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  1. Thanks for the responses, guys...I've been thinking about this blog some the last few days, and I'll think about those responses, too...I have more to write about, it just hasn't quite risen to the surface yet. I'll be back.
  2. Hey there everyone! I don't spend much time here (despite the occassional scolding from my dear husband Finbarrio), but I thought this might be just the place to sort out some things I've been thinking about lately. Care to join me? Comments are of course welcome but entirely unnecessary, so theres no guilt in lurking if that's your cup'o'tea, okey doke? I never considered myself to have an addictive type of personality. I remember being 14 and stealing cigarettes so I could "start" smoking, but it never caught on for me despite my persistant efforts. I basically spent the time between my 18th and 21st birthdays in a drunken or hungover fog, almost certain of my future as a raging alcoholic, and now I rarely ever even crave a drink. I'm not sober, I enjoy drinking, it's just not a necessary part of my life like it used to be. In fact, I could go weeks without a sip and not even notice one way or the other. When it comes to those run-of-the-mill-stereotypical addiction issues, I've pretty much got a clean slate. Well, anyone who knows anything about addicition knows that it's defined by things other than a reliance on a substance. We can be addicted to certain feelings and behaviors and other things, too. Now, I'm not getting into all this so I can go and call myself an "addict" in the end. It's just a perspective that's easy to tap into as a way of explaining my thoughts, for lack of a better way of putting it, really. So, while I don't smoke, I don't drink much and I don't crave coffee, I DO binge. I binge. Binge. Nasty word, aint it? Doesn't it just fill you with negative thoughts and feelings? We hear it applied most often to people with eating disorders, right? Excess. Secretive. Gluttony. Dishonest. Unhealthy. Instantly, you picture someone shoving food indiscriminantly down their throat, right? I do. Usually, the word binge if followed by the word "purge" as a way of describing the behavior most prominent in bulemia nervosa, right? Throwing something up, getting rid of it, undoing, regret, shame, guilt. There's a lot going on with that word, isn't there? What about when someone binges on a good thing? First off, the word "binge" probably isn't even used to describe the behavior, right? Binge has gotten such a rep for being a negative word. Nobody ever says, "I'm on an aerobics binge these days," right? Or, "I've been binging on carrots all day." It just doesn't seem to apply, even though the meaning is the same, which is, according to my Merriam-Webster's, "an unrestrained and often excessive indulgence." So, when I say "I binge," I mean that I excessively indulge in both the healthy and the unhealthy. It's a behavior quirk. I don't know where I got it, I don't know why my subconscious decided that I need it, but I would image that I've developed and nutured this behavior for some reason. All I know is that I'm coming to realize that it actually exists, and it's somewhat responsible for why I can't seem to accomplish things that I would like to accomplish in my life - things like fitness goals. I binge. I'll go to yoga 7 days a week for several weeks and think of little else. I'll be doing yoga in my sleep - quite literally, dreaming about it and waking up to change positions so that I "do" one side for the same amount of time that I "do" the other. As much as yoga is a healthy thing to do, I know my approach to it is not always the healthiest approach. Because, then again, I'll NOT do yoga for several weeks at a time, too. Sometimes this is triggered by a discomfort (from doing too much yoga most likely, right) so I decide to back off, then it suddenly stops being a priority for me when I can't do it each and every day. I binge. I binge sleep. I can sometimes sleep for 14 hours at a wack. And I just let myself. I'll do it everyday one week, then be normal again for awhile. It's not that I normal slight myself on sleep, I typically sleep well and get 7-8 hours a night, it's just that sometimes I get into a pattern where I decide to let myself have more. Much more. I binge. I binge eat. I know that I feel best when I don't eat a whole lot at a time, and when I eat most of my food earlier in the day in several small meals. When I eat this way, I feel great, my body feels in tune, I feel energized, I don't feel as though I'm depriving myself like all the diet books and specialists always warn us about, I feel whole and complete and balanced. When I'm eating that way, I'll notice the slightest change in the pattern, I can tell if I ate something that is different, or at a different time, just by how my body responds. I never thought of that behavior as "binge" behavior because it's positive, but then, somehow, I always manage to get into a different pattern where I do something completely different for a few weeks. Eat large amounts, eat things I don't typically eat (lately it's Purely Decadent Chocolate Obsession, fitting, eh?), eat large amounts of things I don't typically eat, and feel like crap the whole time, physically and mentally. Is it possible that the "positive" eating pattern is just as much a binge as the "negative" one? Sometimes this behavior is a good thing. I can get things accomplished when I'm on a binge - like a house cleaning binge. I like that I can be incredibly focused on a task and get it done, I like that I can find myself in very healthy cycles. What I don't like is that the pendulum always swings back the other way. I find it amazing that I can change my lifestyle to a vegan one, my food sources being whittled down to the healthiest foods available on the planet, and yet I find that my relationship with food is the same as when I ate everything. The underlying behavior didn't go just because cheese did. I guess I've got some things to think about.
