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  1. eat big...think big...get big!! skies the limit but it takes time. you got it! (p.s cool your in nelson...was just there last week lolz)
  2. nice! add a few pounds at the same bodyfat %age and you'll be rocking the joint! GL
  3. actually yeah richard is a master at that stuff. give that guy a raise!
  4. You got some sick new profiles up....good to see mac Danzig in the mix,etc. Good sh*t and good job brah!
  5. lols strong attention whoring^^^^ but amazing physique at that age!(would smash/10!) Props!
  6. Though not 100% vegan...I make homa made yogurt from milk I get from a freind.so dis regard if ya want. But anyway...jus chucking up my kick off pic.Y=This is a half year at least without touching the gym (sad). Coupla months from now should be good progress!!wooo http://i54.tinypic.com/303i97t.jpg
  7. Looks good bro.Form was decent.Good weight.Props!! BTW-You calling alice in chains bad music??c'mon...
  8. Props ya'll!!!hooowa Last week. http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r304/AVOJAMACADA/th_mwaa-1.jpg
  9. I do 100 pushups and 75 crunches evry 2nd day.Love bodyweight excersices. The variations of pushups can cover mad amounts of upper body area.Put your hands right together and you got a tricep workout for eg. For legs I use a coupla (3) big 5 gallon water jugs and do squats,lunges,etc.
  10. its a good time...it might grow on you. Good luck!!
  11. had to bury my neigbor...you know how it is! ...jk though I do like like the devils son in that pic lols. Nahhh....mainly bear defense among other big animals up here.Total last resort...ussualy a blank shot in the air does it.Saw 3 bears. Keep in mind im i the midde of no were...no cell service,people,for hundrd+ miles.
  12. Good luck on your goals!!Props to starting back up. Yeah...lifting sometimes aint easy...but fact is it feels good to feels good and lifting makes you feel good. I say it with a grain of salt but "no pain no gain!"....but a healthy pain...like bit of muscle soreness.Theres alot of factors to why youd get overly sore I think.
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