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  1. agh! I keep forgetting about this thread! anyways +30 running total=63,240
  2. strawberries or blueberries with soymilk
  3. Absolutely not! I don't miss eating flesh and am far healthier avoiding animal proteins in my opinion.
  4. Wow Adena!! Seriously strong sister!!!! Maybe someday I'll get there.......or maybe somewhere near that strong
  5. also agree amt. matters. I personally aim for at least 1g of protein per pound of bodyweight, so around 130-135g daily for me. I also supplement with protein shakes like SunWarrior and Vega.
  6. lobsterriffic i have made that recipe twice so far and even my non vegan husband likes it. Thanks!!!!
  7. I think it's probably DOMS a.k.a. delayed onset muscle soreness. Welcome to the wonder of it all! When you lift you are actually causing microscopic tears in the muscles that are being worked. This is a necessary step if you want to build and reshape them. Unless what you're feeling is excruciating and unbearable, it sounds pretty par for the course. Hopefully you are not feeling any pain during the workout session....just after. I add l-glutamine to my protein shake. It seems to help with the recovery. Also, a nice warm soak in some bathsalts does wonders in my opinion. I try to not work the same muscles 2 consecutive days, that way it gives the tissues time to recover before you train them again.
  8. Also a Pens fan.....thinking that the BlackHawks will take the cup.
  9. I have the book......and not to sound cheesy -- it is a prize in and of itself. It's been a wealth of information to me and the only book of its kind in existence as far as I have found. Being that I've only been vegan since last November, it's awesome to have a reference and inspiration all in one! Also thankyou for all the samples you sent when I pre-ordered! Take care. Barb
  10. ...wish my doc would've attended that class.....maybe it's time to find a different doc.
  11. I bought mine from veganessentials.com.......and I am pretty sure they will ship to Canada. People there are also very nice to deal with.
  12. Geez.........not all girls lift "tiny"dumbells.....whatever. On a more serious note if Arnold's are done with proper form, what is the risk?
  13. wow 255g protein!! I am aiming for 100-125 grams and trying to stay between 1200 and 1500 calories.......how do you do it?
  14. Welcome! This place is awesome and has helped me lots with vegan and fitness issues. I also like Jack Lalane! What a man at 90 and still so fit!
  15. Vegan Essentials, does that 59.99 apply to the sport protein by vega also? Just wondering......it was out of stock the last time I placed an order.
  16. that's for sure.....each day IS it's own unique beast! What's the difference between the 2 types of vega bars?
  17. what about the elliptical or arc trainer? I broke my foot twice and relied on the elliptical as a replacement for running. What about the rowing machine? I'm not sure how that affects the knee joint. Also, if your gym has one, you could use the upper body bike.
  18. Simply amazing transformation.....you look like a totally different man! Congratulations. Abs of steel! Nice veins too! Amazing perseverance man! Great inspiration!
  19. Thankyou Medman. That helps me understand. Well here I go with the whole new approach to squatting!
  20. Thanks Cubby and Ronhan. I'm going to add more regular squats in....I just can't seem to handle as much weight with regular ones and can't seem to get as low of a squat. I guess this gives me something to work towards. Thank you again for replying.
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