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  1. This. I have been using convict conditioning and it is awesome.
  2. I mixed a creatine stack once with some protein powder and a pre workout supplement. Oh sweet Jesus never again. I didn't leave the bathroom for hours.
  3. Thanks for the great response. I will have to have a look into decompression methods the next time that I go to my physio as frankly I have ever heard of it. I have been doing a lot of Hindu squats and lunges at the moment and I'm as sore as hell as a result. The gym that I'm a member of has an extensive array of machines and I think that they have a reverse hyper extension machine so I will check it out. The belt looks like the way forward - I will have to pick one up.
  4. Hi, I herniated L4 and L5 discs in my back last year deadlifting and after some serious physio and a cortisone injection in my sciatic nerve things are now almost back to normal. I have started to Strength Train again but I'm not going to squat or deadlift for obvious reasons. What are the best exercises to build powerful legs without Squats or Deadlifts?
  5. Interesting. I have had this a few times and always sound deaf trying to talk to people afterwards for an hour or so. I always put it down to having earphones in and listening to oldskool Downset too loud. Now, maybe not.
  6. I have been an on/off Vegetarian for a long time now and have decided to start doing this properly and get my nutrition dialled in with a Vegan diet. Does anyone know of any online personal trainers/nutritionists that are Vegan that can help athletes with their goals? I'm pretty lean at the moment and I'm in decent shape but I want to make sure that I'm making the transition successfully. Cheers
  7. I have been doing BJJ and MMA for a while now (I'm almost a blue belt in BJJ) and I'm looking at doing a 2 month trip to LA and possibly Vegas next year and wondered if anyone had any idea of who I should hit up for some quality BJJ instruction.
  8. The title says it all. Does anyone know of any places where these are available in Australia or New Zealand? Cheers - Maximus.
  9. 15/12/2009 Workout of the day 'The Spike" 400m run 10 Wall Ball (8kg) Throw a heavy medicine ball against a wall 10 feet above your head and catch it into a deep squat 10 Box Jumps 10 Knees to elbows 10 burpees to snatches (20kg Powerbag) 6 rounds for time. Maximus.
  10. 14/12/2009. HIIT training in the morning on empty stomach. 20 minutes of Interval Training followed by 2 sets of 20kg KB swings and push ups. Workout of the day. "The Beast" 2.4km run Leg Press (Bodyweight) 150 reps 1000m row (3:45) 25 Chin Ups 50 Push Ups 500m row (1:45) Total Time: 45:34. This can be performed faster, the run at the start is easy but it is hard to pace yourself when you know that your legs need to be intact for the leg press and the rows. Training is harder when the sun comes out and the gym is bathed in sunshine. It is coming into summer now, so some of the workouts will be taken outside. Maximus.
  11. 12-13/12/2009. No workouts and adequate food intake although not adhering to protein targets. Have reset plan for the next working week and will attempt to start HIIT KB training in the morning. Maximus.
  12. Interesting reading. Just a question, regarding your food intake, do you time that with your lifts as well?. I mean do you eat an hour or so before your training and then eat within 30 minutes after lifting? Also are you aware of your protein intake carpared to your carbs/fats etc. Also if you are looking for a decent protein powder that you can have that mixes well with water, I would suggest Sun Warrior. It is by far the best tasting one on the market in my opinion. The rest are simply terrible that I have tried. Maximus
  13. Kettlebell workouts are an excellent all round fitness system if done correctly. I have witnessed many people however trying to do swings/snatches incorrectly putting there back in a terrible danger and I wince at this. There are many people out there and systems that truely work. I personally own a few Mike Mahler DVD's and find these excellent. http://www.mikemahler.com/ The man certainly knows that he is talking about. Maximus.
  14. 10/12/2009. Light Cardio and stretching session. 11/12/2009. Session with personal trainer. Explosive session with cables and power bags. Explosive movements with cables (pulling and thrusting) combined with throwing of power bags over shoulders, ball slams and shoulder lifts. Four rounds of four all supersetted and focused. Thrusters (20kg) KB Snatches (20kg) Alternating KB Snatches with squats (20kg) DB Lunge presses. (19kg) Chip Ups 5 (full rotation) Four Rounds 1 hour session with stretch and cool down. Good to get out some force and learn some powerful movements in the process. Completely exhausted at the end of the session. Maximus.
  15. What are your goals? You can make a great deal of gains and progress just with bodyweight or unconventional equipment such as Kettlebells and swiss balls. All you need is some space and some imagination. Maximus.
  16. Food Intake 09/12/2009 07:30 1 cup oats, I scoop protein powder, water, soy milk 10:30 Protein bar, apple 12:00 Protein shake with vanilla soy milk 13:00 Tofu, veggies, spinach stir fry. 15:00 (Post workout) 90% Shake, banana. 16:30 2 Tortilla wraps with tempeh, veggies and salsa. Water 19:00 Tofu, veggies 21:00 90% shake Workout 09/12/2009 I have a sore back from going to hard with double KB swings the other day so lower body instead All supersetted 1. Squats. 6 60kgs *4 Lunges 6 24kg DB Box Squat 20 seconds hold 2. Side Squats 6 60kgs*4 Front Squats 6 60kgs*4 Wall Squats 5 3. Front Squats 6 60kgs*4 Box Jumps 6 (air time required) Box jumps (ringside) Arrange boxes across the floor and jump over them in explosive fashion without pause. *4 Basically jumping over 3 high boxes then into a boxing ring and back again. Swiss ball press ups and mountain climbers to finish. Maximus.
