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  1. Yes I know how the magazine market works for publications like this. The point I was trying to make is that this particular magazine focuses more on writing about stereotypical male insecurities to get people to keep reading their nonsense plans and pick up the next issue.


    So yes while they are pushing their advertisers as much add they need to, they pretend they are independent and trying to help men out on those things all men need to worry about: impotence, going bald, not looking like were cast for the movie 300, etc. (If not obvious, this is sarcasm.)


    They play into or create these insecurities to keep the circulation numbers up. Sure this is to sell ads and products but how they do it is by pushing their own cult of followers who believe their advice.

    They're still selling something. So I guess we agree.
  2. I don't get impression that Men's

    Health is trying to sell anything other than more issues, because each one is filled with pure "this will get you sex" nonsense. Most if their recommendations conflict with other ones they give--even within the same issue.


    Their recommendations based on obscure studies are hilariously bad.


    Any type of publication like this gets the majority of their revenue from advertising, the only reason they want more subscribers is because then they can charge advertisers more money because they have xx amount of subscribers. This is why many mags give out free or dirt cheap subscriptions, if they show that they have 10 million annual subscribers they can charge advertisers based on that high number of subscriptions, it doesn't matter that those subscribers paid $3.99 for the annual subscription.


    If you don't think that makes anything they publish slightly biased then you're their demographic.

  3. Right... Menshealth is part of what is wrong in this country. While the routine may be solid I have no doubts that their angle is to sell you some type of product and sell and spam your email address; I would also being willing to wager that whatever garbage product they are hocking doesn't have any of the tenets of veganism in mind.

  4. I need to get the hell out of Jersey. I've done NYC and can't deal with it. I need cheap housing, job opportunities, and a vegan roommate, cheap gym, vegan friendly area? Any recommendations? I have my MSW and a license.




    I'm in the same boat and plan on moving to Seattle very soon but Portland is awesome too.. I hear the job market is rough though (I don't have much education)

  5. I really like mine, even though I have odd shaped feet (mortons toe) and narrow feet. They say to size them to your longest toe but I have long toes and my middle two toes are longer than my big toe (and not even from foot to foot). What I had to end up doing was heating and stretching the middle toes of the VFF's.

    They don't fit me perfectly but even with that running in them is amazing. You will want to start very small though, start at like half a mile and work up slowly. Not only will your calves thank you but there are other issues people have had with the achilles tendon.


    As for everyday athletic activity they are great, squatting in them feels very natural...

  6. When I am trying to bulk I will just try to eat like crazy, but I will still lay off the junk because obviously that is fattening.


    To be more specific, one of my biggest bulking foods is potatoes...potatoes will bulk you up like no other food will. I will also eat a lot of steaks, burgers, rice, milk, shakes, and things of that sort. But as I said potatoes are my main bulk food, and if you like them you are in luck because you will pack on weight quick with the potatoes!


    Did you miss the vegan part of the website name?


    you have to take into account that everyone is welcome to this site. Vegan/non-vegan, everyone is welcome to come share and learn. If you read what was said they were emphasizing potatoes! Yeah, I did see the non vegan items too but they were pushing potatoes as a great bulking food. Ease up and try to teach rather than judge.


    I can't wait to rip up some cinnamon toast crunch and some dark chocolate dream peanutbutter after next Saturday. I haven't been craving too many foods as of lately. I did eat a small container of vegan chocolate almond ice cream after a 5k run yest in which I thought I deserved it. Even though I'm not bulking... Lol


    probars, larabars, and raw revolution bars are on my list as well


    That's why I followed with the " "...

  7. I guess Rob would be the one to answer this fully, as he requested the video to be put up. But from my own perspective, I don't see why it would be a bad thing to promote organic foods. Also the video link doesn't mention anything about James Cameron being vegan himself, it's about organic produce, so I don't think it's misleading. Most likely, the fact that it is James Cameron being interviewed is why it is featured - because that will catch people's attention. If it was somebody else saying the exact same things, perhaps it wouldn't have been featured, I don't know. I found it interesting to hear Cameron's views, and it seems he has some good messages to spread even if he is not vegan.


    I wasn't implying that they were trying to be misleading about anything.. It just seems like it is selling out your principles and beliefs and for what? To say that you (not you personally) interviewed James Cameron and now he's "featured" on the web page..? That seems tacky to me.


    I think organic farming is great, but that's not what our (I'm new I know) community is all about. Next time interview Alicia Silverstone, It's relevant and I'm in love with her (two birds, one stone).

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