  3. Hey yous twos! So, over a month since you started the cleanse, and you're most likely back to eating a more or less "normal" diet...I'm curious...how goes it?
  4. Hi loveliberate and lotus! Just wanted to cheer you two on! I hope the cleanse is still going well. I did one (11-day Detox by Bernard Jensen) for New Years and totally bonked around day 5, so I know how hard it is. However, I didn't stop working out, so I think that was my demise. That said, try to take it easy if you can!
  5. Wow, these pictures are awesome, everyone looks great! Makes me wish I was a better participant...maybe next time! Kudos kudos kudos to you all!
  6. Hahaha, LL, me too! I guess when someone offers to bake you a wedding cake for free (so I wouldn't have to do it!), beggar's can't be choosers! Guys, you could all look into linen sports coats if the affair is going to be that fancy shmancy, Finn's wedding suit was linen, so was my dress actually! I'm with ya, lemme at the vegan grub! Congrat's to the happy couple if y'all are lurking...
  7. Aw, shucks, thanks guys! Portland is an amazing city, I'm so glad we had the opportunity to go to such a great place and meet lots of great folks, too! Fond memories! Wow, it's been 6 months already...looks like next VV is right around the corner, can't wait to do it all again! And the push-up contest better be taking place this year, I've been practicing!
  8. Flanders, you give me hope! I've just started to be able to do headstand and feel pretty confident about it...my forearm stand is pretty weak still, I require some spotting...thanks for the inspiration! That said, I'm not sure I could chose a favorite, it really depends on what I'm doing, and sometimes my favorite might be somewhere in the transition between postures and not necessarily the posture itself, kwim? I found myself smiling like an idiot in vera 2 the other day for crying out loud, just because I felt aligned and *right,* that's the only thing I remember from my practice the other day!
  9. Hey there, long time...I lurk behind finbarrio sometimes, but tonight I actually logged in for a change... Yep, any kinda twist is a great way to stimulate digestion - standing, seated, lying down, whatever. Also good are squats, childs pose (increases bloodflow to the abdomen), wind-relieving (again, do the right side first, then the left), and just about anything that puts pressure on your belly like bow or locust. I could even see deep belly-breathing helping some, since you'd be expanding the diaphram and sort of massaging the other internal organs with each inhale and tightening your ab muscles with each exhale - and that can be done anywhere, in the car, in the grocery store, whatever! HTH!
  10. Yes, LL, thank you thank you! Even before we got to Portland, you helped us out a ton with that great PM about all things Portland, we were able to get a sense of the city before we even arrived! Priceless! Dang, you were even the go to guy when I left my wallet on the bus! (btw, anybody seen it??)
  11. You haven't gotten sick of vega yet!? I did get a big box of organic goodies including heirloom tomatoes and a coconut from the only other vegan couple on Cape Cod...I'll get my coconut on instead...I just need a crowbar or a hammer to get started...
  12. OMG You GUYS! That was so sweet! I'm gonna cry! Alright, I still can't figure out the quoting thing (nobody try to explain it, either, I'm pretty much hopeless...), so here goes... Offense, the Chiquita Banana is priceless! I hope she's organic! Raven, when they first chopped my hair, it was in a long bob and I was tempted to work with that, then I said, "nah, hack it!" Go for the bob - long hair is so over-rated! Crystal, thanks so much, I'll admit, you inspired me...haven't seen too many gals that look as hot as you do with that little pixy cut you're sporting! Flanders, you can kiss my ass, basically... Daywalker, I'll take "at least as good." That's a starting point...what would I have to do to look better? Hmmmm... Robert, it was great to meet you, too, we had so much fun, I think we're still having vegan restaurant withdrawls! How's it go, you can take the girl out of Portland, but...? We'll certainly be back! Give little Mutakah a snuggle for us, he's the softest cat going! And Finn. You're just the best ever. EVER! I love you so much I want to bash your face in! (wait, how'd that get in there?) And everyone else, thanks for joining in my birthday celebration! You've all helped to make it special just by stopping by! What a nice suprise!
  13. Potter, the important thing is that you still ate it! My god.... Great pics, thanks for sharing! We miss Portland already, it was good to see you guys again! SeaSiren = Hottie Vegan Babe!
  14. This thread is a hoot! I'm glad I missed the gym while Finnbario and I were there, looks like all hell (aka Predator) broke loose! BTW, which one of you is Arnold?
  15. I'm starting to like this idea...Finn and I invite a bunch of vegan's over and they cook for us...hmmm....
  16. Good call, LL! I didn't realize 'til just now you're the master-mind behind these! I thought that pic of "Owen" was just a clip from "Wedding Crashers."
  17. Cool, thanks for the pics! A few of me snuck in there, it's always funny to see pics of myself posted by someone I hardly even know! Great to have met you, take care Ravi!