  17. Food Intake 08/12/2009. 07:00 2 slices wholemeal bread, 1/2 avocado, baby spinach, few slices of tomato. 1 scoop protein powder, water. (90% shake). It is called this as this is the shake that I use 90% of the time. 10:15 Protein bar, apple. Tea 13:15 Tempeh and Salad Roll, with vanilla soy protein shake. Tea 16:30 2 slices of wholegrain bread with natural peanut butter. 90% shake. 19:00 2 Wholegrain tortillas, veggies, hot sauce 21:00 90% shake.
  18. I agree with Chewybaws. This seems to be very complicated and muddled. The one thing that I would suggest is that in order to get "ripped" you have to pay close attention to diet more than anything else. It is ok to work out for an hour or so, but it is the other 23 hours in the day that are crucial. Additionally I think that you are mad to train for 2 hours at a time, I would be bored and exhausted at this. Where are the leg and abdominal sections of your program? Please bear in mind Pitt was 150-155 pounds when he played the role and it was done with strict attention to training several months before the shoot. This type of physique is not sustainable to the average person, Pitt has amazing genes (see Troy for example). It is great that you have a goal, but maintain a low BF and looked ripped all year round takes real dedication. Cycle your diet and it keeps things fresh. Add some lower body work in as well, otherwise you will look strange with a well developed upper body and never trained legs. Nice to hear you have a Jacuzzi and a Sauna on Saturdays, but hardly training. Maximus.
  19. Food Intake 07/12/2009 07:00 3/4 cup oats with water, 1 scoop protein powder. Coffee. 10:00 Protein Bar, Apple. Green Tea 12:30 Tomato Soup, Tempeh roll. Tea. 14:30 (PW) 2 Scoops Protein Powder, water. Banana. 16:00 2 Scoops Protein Powder, Apple 19:00 Veggies stir fry with Tofu, spinach, tomatoes etc. 22:00 Post (KM) Large glass of red wine, Water, Protein Bar.
  20. 07/12/2009. 30 minute run on the beach this morning at 150bpm followed by 1000m take down session on the Concept 2. Time 3:45. Stretch to finish. Workout of the day. "The Six Shooter" 6 Power Cleans (60kg) 6 Push Ups 6 Double KB swings (20kg) 6 Pull Ups 6 Burpees (with big clap at the top) 6 rounds for time. Ripped my hands up on the barbell and KB's this afternoon. Nice. In the end, the Concept 2 will always win. Krav Maga session in the evening to finish. Maximus.
  21. Please post the program that you are following at moment for the critique of the forum, also what are your stats?. This information will help a lot. Maximus.
  22. Just a suggestion. Try timing your lifts and make notes on the weights that are lifting every week, try for an increase from week to week. With this I mean that a set of 8-10 reps should be completed within 40-70 seconds. This is "muscle under tension". Control your breathing and try to adhere to this principle of slow and focused and you will find that from week to week (with the correct nutritional program) your strength will increase. The longer that your muscle is under tension, the better results you will get, combine this with a clean diet with a decent carb, protein and fats ratio and you should see results. This is also applicable to bodyweight exercises as well. Try and cycle this program every 6 weeks and always include a recovery week at the end of the cycle. Rip em, feed em, love them. Maximus.
  23. 06/12/2009. Kettlebell play around session in the evening to practice form and test limits of strength and co-ordination. From Mike Mahler's collection. Double KB stomp clean (20kg each bell ) 3 sets of 8 Double KB swing (20kg each bell) 3 sets of 8 Renegade Man Maker (20kg) 3 sets of 8 Renegade row, combined with clean and shoulder press. KB Squat and Clean (20kg) 1 set of 8 Feels strange to squat with KB's, I prefer powerbags or complete barbell thrusters. Power Bag Lunges (20kgs) 3 sets of 20 Across gym floor, back knee 'kissing" the floor. Turkish Half Get Up (16kgs) 3 sets of 8 Lock out bell and sit up with using your other hand, slowly return to original position. 2 point balance on swiss ball 5 minutes Contracting your abs, balance on swiss balls with your knees, if possible throw ball into trampette at the same time. Interesting evening, the "man maker" certainly lives up to it's name. Maximus.
  24. 05/12/2009. Workout of the day. "700" Deadlift 60kgs High Pulls 20kg barbell Push Ups 10kg (vest or power bag) Pull Ups Bodyweight Shoulder Press 20kg KB Bent over rows 20kg DB Box Jumps 45cm 100 reps of each exercise. You do not need to do the 100 in one go, you can do as few or as many as you like. However, you do have to add up to 100 in the end. I ended up doing 10 sets of 10 for each exercise. Time to beat 54:05 An absolute beast of a workout. I knew that it would be very tough especially as I was performing it on a Saturday night. Physiologically it beat me before I started, it is not about the weight, it is about the effort and focus that it takes to complete the workout. I'm not much of a puker, but by the end of sets I was coming close, the shoulder presses with 2 20kg kettlebells became hard after 6 sets, although the push ups were a breeze, I would do them all night. Maximus.
  25. In response to SydneyVegan's comments, point taken, although I would not consider myself to be homophobic under any circumstances. I don't really care which way you or anyone else swings. Yes of course I have checked our people in the gym, although women tend not to go to my place due to the tractor tyres and KB's scattered around. If you have further issue then you are more than welcome to PM me.
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