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  1. We are getting more people coming to OrganicAthlete. We have a local triathlete looking for some traing partners. We have a small cycling team, and we are looking for more. Team Vegan Portland needs more members to field a very visible running and/or cycling team. There a whole lot of events coming up so join us, no experiance needed. Just the need to have a good time and to train with other vegan athletes.
  2. The next OA group ride will March 24th, 10 a.m. under the east side of the Hawthorne Bridge. Hope to see ya there!
  3. Here is a link to the OrganicAthlete Portland site. There is a calendar there with up coming events and a discussion board to give us your thoughts. Please go there and check it out and sign in. http://groups.google.com/group/organicathlete-portland Thanks Jim
  4. Robert, I have contacted bikepotland.org, and did not get much of a responce.
  5. Racing here is much more than crits. There are a few crits, but mostly we have road and circuit races. The circuit races are on 1 to 3 mile closed courses. One is on the Portland International raceway. That one is 2.2 mile laps, with 10 or more laps of flat fast racing, two nights a week. Then there is Mt Tabor, which is 1.3 mile laps with half of the course flat and down hill and half with a lung busting climb. This is also a very fast race of 7 or more laps. There is also the Banana Belt series, which is on a 11 mile closed course with 4 laps, but that one happens in April. Here is a link to the race calender. I haven't even mentioned the road races, Track races and cyclo-cross. www.obra.org
  6. Hello, My name is Jim Stuck and Robert suggested that I make an introduction. I along with Robert and Michael Labhard are starting a chapter of OrganicAthlete here in Portland. We are focusing on cycling and running, and would like anyone interested to join us. Membership in the local chapter is free, but we would like the local members to OrganicAthlete. You can find more information about us at the following web site, www.organicathlete.org. Feel free to send us any suggestions or comments and join us on our monthly rides with NW Veg members. We can expand into other areas if there is an interest.
  7. There are quite a few options. The easiest is WTB stuff. You can get the WTB speed V saddle at Performance and I think Seven Corners Bike shop may have one or two in stock. Corey at Seven Corners can help you out, I buy all my stuff there. He is mostly vegetarian, or at least tries to be. So he understands the way vegans think, and will do all he can to get what you want. His shop is on 21st and Powell. Tell him Jim Stuck sent you and he will most likely give you a good deal.
  8. I am looking forward to riding with you. I do several long rides a week, from 35 to 80 miles. With someone to ride with the miles will go much easier. Do you do any racing? I am on a team, but would love to start a vegan racing team.
  9. We are starting a Portland chapter of OrganicAthlete. Here is a link to some local info. http://groups.google.com/group/organicathlete-portland Another place to find info is organicathlete.org We are focusing on cycling and running, but can expand to other areas if there is enough interest.
  10. OrganicAthlete has shorts and bibs with "Go Vegan!" on the back of them. They cosy around $85 for non members, the price is greatly reduced for members. Also we are starting a local chapter in Portland, you can get info on both at www.organicathlete.org . I also like the Performance Ultra bibs, the padding is much better then the century shorts. If you are planning on long rides I do reccomend bibs over shorts.
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