  18. Hi Vacationer's! I must say it's so weird to be home, we can't just walk out the door and get vegan muffins anymore! What an awesome way for Finn and I to spend our summer vacation! We got to explore a city we've never been to (a city that happens to be "fantastish" nonetheless), never once had to ask the question "what are we gonna do about dinner?", and best of all, we got to meet a bunch of great people! Thank you thank you to Robert for his dedication and to everyone that came and contributed and shared, each and everyone of you made it special for us all! Finn and I brought a bunch of great ideas and memories home with us, and we're so excited about our renewed enthusiasm for our lifestyle. Robert, time to get started planning for next year so we can start counting down the days until we get to come back to Portland and see everyone again, that is, if we can hold out that long! So, until then, who's ready for "Vegan Vacation, Cape Cod Edition?" It'll be great, we can go to the same restaurant every meal for 7 days...
  19. The velo-who? The funniest part was when we tried to leave. We took a shuttle back to our car (it's the cutest little airport, we could've easily walked) and tried to leave the long-term parking lot, which you have to pay $3 for if you even enter it in the first place. We get up to the booth and nobody's there. We're backing up, looking around, pressing the "assistance" button - nothing. Alright, not only do we not have a flight, but now we can't even get out of the frickin' airport! Finn was just about to ask me to get out and try to lift the gate thingy myself (because my pythons are vicious and all) and out of nowhere, a guy appears in the booth! He's all bleary-eyed and disoriented. Weird. We make the transaction and get the farg out of dodge, then look at eachother and go "where did THAT guy come from?" Like, is there a secret hatch under the booth or something? Finn's theory - he was ASLEEP in the BOOTH!
  20. Mmmmmmmmm, full of mac'n'cheese and beer, ready for a nap. Eat'cher heart out, Portland! This time tomorrow, we'll be living it up with you guys! See you then! Krrrrrrrristy
  21. OMG Formica! Your cat looks just like ours. She brought us a nice juicy mole tonight - had our flight to Chicago (then to PDX) not been cancelled this morning, we never would have got that lovely treat! Enjoy your "Not Vegan Vacation!" It's kinda fun, isn't it? Cheers! *raises Harpoon Summer Ale*
  22. Rob, thanks for the great breakdown - I didn't know all that stuff! As for my own personal experience, I started out with yoga, primarily Bikram for a long time. I bought a pilates DVD, but the thing wound up collecting dust. The exercises made me feel really uncoordinated and I didn't feel like I was targeting the right muscles. Obviously, I had a weak core, but you couldn't tell me that at the time! It wasn't until I got more serious in my yoga practice that I decided to go to an actual pilates class - the same class that I take now that sort of supplements in the yoga, too. I will say gaining body awareness in yoga to begin with certainly helped me perform the pilates exercises correctly this time around, and having an instructor for guidance was a huge plus, too. As a result, with the strengthening of the core muscles from pilates, I've been able to deepen my yoga practice, too! Ah, full circle! So, I guess I'm pretty much backing up what you're saying, Rob. I will say this about both practices, because you're right, there's a mind/body connection that's supposed to be taking place. Every instructor out there says "listen to your body" and rightfully so. When we're in class looking around the room, though, it's pretty easy to get distracted by what others are doing in their practice and ignore our own limitations in an attempt to keep up. THAT'S what will lead to injury - not necessarily the exercise itself. Knowing when to back off is just as important as the exercises themselves. And if you do have an instructor that's trying to push you to do something that you know your body can't handle, RUN!
  23. Evan, I do believe you're on the right track - wasn't "pilates" developed as a means of physical therapy of sorts, so as to strengthen and stretch the muscles all in the same exercises to keep them both strong and supple? That's what I've gathered from my instructor, anyhow, I haven't done any homework on the subject aside from what she's said. She also states that Joseph Pilates was influenced by the physical "asana" aspects of yoga as well as other strength training methods in the development of his practice. That could explain why some exercises are similar (some even have a similar name, like variations of "boat" are the same in yoga and pilates if I'm not mistaken) in both yoga and pilates, even if they're practiced differently or for different reasons. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, that's just what I've heard. It makes sense to me. I personally practice bikram, ashtanga, and kripalu yogas as well as a yogilates sort of blend, and can appreciate the similarities and differences in them all. My body can, too!
  24. Alright, Finn, if you don't mind, I'm going to spill the beans about Kia... Ladies and Gentlemen, the firey-redheaded husky in question is all of 12 years young! That's all! She's a spritely little gal, aint she? So, you both lose! Thanks for playing!
  25. Aw, thanks Montana and Loveliberate! She really is lovely. She looked pretty in the pics we saw of her online before we met her, but seeing her in person is just a whole different ball game, she's quite a catch! (that is, if you CAN catch her - Finn had to chase her through the neighbor's yard today - she kinda can't be trusted and she's a livewire...keeps us on our toes to say the least!) Those are some great guesses, but I'm not handing out any prizes yet! Any more guesses before we spill the beans, I'm ready to burst at the seams here!
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