirty in the city, there's smog and the water is just dirty. I live a block away from Tampa Bay and you can't go swimming in that water, and you definitely don't want to drink it. A hundred years ago, the water in Tampa Bay was so clear you could see straight through to the bottom, but it's polluted and nasty now. That's what happens when you cram million and millions of people right on top of each other. It effs everything up. ... On the other hand, next week me and my family are moving way out to a small town in the country called Orange City. I can't wait to get there. The population is much sparser, so it's much cleaner. Look at the pictures of this park right down the street from where we'll be living - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blue_Spring_State_Park . It's beatiful there. The water is clean, you can swim in it, and you can drink it. There are lots of trees and forests. ... You can live in a big house with a big yard out in the country and not screw up nature so bad because you don't have so many people polluting the area. So I think living where people are more sparse and people have a big house on a lot of property is a good thing. But when you start crowding people into a giant city, you get lots of smog and polluted water and it doesn't matter if the city is spread out like LA or stacked up like Manhatten - I don't think you'd want to go around drinking water from the East River.
  2. Yeah VB seems pretty easy so far and you can do a lot with it. I learned VBScript first, so transitioning over to VB and using Visual Studio is going fast. ... I've never even looked a line of Java code, but have been using JavaScript for a while.
  3. Cool. I'm learning VB programming for .NET apps
  4. Lots of people in southern California live in apartments and condos. I think the problem out there is caused by a combination of poor planning and rapid growth There are some new planned communities springing up around where I live where people have the house and yard and all that, but it is also organized around a town center so commuting is minimized, and opportunities for walking/bicycling or using small electric cars are maximized A lot of Americans definitely think about the problems you are talking about (it's hard not to notice the problem when you're stuck in rush hour traffic), and its usually referred to as "sprawl"
  5. Yeah different syntax, but same kind of thinking. Explaining code to a team lead in an interview is similar to writing out steps for your teacher on a math test
  6. It could be the table paths in your INSERT or UPDATE statements
  7. As far as guitar playing goes - Slash is my all time favorite player. I've been playing for close to 15 years and I've gone through liking lots of different styles and phases, but I always come back to liking both his solo and rhythm styles the best Antrax is a great band too. I like a lot of their stuff. I haven't heard any nu-metal that I've liked. It all just sounds like crud to me
  8. Last month I put my resume up on careerbuilder and monster looking for web developer jobs. Soon after I had the phone ringing off the hook with recruiters calling me trying to arrange interviews. I picked the three I liked best, and did the interviews. I got two offers and got my pick of jobs. ... As far as tech and IT goes --- if you've got solid code examples and can explain your methods to team leads in interviews, you can basically have your pick of jobs. But if you're writing sloppy code or using outdated technologies, and just expecting a job to be handed to you, then you'll be out of luck.
  9. I've been taking creatine for a couple of years now and I like it. The only recommendation I have is to start out really slow with it. It you take too much of it too fast, you'll feel pretty rotten
  10. Nah, even if I do it on a preacher bench that prevents me from doing cheating movements I can do more weight one at a time. The reason why is because I can concentrate specifically on the muscle fibers in that one arm
  11. Start your training by doing negatives and half reps If you train for pulling strength it will help you achieve your goal
  12. For push do dumbbell bench presses, with the same weight in each hand For pull do bent over dumbell rows, and use the same weight on each side
  13. The main health thing I know about young children involves organic v. non-organic rather than dairy v. soy. For example, my wife and son are involved in a playgroup - and the kids in the playgroup raised on standard factory farmed junk all tend to get sick more often. The kids whose families eat organic tend to get sick less often. This isn't scientific evidence, just an observation my wife has made and told me about ... So the best thing I can say is that if the mother doesn't want to breastfeed, at least try to get the baby on some organic formula
  14. I can push more weight when I do one side at a time
  15. I've never played Battletoads. NESkimos play the song from Bad Dudes
  16. Creatine helps you gain weight. It allows your cells to hold more water
  17. Legend has it that it blocks DHT. I haven't seen any evidence if this true or not. I drink saw palmetto tea, but mainly because I like the taste
  18. All the creatine I've seen has been synthetic.
  19. Minibosses, NESkimos, The Advantage, Select Start, The Hyrulean Shopkeepers, that's mainly what I listen to nowadays
  20. If they stole my work I'd write a letter to the Dean of the college and another letter to the editor of the university newspaper
  21. Ninja Gaiden by the Minibosses http://www.myspace.com/minibossess
  22. I'd buy one of those just to kill someone with Yeah that's what's good about it. It's a multipurpose device
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