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  1. *waves* Been a while since I posted on this forum - seems nice 'ere. Glad to hear your cold has cleared up and you can run again - think you gave it to me though!
  2. I just can't watch the videos often enough - hilarious!
  3. The tattoo on my upper arm actually runs over my shoulder, across my back and down my leg, but I shall see if i can get someone to take a photo of (at least part!!) it at some point. The one on the forarm is a maori platypus. Long story behind it!
  4. Why thankyou very much I would say that is an amazing arm and a perfectly great picture Excellent - even more big-bicep-pictures. What more could a girl want?
  5. I feel that is a slight exaggeration, although the photo does make them look a little scary Well, its only because of the endless inspiration i get from the disco-curling-VF-team you know. Two months ago my arms were just skin and bone.... Oh, im sorry jonathon - i must practice my curling+photographing double talents a little first. Once i master ez bar curls whilst simultaneously taking a photograph, i promise this will be the first place i post it.
  6. OMG buzz - soon you'll be able to mix in the land of celebrity, and maybe even get on photos with famous people too!
  7. Ok, you all asked for it You know, taking pictures of your own biceps has got to be one of the hardest things....(ignore the bruises - i had to break into my house today after locking myself out ) http://i17.photobucket.com/albums/b80/littlegirlbunny/100_1556.jpg Neither do mine! Well, the big celebrations are next weekend as two other friends have their birthdays around now too. But on tuesday I went for some rather lovely vegan mexican food Ok, you tell me which bits you want and we'll take an axe to him....im happy to share!
  8. Well, what a lovely surprise!!! A whole birthday-bicep-thread devoted to me Im such a privaledged-lucky-happy-bunny now I may even post a picture of mine if you are very lucky Thanks everyone I must say raven - those are particularly cut arms you have going on there - very impressive Oh i agree robert. Hmm, i notice we are still waiting for a picture of yours?????
  9. Oh, you are so lucky - kadett8 is a really thoughtful friend to get it all the way to austria for you. What a great birthday present! Hope you really enjoy watching it
  10. Oh damn it - I can never watch your videos Jonathon Sure its to do with stupid AOL
  11. No it wont! Don't you try giving me the guilt trip feeling as well You know, none of you will miss me once you are all running/lifting/climbing etc etc!!!! But i'll try and sort something out, if i get there, its going to be by water i think.
  12. Lentils make good spread, espcially if you add a little cumin. I have also used black eyed beans (which are ok, but not great - they usually need some decent flavouring), butter beans and kidney beans (both make excellent spreads).
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