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  1. i really liked the matt&nat schoes and wanted to order 3 pairs... unfortunatelly they don't sell them in europe, just in america... these shoes really look good! better than any other vegan shoes i've ever seen... does anybody know where else i could buy shoes like that? thanks, kiste
  2. thanks to all of you... i don't know what to try first! in the gym , i am going to, we don't have the pulldown things,well not exactly like this.. i do one exercise where i pull down and my elbows go both down till they touch my sides... is this about the same? oh... and i won't be able to post the german names of the exercises either, bc i don't know their names.. oh... i tried the negative reps, but i was able to do only four of them.. dissapointing!! but to begin with, i think i might continue my exercises and add the negative reps again.. hopefully i will be better soon! what do yall think, would special food help me to get more strength? oh, i almost forgot: @ daywalker: i live near munich/ bavaria have a good night....
  3. wow... i didn't think i woulg get a reply that fast... hui, you asked a lot, i try to answer as best as i can: well, I am: female, 23 years old, go to the gym 3 times a week( ever 2nd-3rd day), am vegan since a bit over one year, and the excercises i am doing change regularly. i don't do pull downs either, at least regularly. I'm sory, but I'm not able to give you the names of the excercises- i just don't know their english name... but i do excercises for my back, my shoulders, my upper arms and many more.... what exactly is grip strentgh? does this information help? Kiste
  4. hey, I've been going to the gym since 2 years now and I'm still not able to do even one pull-up. To me, this is very annoying! Is there anybody who is able to help me? What do i have to do, that it works? thanks, kiste
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