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  1. hope i can make an excuse to come down to at least one of these. pretty cool
  2. im liking the race so far. the rough cobblestones shouldnt be in the race imo. lance is looking good despite the fall. i hope him or schleck wins.
  3. im a huge sharks fan. after seeing the blackhawks demolish the sharkies im not surprised the hawks are up 2-0
  4. great news robert. ill get mine soon. i know youve been planning a book tour...anything official (dates, locations?) about that yet?
  5. i have a cycle now where i lift, or do casual activities with my old running shoes. then i only run with my newer running shoes so i can keep them longer for running
  6. i live in the bay, go to sf often and am ashamed to say ive never been to Herbivore. heard fantastic things tho
  7. really hope this documentary catches attention. if it's even as close to food inc in popularity that would be great
  8. oh cmon how can you hate lolcats?
  9. since you said you would like hiking i would highly suggest you go to the Marin Headlands, its just across the Golden Gate Bridge and has beautiful...beautiful views
  10. ha do you really? never heard of bt...no idea what it is
  11. hey guys, so ive been doing some lifting and concentrating on triathlete muscles. im looking for more strength, not bulk. recently i found this system or weights and reps and its a real kick in the pants, wondering what you guys think about it http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/cms/article-detail.asp?articleid=691
  12. great job! dont worry about what other people are doing, just know you did your best. everyone has different situations, but im sure every runner looks back and remembers the little victories that take place when you notice that improvement
  13. what's your personal goal? to tone up a bit or something else? medicine ball is great and can be used for different things
  14. I'd say "Ultramarathon Man". proof that the mind can do some powerful things
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