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  1. first day back on upper body in 3 weeks. As expected fairly weak and didnt want to push it dumbell press 20 x 8 25 x 8 30 x 8 37.5 x 6 30 x 7 incline bp 40kg x 6 x4 press up 10 x 4 incline sit ups holding 6kg ball above head x 10 no ball 5 (x2) plank plany leg raise arm raise lateral dips crunches
  2. Squat 60kg x10 100kg x 8 115kg x8 (x4) Ham curl 98kg x 8 (x4) Leg press 115 x 8 (x 2) 124 x 8 60 x 12
  3. Squat 60kg x10 100kg x 8 105kg x 8 107.5kg x 8 110kg x8 (x2) Ham curl 91kg x8 98kg x 8 (x3) Leg press 106kg x 8 115 x 8 124 x 8 (x2 - technique a bit shitty) Leg extension 112kg x 10 (x4 - with strip on final set) Calf raise 97kg x 30 115kg x 25 124kg x 20 132 x 10
  4. yes its strayed a little to far from hip-hop to be hip-hop but dont reaslly know what to call it acoustic rap/folk, god knows we are from bristol will keep you posted on gigs
  5. Check out my bands youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SP2r-X8yJMU
  6. Front Squat 60kg x10 80kg x 8 (x3) Squats on smith machine 50kg x 8 70 x 8 Ham curl 84kg x 8 (x3) 97kg x8 (x3) Leg press 97kgx 8 106kg x 8 (x2) 115 x 8 Leg extension 112kg x 8 (x4) Calf raise 88kg x30 97kg x 25 115kg x 20 124kg x15 Core plank 1min 10 secs Chopper 7kg medicine ball hip dip
  7. hello nick. that legendary picture is back on the scene
  8. Having sustained a wrist injury, I am now unable to train my upper body. I am using this negative situation as a positive chance to focus on my legs, core and abs. Thusly, I will be training legs, core and abs 3 times a week, though I am unable to squat due to wrist positioning. Front Squat 60kg x10 60kg x 8 70kg x 8 70kg x 7 60kg x 8 Ham curl 77kg x 8 (x2) 84kg x 8 (x2) Leg press 88kg x2 (x8) 97kgx 8 (x2) Leg extension 105kg x 8 (x4 with strip set) calf raise 79kg x30 88kg x25 97kg x20 115kg x15
  9. yes there is a difference... steroids work. I have never seen anyone make dramtic gains from creatine, but then again I have never heard of someone getting depressed or covered in acne from taking creatine.
  10. I have developed an annoying wrist injury in my left hand probably doing flys or dumbell presses. My wrist constantly aches, especially when I bend my hand outward. The thing is, it doesnt hurt when i train. When it coms however to picking up up a cup it stings like a bitch. Anyone had any experience with a similar injury and no how long of training i might have to take to recover?
  11. first proper back session in a while went pretty well but wrist injury still giving me grief Dead Lifts 120kg x 8 x 3 130 x8 x1 Close Grip lat Pull down 84KG X 8 (X4) Dumbell shrugs 42.5kg x (8x4) barbell rows 60kg x 8 (x4) dumbell shrug hold at top for 3 secs 22.5kg x8 (x4) core workout
  12. Looking very impressive. How long have you been vegan and what do you mostly put your success down to?
  13. Dumbell shoulder press 30kg - 8 reps (x2) 27.5kg - 9 reps (x1) 27.5kg - 8 reps (bad technique) Seated Preacher curl 40kg - 8 reps (X4) Standing Military Press 45kg - 6 reps 42.5kg 8 reps 42.5kg - 7 reps 40 - 7 reps Dumbell Bicep Curl (with controlled writs twist at mid point) 12.5kg - 9 reps (x4) Bent lateral dumbell raise 12kg - 8 reps (x3) Barbell horizonatl raise 10kg - 10 reps (x3) Core 30 second plank (x2) plank with leg raise plank with arm raise
  14. Hello All I have just started vegan bodybuilding. I was a vegetarian from about the age of 11 till the age of 23 when I decided to try cut-out dairy but include sea food such as prawns, and white fish. as a pescatrian i achieved my best lifts. I thought I would give vegan bodybuilding ago as a bit of an experiment but also due to ethical complaints with dairy farming and over fishing, maybe i'll even nake some friends or meet a nice girl thrpugh this change in lifestyle, who knows. The obstacles to me viewing vegan bodybuildi as tenable at present howver are: 1) Cost - my planned high protein , high fruit and veg weekly shop is costing me around £100 a week. this is ridiculous 2) the problem of getting lean protein - sure non dairy and meat food sources have plenty of protein but not without carb and fat overload 3) convenience look foward to getting any advice.
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