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  1. You have to check out Café Gratitude. There are several locations in the San Francisco area. My wife and I went there during our honeymoon in 2007 and it was one of the most amazing meals we have ever had. They are a raw food restaurant, the atmosphere is great and the food is unbelievably good.
  2. Hey Jason, I am in the Boston area too. We live in Quincy, just south of Boston. I have just started really working out and when it gets a bit warmer I will be introducing running into my training.
  3. His profile is no longer working, what is his full name? What gym does he own? I would like to find him as well and maybe join his gym instead of my current one.
  4. Some of the Vibram Five Fingers are vegan if you are at all interested in barefoot running. I have a pair of "Classics" that I will begin training in again when it gets warmer here in the Boston area. If you are at all interested in barefoot running (or running at all for that matter) check out the book Born to Run, I just finished it and it was amazing.
  5. Anyone here on LiveStrong.com Seems like a pretty cool site, I have just started using it to track calories and workouts wondering if they have a good vegan community.
  6. After I became Vegan my Mom who is an avid baker took the challenge head on and started baking cookies and brownies vegan. A couple of vegan cookbooks later, including the fantastic The Joy of Vegan Baking, and some encouragement she is now baking exclusively vegan and is constantly surprising her co-workers with vegan treats that are too good to refuse! I am really proud of her and it makes me so happy that my vegan influences have reached states away to my Mom's work place where she is opening minds about vegan cooking in the suburbs.
  7. I am going to finally become a healthy vegan. One that can finally tell others that being Vegan is a healthier option and be proud of the body that those words are coming from.
  8. I'm on twitter as well. twitter.com/AHealthyVegan I follow a lot of people I am interested in and I also post updates about my process of getting to a healthy point in my life. Sometimes it is hard keeping track of all of the people that I follow though, but I do really enjoy reading what people are up to.
  9. I used to love this show but it just seemed to get too stupid for it's own good. I might check it out an episode with the Vegan.
  10. I'm happy to have stumbled upon this thread, I too am trying to loose body fat, a lot of it. I am currently at 252, 5'9" and according to the BMI I should be 168 to be in the normal range. I realize that the BMI does not make a lot of sense so I am realistically shooting for around 180lbs and I will figure it out from there if I should loose more. When I started loosing I was at 274, back in August and recently it has been very slow going, I have been hovering around 250. But I am going to keep going at it. I am keeping track of my progress and writing about my experiences being vegan at http://www.AHealthyVegan.com feel free to check it out.
  11. I used to swim competitively when I was young and I still love it. I love being in the water, especially the ocean. I am fully convinced that it can be a great cardio workout.
  12. I have a pair of these shoes and I love them. I have never been climbing in them but they are great for running and hiking.
  13. I take a Vega Iron Free Multi Vitamin that has enough B-12 in it. My wife also has a multi that she does not always like to take so we got her the sub lingual spray B-12
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