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  1. Hey, how's it going? That looks like a good diet, i personally find it hard to stick with something once i plan it like that. I Hope its going well.
  2. I would like to try and stick with a raw diet but it just takes soo much self control, this is gonna be rough
  3. ya no kidding, im not even high raw, and im sick of being skinny...and kind of skinny/fat, not like lean skinny, grrr. i dont even eat mostly raw food. im gonna try to eat more beans, i dont like protein powders, i threw away my hemp protein. good luck to ya! let me know how its going... bye!
  4. my resources on the caloric restriction diet are http://cr.timtyler.org/ and http://www.rawmatt.com/ (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NhBJDlbASpM) and this guy is amazing to me Enjoy
  5. for what its worth that guy has terrible punctuation, spelling, and grammar, so maybe thats why hes not taken seriously? there is a lot of different information out there...you could be fruitarian, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, hundreds of grams of protein a day. and as for tomatoes, theyre either great for you or theyre poisonous in a lot of opinions or statements there are half-truths. almost everything has pros and cons. its yin and yang man. thats just life. people just need to learn to relax and think for themselves. Who wood have thunk? you know what i mean though right?
  6. for what its worth that guy has terrible punctuation, spelling, and grammar, so maybe thats why hes not taken seriously? there is a lot of different information out there...you could be fruitarian, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, hundreds of grams of protein a day. and as for tomatoes, theyre either great for you or theyre poisonous in a lot of opinions or statements there are half-truths. almost everything has pros and cons. its yin and yang man. thats just life. people just need to learn to relax and think for themselves.
  7. thats quite a goal. good luck! the only thing i would suggest is tempeh because its supposed to be better for you than tofu. if you have a taste for it. hope to hear about your progress and all that later! take care.
  8. Yes, well ive always focused more on protein, carbs and fat intake when I'm bulking or cutting rather than the nutrients ive been eating and even though all of them are important i REALLY wanna focus more on my nutrition from no on and since recently ive decided to turn ovo lacto vegan i wanna DO THIS RIGHT... i know amino acids play an important role on getting a well built body soo i wanna do this right from the start keeping an orgnized intake off all the nutrients, im currently making my very own ovo lacto vegan eating plan and i rlly want to include all those amino acids in there to maximize my results im rlly motivated sooo yup =] thats the reason i wanna know bout that :3 awww well good luck with the diet. you could try this supplement: http://www.bragg.com/products/la.html its basically soy sauce, but its amino acids. its weird because its salty, and its not a protein supplement, which is where amino acids apparently come from, but it does supposedly have 16 amino acids. braggs amino acids goes good on lots of stuff. oh, i guess it is considered a protein supplement. but its not the type of thing youre supposed to have a ton of because its got a lot of sodium. anyways... ttyl Faruz
  9. Ya I got some moldy sprouts from a store once so you have to watch out for that.
  10. Nice thread. Much love. I will add a list contribution of combinations: burritos, muesli, stir-fries, sandwiches salads, cookies falafel.
  11. Vegetus25! This is the second thread tonight that I've answered to where I've thought the person could search themselves to find the information they're looking for. However you're welcome to ask. I guess I'll answer since I'm procrastinating doing my homework. You should just find a local store or order online: a sprouting kit. It might come with some beans or grains to sprout, or vegetables or whatever. It should also have a jar with a lid that has holes on the top. It's been awhile, but basically you just put the seeds in and put some water in it and cook it up. Except not cooking actually, but you know what I mean. If you let them sprout for several days and follow the directions you should have some successful sprouts. Good luck to you! I'm guessing alfalfa is an easy one to do. Although they are enzymatically active and raw, be aware that sprouts aren't that easy on the stomach. I've heard that they will slow down any detoxing you are doing. They are good in a salad though. Look for something like this: http://www.organic-vida.com/handy-pantry-half-gallon-glass-seed-sprouting-jar-starter-kit.html Ok bye
  12. Could I ask you why you are asking? Whether there are 21, 22, or 23 amino acids, and which ones are essential, is interesting and in some ways useful information to know; that said, I think you are over analyzing this whole amino acid deal. That is, unless you have a good answer for the question I just asked you above. Why does it matter? A well balanced diet should provide you with all the amino acids you need, and also those that are unessential. By all means I am willing to discuss it further with you though.
  13. Everybody's different. Health seems to be cumulative. There very well could be something you're missing but your diet honestly looks pretty good. However, the thing I would suggest - and I honestly am not sure if this is good advice or not because I've just started paying attention to this - and that is Alkaline/Acid balance. A lot of highly caloric tasty cooked food in general is going to be acidic. You want to strive for a balance. I've read that the optimal ratio is 80% alkalizing foods and 20% acidifying. It's interesting because foods that might seem acidic are actually alkalizing when your body processes them. In other words, things like vinegar and citrus fruits are alkalizing, while you might think of them as being acidic. I would recommend a supplement of apple cider vinegar mixed with some water, as well as maybe some kind of fermented food/drink like kim-chi or kombucha if you have a taste for those things... I personally like that kind of stuff, and it is supposed to balance your alkaline/acid ratio. I really don't think it's necessarily nutritional; the sort of issues you are having seem to me more related to your body's ability to process the food you're consuming. Hmm. Well, my advice - and take it with a grain of salt - would be to cut back on foods you think you're overdoing (maybe all of the grains?) and try to eat more alkaline foods Here's a link that has a chart about Ph balance: http://www.naturalhealthschool.com/pH-balance.html - you have to scroll down a bit. If you take a look at the chart you will see that a lot of the foods you eat are acid-forming. Heres a quote about it I hope this helps you.
