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  1. Saw this on twitter! I added it in between my customers during the workday!
  2. thank you for sharing this.......wish one was closer to me
  3. I have a faux leather purse. When anyone asks I volunteer the info on where I got it , etc. Even if it looks the part I think it makes others realize that there are humane alternatives to animal skin.
  4. I hafta agree that Field Roast products in general rock! My fave is the sundried tomato.
  5. Hi. Do you think the CLX is a better workout than th P90X? I am considering ordering to change things up. Thank you!
  6. hmmm sounds great, and I am in need of some new protein flavors.......thank you for sharing!
  7. Please share the high protein pea soup recipe!
  8. I'm laughing a the trying not to vomit comment. Been there. Spin is challenging that's for sure. I do like it to change up the cardio every once in a while. That's awesome that you could take a class with Bob Harper!
  9. Thank you very much. Thanks for inspiring me with your workouts like MaryStella and Lobster!
  10. Thanks for the details. Do you know by chance what issue that was in? I'd like to read it and try the workout. Thank you again. I appreciate it.
  11. Hi Marcella. I have a question. What exactly is big leg syndrome? Do you tend to gain muscle in the legs very easily? I have been considering bodyweight only leg exercises. Does this help lean out the legs? Thank you. I wish you well in your competition.
  12. Aha! that explains it .....there are no Krogers around me. I am going to have to ask and see if my grocery can get it in or maybe the health food store. What brand is it available in? Thank you for your help.
  13. Where do you find fat free soymilk? I haven't come across any in stores around me.
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