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  1. My husband is a vegetarian, born and raised. He's a big guy, approximately 6'1'' and 240 lbs and has always been active (football and wrestling in high school and college and has coached wrestling ever since). I'm very proud to say that in May 2008 he took an incredibly brave step and enlisted in the Marine Corps. He's endured much harassment throughout boot camp and since about being a vegetarian (luckily, they do make veg MREs). The Corps has high physical standards, and recently my husband has been pushing himself even further by becoming interested in triathlons. He's amazing, but very hard to keep up with! Here's the problem: For starters, he's overweight by MC standards, which wants his max weight at 219. Believe it not, certain weight and body fat percentages are expected to be met for officer candidacy. He has a hard time loosing weight and I suspect it's because he's not getting an optimal diet. He's stationed in a different state than where I live in a very small town where veg items aren't as easily found compared to our home city. I think that coupled with 'bachelor' style living make meal times difficult for him. Besides that, I know that at his level of physical training/activity/weight lifting, nutrition is usually a full time job, but I've been hard-pressed to find a lot of guidance for this with a veg diet. I'm a nurse, but specialize in intensive care where I deal with nutritional problems on the other extreme. I'm not sure where to go to find any guidance for his diet, but figured this was a good place to start.
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