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  1. I just maxed out today in bench, squats and deadlift, they were all one rep maximums @ 300, 355, and 425 lbs respectively. Im really pumped because Im on track for my goal of 300,400,and 500 by the end of the year Yeah!! Gary D
  2. I emailed fit cast a few times, no response from them yet. Ill let yall know if they respond e
  3. Thanks yall, Saulo- Im pretty far north to claim the bay, but thanx The site has been really inspiring, especally since everyone is VEGAN!!!
  4. Thanks Robert, I just pre-orderd the book. You're an insperation to us all, I hope the book does really well Gary D
  5. Thanks For Starting this thread. I got an Odeo account so I could send them an e-mail about the show. By their own admission they don't know anything about being Vegan, and to me they wern't saying anything too bad in the begining. But When they were talking about the needs for supplements, and how difficult it is to maintain such a diet, I figured I could give them some information. The only part that was uppsetting was the fact that she mentioned "humaine meat", which is obviously an oxy-moron, I did find it funny that she laughed at her need for humaine meat, kind of like she thought that it's a silly idea. Maybe I can get them to have a decent fact driven Vegan pod-cast, i'll let you all know
  6. Thanks for the welcome Robert and Lyric, iv'e been reading alot of the post here on the site and already Im getting more motivated!!!! Gary D
  7. Im a veteran, I was in the Marine Corps from 2001-2005, I didnt make weight either, but I was still within regs. because I had a first class PFT, and my body fat percentage was at 5%. I was hitting the weights real hard all through my enlistment, so there was no way I was going to be under the 165 weight limit for my hight. I don't remember what the body fat % requirement was, I think 10%, but just tell your husband to get his SWOL ON! He should make regs. too. Let me know if this helps Gary D
  8. Hi everybody, im Gary from Ukiah(about 2hrs north of San Francisco). I met Robert at the SFVS Veg festival, he told me about this great site so here I am. I've been Vegan 2 years, I go to school for Kinesiology at Mendocino College. I've been weight training as a Vegan for about six months, I have some prior experiance weight Training as an omnivore (between 1998-2005). My Gains have been really great as a vegan in the gym, and it feels really great to be working out again! Thanks Yall Gary D
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