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  1. Hello all! I was a member a while back, but things got derailed a bit. Anyhow, im both back here and back at the gym! I have been vegan for years and years, and my current goals are to lean up and build, particularly my upper body which I have neglected.
  2. Maybe that arises in people who don't believe strongly in variety of colors, and who don't understand healthy foods at all...
  3. I was... pretty much how I am now. I actually haven't changed a whole lot personality wise, then again I'm only 21. Close relationship with my dad who is my best friend, good school ethic, and I am about as 'vanilla' as it gets. I've never even gotten drunk.
  4. I'm right by! 45minutes south in Bellingham, WA.
  5. My father feels this way, so he does what you do. he says he's in a strict plant based 'life'.
  6. That usually just means that the processing plants and packaging plants do not only produce vegan products. So while the product you are choosing is vegan, it may have been around and in contact with machines that have been in contact with unvegan things. I usually don't worry too much about it, but then again I usually eat whole foods so I dont have worry about it.
  7. The "Yogamazing" Podcast is my favorite if I miss a class.
  8. I dont think my partner could pay me to cook a dead animal.
  9. I don't use any electrical devices for one and a half days every single week, and even during the rest of the week, I'm not glued to my devices. Life seems kinda sad for those that are.
  10. Lyric


    Hi there, you may check out some of Colleen Patrick Goudreau's books and her podcast, they are very helpful, and she is simply amazing!! I have never heard of such a reaction from quitting milk, usually people feel instantly better, their skin clears up, and they stop having stomach problems. I would guess your sores are from something else. I drink tap water!
  11. Lyric


    I couldn't agree more with that. To me, overpopulation is the largest problem facing the planet, well, overpopulation combined with rampant over consumption.
  12. Lyric


    The bolded parts I totally agree with! However, what I italicized I have a small bit to put it: Almost all of the corn, arguably the most destructive crop in the states, is grown to feed cattle. The GMO, subsidized crop that is destroying the land and the animals (humans included) on the land, is grown to fed animals who were not evolved to eat that food. When you stop eating cows, you stop that cycle. If everyone stopped eating cows, and after the earth somehow (big question mark, because some would say it can't) be restored back to healthy land, we would have so much more land, because between the land where cattle are raised (which is wasteland) and the land where the corn for the cows is grown, you would free up so much poisoned land to regrow. (wow I really started to ramble) I would agree with your statements more if it wasn't for the simple fact that corn industry is how it is, with all the land it takes up, and it mostly being grown for cows. I think the basic idea is doing the least harm. At least that's where my family and I are at. We try to do the least harm possible to ourselves and the world around us. This means buying from small farms, food co-ops, growing what we can, and we really do get almost everything we need that way. Then again, we live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where it's a bit easier.
  13. Lyric


    Hi there! I don't believe that we are inherently omnivores, I believe we became that way due to lack of food, however, I noticed this quote where you said "I will not believe". I usually try to shy away from say "not" and "believe" in the same sentence, because that closes you off from new information and the ability to constantly learn and grow! Just a thought. You may consider being more open to new ideas, and not using a negative when referring to them. Also, if you plan to have a well formed, well developed opinion on the health of a vegan diet, as others have suggested, you really should watch "Forks Over Knives" and since I'm sure it may not be something you want to buy, you can rent it off amazon from instant streaming! Good luck!
  14. They were vegan as well, as far as I know, my mother's side has been vegan back 4 generations from her. I believe it started out as religious, but then my grandma was about the most unreligious person ever.
  15. My Grandma who just died at 104 was a vegan all her life, never had memory problems, and worked until she was 93, she quit because he wanted time to travel.
  16. Getting to think about various decisions and choices. It's also so much fun to see results and feel as though others are rooting for you!!
  17. Agree. People will spend $5 on a coffee drink everyday, and then think the price of ground flax seeds are expensive, it's crazy to me.
  18. Thanks for making this thread, it gave me some ideas on spicing up my runs!
  19. Lyric


    Welcome Props to you for making most of your own food!!
  20. I'm up in Bellingham, WA and at the local food co-op here they started carrying Vega!! I think they have just a small display, but it's still way cool!! I kind of wish I had seen it before I went and bought the Buy one get one free online, but that's cool. I'll know for next time.
  21. It's really annoying, I'll wake up and grudgingly eat a small breakfast, work out, shower, go on about my day, then every single night come 12am, I want go out for another jog. I'm obviously not going to because I don't feel like getting hit by a car or raped and murdered by someone on the trails. Is this common? Should I add in a second evening workout, and then shower yet again? I really don't want to go to bed sticky and gross, but that sounds like a lot of expensive vegan shampoo and soap literally going down the drain.
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