  14. ...Oatmeal of course! That smoothie sounds pretty good as well though.
  15. It might be what you eat as opposed to what you do not eat. What is your diet like? I think you're onto something about talking about what you were saying, how you may not be needing to eat so much. I went to a lecture on metabolism and the three essential elements of a good metabolism (which helps you put on lean muscle mass and stay healthy), the three elements are diet, exercise, and detox. I think the detox is the most important and often overlooked of the three. I am still learning about this myself but some of the principles I've gathered about it are: don't overeat, drink some fluids, and sea-vegetables and algae are good for cleaning out your system. Also, try to eat "alkaline" foods. I think these are some interesting theories that might have some affect on your health. I'm an ectomorph myself. Some of the things that are helping are trying to eat healthy, of course, and eating more carbs, in moderation (I find that I have sustained energy with a big bowl of oatmeal for breakfast). I know this is a lot to read so I'll stop there. "I consume less calories from food than him, don't I?" Didn't you say you eat more than him?
  16. I'm trying to find this site again. I searched for it, but nothing came up. It just had some cool super hero comic style illustrations of different food groups... there was like fruit man, grain man, vegetable man, etc. I can't find it. Anybody remember seeing this site?
  17. Sure. Sounds like you're doing well. I looked at that blog. Looks good. I might try a recipe especially since I've just started cooking again. Anyways I was searching through the "what you typically eat" thread and I found this post. I find it amusing that so much food could be consumed a day, and the main thing I noticed is that he does some snacking ; he eats pb&j for lunch, and also 2-3 pieces of fruit and some nuts. So adding fruit and nuts could be worth considering. I know i could use some more fruit in my diet. Now I'm getting hungry. Take care.
  18. I always used to have lulls in my energy levels in high school. After lunch sometimes my body would just make me fall asleep. I literally couldn't keep my eyes open. I've heard it's because all of the blood rushes to your stomach when you have a lot to digest. I would recommend trying to up your carbohydrate intake possibly. I think you seem to get enough protein, with the tofu and peanut butter. People with muscles do talk a lot about protein though, so I think a protein shake couldn't hurt. However, carbs are easiest to digest and the bodies' prefered form of energy. So it seems easy to get lots of calories if you eat more carbs, since they don't make you as bloated - I've read that a lot of carbohydrate digestion occurs in the small intestine, not the stomach. As an anecdote I saw a little girl at a vegetarian buffet eating a whole plate of rice. That goes to show, that kids know what they need to eat, and they have a ton of energy. (I was a camp counselor) I recently made a great rice/lentil salad from a recipe on sweet brown rice from Bob's Red Mill. That is a very filling and healthy meal. It has vegetables, carbs and protein. Yum As for nutritients, you could try sprouts or dark green vegetables (juiced makes them easiest to consume), 'superfoods' like spirulina', or something like vega, also, which, as far as I know, should be a relatively balanced supplement with lots of vitamins and minerals. Hope this helps.
  19. i agree that aspartame and msg are neurotoxins or at least very unhealthy, but my family consumes aspartames and probably some msg and theyre not showing signs of neurotoxicity but im not a doc . i try to avoid that crap; however millions of other people are on it. the saturated fat diet sounds bad although i had a friend who was like, 'i'm on an all fat diet.' but she was vegetarian i think. and supposedly a high fat diet isnt terrible and she could have been being somewhat facetious. i dunno though, in general i think there are lots of subtleties to nutrition science and most important as somebody said calories is king. a balanced diet is important. youre actually going to buy that guys books? itd be interesting to see how it goes on a 5000 calorie diet of fat. wow.
  20. Hummus is good and also avocado, i suppose those are more suited for chips; bread works as well. And I like Trade Joe's Eggplant spread. Almond butter is good. ok lasts for a month...there is this health food that is basically peanut butter protein without the fat, you just add water and it essentially has the consistency of peanut butter. it's kind of goopy but it's not bad. http://www.bellplantation.com/
  21. Sounds like it varies by school. I went to Occidental my freshman year of college (Obama went there) and the food there was so good and they had awesome vegan options. At least thats how I remember it. I almost want to go there for grad school just to enjoy the cafeteria some more. Hehe. It was also my first time on my own in a big city so i went exploring and went to the farmers market and health food stores for fun and variety. I think some dorms might either have a kitchen or you could get a small fridge for your room. You wont go hungry! But it is harder at least at first, especially if you want to eat healthy; not too much soy, whole grains, etc. Good luck!
  22. I've read that it's possible, but is it possible to not get enough carbs to screw up your fitness goals? Anybody have any stories about this? My neighbor who's really buff says just to eat a lot of calories, but he has like 6 different kinds of cereal.
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