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  1. Hey guys, i've been reading the forums for a while but never actually made a post. So here's my first one. I've been vegan for half a year now, and i maintain the same protein/carbs/fat ratio as before. I'm in college and don't have much time or money, and i'm very happy with my current diet. But could use some new ideas just for a little variety. Here are the staples in my diet, with ratios i generally end up with: (At least 1 of each gets eaten every day. + inbetween stuff like peanuts, oatmeal and whatnot. Not necesserily a high protein meal. All of these can be made incredibly fast. ) * Seitan stirfry. Brown rice, lentils, veggies, home-made seitan made from bobs red mills brand wheat gluten. Cooked in olive oil. 40g protein 40-60g carbs, 15g fat. (I make alot of seitan and rice ahead of time 1-2 times a week. if there's time, brown rice/lentils can be replaced with a whole wheat pasta of some sort) * Shakes...pure soy protein, soy milk, banana, and peanutbutter. blended. 40g protein 40g carbs 15g fat. * Kashi go lean cereal with soy slender flavored soy milk. cappuccino flavor is a good one 30g protein 60g carbs * Peanutbutter sandwich with sliced bananas on a high protein bread or english muffin 15-25g protein 15-40g carbs 15-25g fat. I'd love to hear what other people do for fast, cheap, efficient meals. Don't bother with cooking instructions unless it's really bizarre, but do include the nutrition stats! Not looking for cheat meals here ;P
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