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  1. Hi, I´ve been asking myself, if the water sold in plastic bottles could be contaminated by dissolved plastic. Does anyone know more about that? I dont want do drink plastic particles.....! I could imagine that the plastic bottles have got platiciser in them which could dissolve into the water. I´ve once heard that the microbial count can be increased if the plastic bottles stand too long in warmer environment (e.g. the sun). Has anyone more information about that?
  2. Hi flanders, I work at the Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe. I work in the field of surface chemistry. Andre
  3. Hi there! I´m new to this forum and I must say that I like it already very much! Lots of interesting information. Im not really a vegan but I am vegeterian for 3 years now. But Í´m also very interested in the raw lifestyle, especially since I read David Wolfes books. I´m 28 years I and bodybuild now for 10 years. A few weeks ago I began with karate. My profession is scientist in a big research facility in southwestern germany. Andre
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